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  1. General Yuzuru chat

  2. General Yuzuru chat

    The best souvenires from Japan
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Hi guys! I'm on my vacation in Japan. Was very sad about Yuzu news on the day of my arrival. Yesterday finally visited Seimei shrine and left ema from myself, from my friends and from Planet. For now it's all I can do to show our support. PS: sorry for bad handwriting
  4. Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    One of those rare times were I'm looking at my own photos
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Any tips? Gladly... shuddering thinking about tickets battle
  6. General Skating Chat

    Everyone has their own path. Some skaters are with the same coach even if not from childhood, but from juniors. There was and maybe still are many discussions on russian forums that Kolyada must change a coach and go to smb. more "famous", but you never know how it'll go with a new one. There also was a lot of critiques the first year Yuzu came to Brian, but now they developed a great team (also I don't think earlier Yuzu could afford such a coach without JSF funding/sponsorship). So there're a lot of factors. I think a very important thing is to have a good coach in childhood who can teach you a proper technique (we can say Yuzu was in right hands) cuz that's the main thing that is very hard to improve later.
  7. General Skating Chat

    I also don't have a problem with backloading if choreo suits the music. At least for now, when there're not so many skaters doing it, with more juniors coming up to seniors with backloaded programmes at can become a problem, but skaters shouldn't be punished for it cuz they're just following the rules. If backloading will bother ISU they can say in the rules that at least 20-30% of jumps should be in the first half and that's it.
  8. Not sold on Turandot for now, I liked Sui/Han's SP much more (maybe just a little tired of Turandot)