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  1. axelnojutsu

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    so much black and white did they get nathan's spare costumes?
  2. axelnojutsu

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    wait did I get the times mixed up again is junior ladies already over?
  3. I only land on the 18th and I don’t think I’ll get to hang out much from the 18th - 23rd (unless anyone is up for a day trip to Sendai with me and @cirelle on the 19th) but if anyone else is in Tokyo on the 25th or 26th I’d love to meet up. Oh and maybe we can do a big planet meet up either before or after the gala? We could maybe travel to Hanyu (the city) together
  4. axelnojutsu

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    Hope that means he’s healthy
  5. axelnojutsu

    [TV Broadcast] Laureus World Sports Awards 2019

    Sometimes I actually forget the olys channel is not just a skating channel
  6. axelnojutsu

    [TV Broadcast] Laureus World Sports Awards 2019

    I won’t say they “betrayed” us or anything I think turning on them and attacking Laureus just because Yuzu didn’t win (when it wasn’t even likely in the first place) is uncalled for But also... Tiger Woods, really?
  7. axelnojutsu

    [TV Broadcast] Laureus World Sports Awards 2019

    I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t come back from skating to 50+ pages of mezamashi style madness 😂
  8. axelnojutsu

    General Skating Chat

    Yes, that’s why I said I want them to actually differentiate But I don’t think the answer to incorrect judging is to make the rules so the judging is right like when they erased the steps before jump thing And I want them to deflate the PCS precisely to allow those gaps instead of having everything at the top in a range of 0.5 points
  9. axelnojutsu

    General Skating Chat

    I don’t want them to lower level requirements I want them to actually differentiate and give more points to higher level spins and steps. And yeah, same number of jumps with more time sounds good to me. I’d also like a deflation of PCS but lmao
  10. axelnojutsu

    Team China

    what I'm getting from this is Boyang's jumps are art comparable to van gogh and mura is an intellectual
  11. axelnojutsu

    Skating on the Planet

    I can technically do them but there's a lot of flailing involved
  12. axelnojutsu

    Skating on the Planet

    The only appropriate way to do crossrolls
  13. axelnojutsu

    Planet Streaming Parties

    Thank you, everyone, and see you tomorrow