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  1. is isu website acting up for anyone else? trying to look at the rankings for JGPF
  2. especially if next season the incentive to go for quads is even less
  3. good job riko lovely dress, good speed, loved that spiral
  4. only if he skates it in a batman costume though!
  5. yeah I'm not a fan of yellow dresses
  6. so what are the odds of trusova not getting gold?
  7. it was kinda disconcerting but since noone reacted to it I'm assuming it was meant to be part of the performance
  8. another swimsuit with a see through wanna be skirt
  9. yeah at the end of one of the programs, just it was very disconnected from the music and choreography so it felt really weird
  10. ugly dresses, pretty dresses, gunshots.. you know - the usual
  11. it's like cowboy meets hells angels biker meets 50s housewife
  12. what... what even is this dress trying to be?
  13. as someone that usually bakes and cooks by eye I'll have to figure out my measurements before I can think of converting them