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  1. Tempted to make a Super Saiyan Hair Squad badge thingie
  2. Every one of you hating on The Hair™️ has no taste and that's that on that
  3. There is a rink technically but it’s reserved for hockey classes and like skaters that actually do competitions and stuff, us “casuals” don’t even start skating lessons again until November.. So it’s public skating August to November and nada in June and July
  4. I miss skating 48 more days until summer break is over
  5. Eta: also it’s hilarious to me how many people keep tagging random fan accounts in yuzu’s place like alksjskd
  6. I did my Fanyu duty and sent them a message in as polite Japanese as I could
  7. I need to see this footage ASAP
  8. @eagle can you just stop? Seriously. This is so far removed from anything related to FaOI Toyama at this point. And FYI just because that’s “how it is” in your country doesn’t make it ok.
  9. I really don’t want to be having this discussion tbh it’s never going anywhere and doesn’t even belong in this thread but I could really do without implying that being gay is not normal and that people should just hide who they are
  10. Someone said on twitter it might be because the flower crown is a fan gift and Yuzu is not supposed to wear fan gifts (because treating them equally etc) so that’s why it had to be deleted which I think would be quite extreme but I’d be much more comfortable with at least than .. other options
  11. I literally didn’t even think about homophobia being a reason until people commented here I thought the picture was actually quite “toned down” for Johnny’s standards So I certainly hope the issue is something else entirely and Johnny is just being Johnny stirring up drama for the sake of it.
  12. If being “too gay” (read: taking a picture adjacent to a gay man) is the problem with the picture then they’re not very consistent - I’d argue making bedroom eyes at the camera while in a tango position with Stephane is gayer and they printed that in photobooks sooo
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