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  1. Lynnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    There... is probably nothing much left? But who knows, maybe Yuzu will say sth else and we'll all be . But anyway, I think we can say that Mr Tsuzuki is a man of great vision A tiny story underneath hehe (I'm sorry I'm just so amused by the idea of a bb Yuzu being brainwashed? by his sensei into having nigh impossible dreams)
  2. Lynnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does search work for you? That's what I'm doing to access certain topics 😂
  3. Lynnie

    Technical problems

    Hi, it's strange but the home page and my profile page are turning up error code ex-1. Haven't checked all the other pages but I can access most other stuff! Edit: It works fine when I log out but gets iffy again if I log in.
  4. Lynnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If he brings back the boobskirt (and clean RJ2!) for the EX...
  5. Lynnie

    Random Thought Theater

    I dreamt of Gracie Gold and PChiddy last night... no Yuzu though
  6. Lynnie

    Random Thought Theater

    As a young child, before I saw non-Asians in rl, I thought of non-Asian horror movies (or even movies in general) as sth more fantastical than horrifying Till now that effect hasn't quite worn off yet with horror movies, esp if the scenes in the movie are very far removed from my surroundings.
  7. Lynnie

    Random Thought Theater

    A lizard is not a bug but I still consider them pests because of all the excrement they leave around... although they're thankfully not as scary as flying! roaches
  8. Lynnie

    This or That

    , the other one is just meant to deceive the human race so that the space kitty can take over the world~ or ?
  9. Lynnie

    POLL: Yuzu's 2017-18 FS music predictions

    ^Perhaps they know something we don't...
  10. Lynnie

    This or That

    can't stop chattering post skate green room! killer mode Yuzu kinda scares me... gala or banquet, if you could attend one?
  11. Lynnie

    Mascot Fest

    The 1939 bear is actually quite cute...
  12. Lynnie

    Random Thought Theater

    ^ I never knew that, the things I learn here! On a side note, the sea reminds me of Brian Orser's ALS Challenge:
  13. Lynnie

    This or That

    The Yolo had me hesitating, but full rotations without pop and Yolo it is For the FS, Carmina Burana or Zigeunerweisen 2.0?
  14. Lynnie

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sorry, not a translation, but for more than half the video I was wondering where Yuzu's lower body was... then I realised that he was just stretching in black tracks (despite the white line on them and his shoes being visible)
  15. Lynnie

    MADs: Fan-made Videos

    Here! Paste the link in the reply box and the video should automatically appear! (for desktop at least, not so sure about mobile)