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  1. I think I'm finally at the point that I'm checked out from FS if it's not about Yuzu. I haven't been watching competitions much or really at all at this point, I couldn't even bring myself to watch Kaori's or Waka's skates even though I love them because of the context of SkAm being so depressing... Congratulations, ISU, I guess
  2. I also prefer the original heart flag. It's simple and to the point. I don't care if people judge us for supporting Yuzu specifically - I AM there to see Yuzu and while I have many other skaters I like I DONT support all of figure skating, certainly not all skaters (or officials for that matter) who will end up at the competition I'll attend
  3. @shanshani yeah I don't have any lessons rn and while there's technically public skating once a week I have only been able to go once so far and it's never quite that productive anyways cause it's always so full ow rowdy hockey boys and kids I did get my blades sharpened differently and I'll get to test that out on Sunday so we'll see how that goes Also, I'm trying to make myself do more off-ice exercises but I am very lazy so I'm not too consistent with it..
  4. that is kinda freaking me out
  5. Wow I hadn't seen the survey results before, it's very interesting (also pretty!) Thank you for your work!
  6. That’s assuming he has any soufflé game in the first place
  7. May I ask if this project is still happening?
  8. 800 technically, about 200 were on the test and I'm pretty sure I got all but 3 right so yay
  9. I have a kanji test tomorrow and I keep mixing up signs.. What will give out first my hand or my brain?
  10. Tbh that was the first thought I had when they announced the endorsement way back and I would not be surprised in the least
  11. It’s lagging so badly glad they will upload it to IGTV tomorrow
  12. Tracy is just so comforting and calming to listen to
  13. Thank you! And sorry for the trouble why is it always me with the weird bugs
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