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  1. I think Rika had enough support this season, her marks were on the rise, so if she can keep up her BV her marks will be good. Though I think clean Kaori can have a chance for GPF and Rika might be unstable with new layout. With Russian ladies it's hard to say, at one hand there's a lot, on the other who knows in what form will be Med, Liza, Alina at the start of the season? Will juniors keep their quads and how judges will mark them in seniors? Too many questions. Also there's always a bit of luck in terms of level of competition at different GPs.
  2. Well, for one there's hope it will not happen again. But more importantly it's again GPF in Europe after 2 years, which is much easier and cheaper to reach for me. So for those living in Europe it's worth trying and no point to wait closer to event cuz too little time between GPs and who knows what tickets will be left. And it's Italy, apart from figure skating there's always nice sightseeing, great wine and food I was in Torino some years ago for a day, nice city.
  3. Yes, I know, but still not unreachable and I don't think I'll visit Canada the second time so might as well make the most out of it (no offense, but I'm personally more invested in Japanese culture, not only connected to Yuzu, still have a lot of places I'd like to visit)
  4. Usually only main rink practices are open to the public (Japan is an exception). So if you have single event ticket and men's practice and competition are in the morning - you'll see both, but if it's let's say men's practice, then pairs competition, then men's competition in the evening, then those who have tickets to pairs will be able to watch morning men's practice. I think it works like this, but I'm not 100% sure, cuz in Helsinki men's competition was in the morning so I had no problem attending morning practice. At the same time I don't know why they would not sell Monday and Thursday practice tickets separately, usually it was this way.
  5. I'm considering buying tickets and I have to fly across the ocean though if I'll go I'll surely make some sightseeing, not just for skating. I'd like to go to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Tough for such prices I'd prefer single tickets, just not sure how much will be left for it... ah, decisions
  6. No problems at Worlds, I think there will not be problems here too.
  7. Actually they can... but who knows. There's always a lot of guests seats during CoR, but it was minimum in Saitama - I think only center block behind the judges, one in the corner for coaches/athletes and lower rows at one short side for press.
  8. I think most of the times last couple of years Yuzu pops the jump if he feels that the entry was bad, at least in practices and sometimes in comps too (I still remember the_planned_fall_4S). He tried to rotate not very good 4Lo at CoR run-through this season and we saw what happened... must be extra careful now, though it still might not help, but I don't want to think about bad things beforehand.
  9. Oh, that's bad... I was really hoping that I can sell part of the tickets from all-event cuz usually they are separate tickets. And it's even not that I don't like to watch other disciplines, in Saitama I even enjoyed ice dance FS which is my less favorite one, it's only about how much I want to pay for it all. For Helsinki and Milano I just waited for single event tickets, but here I'm not sure how much will be left for singles.
  10. I scrolled FS music - can be nice with a good cut, there're more quiet parts and stronger parts. Not sure about SP, maybe they wanted another character for her, not the lyrical one, but could find better (if they wanted).
  11. Maybe I will try to go for good middle-priced tickets if they will be on sale. I know that a lot of times tickets are on sale in parts, so I must see what tickets will be released and decide fast what to do. I really can't plan that far ahead my working schedule, so if anything comes up, at least good tickets must be easier to resell.
  12. It's organizers game really. I bought good tickets for Helsinki GP straight away, but some good tickets appeared 1-2 hours later after the selling start. So you can only guess cuz some seats are also usually booked for VIPs, guests, press, tour companies. For Helsinki WC FS and CoR GP I bought better tickets later and resold my first ones for face value, but my first once where not bad really.
  13. I think Yuzu has a very big fan base in China (judging from what I saw at different competitions), so for me sales for Chinese fans makes sense. And maybe organizers assumed that most fans will want to go to Sendai, I don't think Yuzu has any saying in tickets selling even if he's the main star of the show it's still FaOI and not CWW.
  14. Selling strategies depends on the organizers I think. For Worlds usually tickets are sold in parts. For GPs it can be different, like CoR usually is sold in parts and for Helsinki they released all at once, but even then there were still tickets closer to the event - maybe not the best once, but arena was not that big. So if you want the best seats better to look from the sale start, but I'm sure something will be available later too. After going through ticket craziness for Worlds in Japan I'm pretty chill about other sales
  15. Ouch, that's sad. I'm at least lucky to live in a big city with all the visas centers. But I know that Canadian visa will need more documents then for Europe, so even if I decide to go for tickets I will need cancellable accommodation and flight just in case.
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