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  1. anyone know based on this map, where the k&c and judges side will be? https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/seat_view/arena_center/
  2. So, anyone who attended practice with EMTG, how was it? Did they really check ID?
  3. Ah, I won't be there until 20th :( I got into the sport through Yuri On Ice but I think I'll only have time on 24th
  4. i wonder if anyone has official practice tickets for 20~22/3? my japanese friend is looking for them, so i suppose paper ticket is more convenient (is there paper ticket for practice though?) anyway, just dm me if you have it. i'll ask her :3
  5. I won't go to any practices, but I'd love to meet anyone from here when I'm there. Would you add me?
  6. thank god i will only use e-ticket with my friend for gala. this EMTG sounds so complicated
  7. maybe we can make list who is going to which event? maybe also add seat number once we get our tickets so we know if we have fellow satellites seating near us (or if we want to make project?). just a thought
  8. Since I won't able to attend any practices, I'm just here watching everything unfold lol. Congratulations for everyone who got the tickets. I wonder what's the different this time. It seems far easier now. Domestic and overseas channel opened at the same time? Less scalpers? hmm
  9. every seats can hold a hand banner, not just Premium, as long as it doesn't disturb people beside and behind you so yeah, we need to know who seats where
  10. I wonder if we can do this (below) again and throw one huge Pooh for him at least?
  11. it seems it still needs japanese phone number? Because I checked the page and there's still this notice box:
  12. Hi, I'm wondering if the e-tickets (EMTG tickets) are able to be transferred? I have a friend who can't come at all so I won't be able to borrow their phone and show it at enterance
  13. He cook his meal himself while living in Canada. Last season he cooked for a Spanish feast for PChan and etc. He can make homemade sushis too afaik
  14. Calling all Javi stans for Javi's last competition ;A;
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