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  1. He cook his meal himself while living in Canada. Last season he cooked for a Spanish feast for PChan and etc. He can make homemade sushis too afaik
  2. Calling all Javi stans for Javi's last competition ;A;
  3. this is the first time i saw someone seeing it as Eiji as the catcher. mostly think Ash was the catcher, that he tried to keep Eiji's "innocence". I guess it can go both ways ah, i wish the title card was still at the end.
  4. The previews for Ep 23 and 24 are basically words Ash and Eiji want to tell to each other the most. I'm not crying at all
  5. I'm happy they'll include GoL because it will be weird without it
  6. there's info the last episode will be 40 minutes, so i'm sure we'll get GoL
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