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23 minutes ago, FlyingCamel said:

Don’t wanna link but they just announced a jury for the awards show.... why tho

Can IXU stop pretending they're investing on it, like there's no point putting up a puppet no one cares anymore


1 hour ago, Fay said:

Hey, guys, how about watching some really ancient stuff - before Yuzu was even born? Women FS,  Olympic Games 1992 in Albertville 


The only thing I rmb about this event is Tonya Harding missed the medal and went for 1994 event, learned from I, Tonya lol 

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2 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:


Yes. I still wonder how they will measure the difference between 89, 90, and 91 degress if they won't have more camera angles. Judging will be a mess.

Given that at Worlds 2017, in the short program, they pretended that Yuzuru Hanyu had transferred more than 50% of his weight on the other leg, while he had transferred less than 40%, and while rules ask to be lenient in case of a doubt, we can guess there will be abusive calls for some, and "more understanding" for others.

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15 минут назад, SitTwizzle сказал:

A bit of provocation...
Will Shoma Uno get ghost calls, or be treated with less leniency on his jumps? 0:)

OK, passport and some judges or Fed's faves :coolio: unless you're up against bigger Fed (2 previous GPF results were quite telling)

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58 minutes ago, Fay said:

From Europe On Ice Facebook page 

According to Xinhua News Agency, the official state-run press agency of the People's Republic of China, no international sporting events will be held in China in 2020 apart from #Beijing2022 test events.‬


So GPF is still a go?

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What makes me worried is that... let's assume that GP somehow will happen - in different countires that it was announced until today. It's so late. GPH was announced mid June, barely made it in time and skaters had to skate on cr*p ice anyway.:/

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