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  1. that is kinda freaking me out
  2. It may mean that, I think I remember someone saying something like this before and that it is linked to your Passport / ID as well so idek if you could open a second account...
  3. Does your address contain any letters not used in the english alphabet? I had trouble registering my address because of the ß so I used an abbreviation
  4. Wow I hadn't seen the survey results before, it's very interesting (also pretty!) Thank you for your work!
  5. That’s assuming he has any soufflé game in the first place
  6. May I ask if this project is still happening?
  7. If you want a good (or, as good as you’ll get in that arena and after VIP sales) seat you’ll probably have to get an all event ticket otherwise I don’t think it’s gonna sell out 100% before October. But if you want to see all events anyway I can’t see how waiting for single day tickets will give you a better option. The prices were first released via email, you can sign up for those on their website I believe
  8. 800 technically, about 200 were on the test and I'm pretty sure I got all but 3 right so yay
  9. I have a kanji test tomorrow and I keep mixing up signs.. What will give out first my hand or my brain?
  10. Did y’all see this I’m having a fucking seizure so much for “oh well at least the juniors will def be worth seeing” wtf!! Eta: ok....
  11. Well she does say javi / javier at some points but she’s chanting different things
  12. The playback.. he’s just so INTENSE he always goes 200% that’s why he’s so special
  13. Don’t worry zuzu in a couple of weeks you’ll have the lutzifer back
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