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  1. Usually doors are open 1 hour before the event. So problems might start only if men's practice is very early or before Gala. In Saitama I was only lining up an hour before of doors opening before Gala, the main problem was they had one entrance for a big arena, but after opening check-ins went fast, so I was in my seat on time. Hope in Bell Center it will be better.
  2. Some tickets were added for March 21st in section 116 (lower level but not very close rows) if somebody is still looking
  3. I only need to travel from Toronto to Montreal on the planned date, but will see how it goes. In worst case scenario (if no train and bus will be sold out) a very kind friend suggested to give me a car ride.
  4. Do you think situation will not change in a month? Greyhound is already too expensive or sold out for the day I need, Megabus is more or less OK, but I'm afraid if I'll wait it will be sold out too.
  5. Great. And I have Toronto-Montreal train ticket. So should I now rush for a bus ticket without waiting for refund? I can look into flights but I dunno if there're cheap options.
  6. 105 maybe, but other side must be removed I think if there will be skater's entrance. Though in the end removed or draped doesn't make much difference.
  7. Usually it restricts only part of the block view and more like lower 10 rows I think. But might depend on the arena.
  8. Logically they must be removed to give a room for skaters and coaches to move around entrance and K&C
  9. Fans are very talented with handmade stuff, so gift boxes are good for everything that can break if hit the ice.
  10. The sad thing is they never say "partially obstructed view" cuz of camera crane. I sat in a corner with such camera at Worlds 2017 SP and ticket had the same price and didn't state anything about the view, but cuz of SP day it was possible to move to other seat near.
  11. I think every fan (at least here) support Yuzu even if they don't understand his decision (for now) or have some concerns, or would prefer to see polished this season's programs. For me every skate after Olys is a gift and I hope Yuzu will have his confidence back with whatever program he decides to do.
  12. I don't think some bomb will be dropped during all these pre-recorded videos or compilations of old stuff. But surely there will be a LOT of questions upon Yuzu's arrival.
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