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  1. I think there also was no separation for Worlds S tickets too?
  2. Do you even need to ask? Ghana chocolate, Xylitol gum, 1 Kikiyu just cuz of Origin photo, tons of ゆず drinks and sweets (phiten, irene and CiONTU stuff...) In winter I just melted it in hot milk (found some receipt online). I must admit that I tried to melt different choco and Ghana was the best for it like... more sweet maybe? And other more bitter. Though as it is I prefer Russian or European dark chocolate (I think even dark Ghana is sweeter).
  3. Ah, I was hoping Wakaba will give Energia one more season, it was so cool and she skated very few. Want to see Keiji's SP! Karoi's choice looks interesting, love the girl!
  4. Yes, was a bit funny though I don't know why they couldn't have more sweepers in Japan, I think usually those are volunteers from skating schools.
  5. Rikyu, Gyotei Hamaya and The Super Sports XEBIO (it's a sports shop has Yuzu autograph at the counter) near it. I found info here https://yuzusorbet.tumblr.com/post/176016378127/my-sendai-holiday-april-2018-part-2-ice-rink Also must visit Nanakitada Park and take a photo with a cat on the bench like Yuzu did))
  6. I'm wondering about about prices this year I want to go for FS day just for not expensive tickets this time of course.
  7. But it was seen on the map that plenty of platinum and gold didn't go for vip sale. Of course, it doesn't cancel the fact that prices are ridiculous but the same was said for WC tickets too.
  8. And here I thought I visited all Yuzu-related places in Sendai this spring I think a separate thread for all the info can be really helpful. You must also add there two restaurants with Yuzu autographs and Phiten shop in the sports center near one of those.
  9. All-event tickets will be avaliable since 19th July https://www.torino2019.com/
  10. RusNats is more crucial, though better to not bomb GPs of course.
  11. And I would love to see Origin in the next CWW maybe with watered down jumps, so Yuzu can skate all beautiful steps and transitions to the fullest.
  12. I don't think it's possible for Japan, but I'm sure we can always contact organizers and ask.
  13. It was great start of the day! Even camerawork was good (apart from a couple of shadow spins). David's HB was sweet And CuriMemo slowmos Also I want Shi-chan second dress (only with a little longer skirt)!
  14. Justice for Makuhari! I think it's my fave throw cuz he stands stright and doesn't bend so much so it looks really cool (well, all Yuzu does looks cool, but still)))
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