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  1. I am mostly collecting them, using one or two when travelling, also for study papers sometimes.
  2. IB from Olys Chopin - but have not time to search the photo with good angle, better just be gif
  3. I think his mom not only keeps the household together but maybe also has some kind of a manager's work. And I'm sure Yuzu has a lot of requests, so it'll be too time consuming to do everything himself. Though maybe her psychological support is the most important.
  4. If you want goods from photo exhibition you need proxy cuz they don't ship overseas. I used cdjapan for photobooks and magazines, but as proxy they might be not the cheapest option. If you google Japanese proxy it's easy to find the most famous ones. But now you need to check what shipping is available for your country cuz Japan post has very limited shipping now, so it might be more expensive FedEx or DHL (FedEx was very fast for me).
  5. I don't want to dismiss any athlete's determination and hard work but more times then not you just can't change your technique much in older age. Medo never had great technique and Jason seems like lacks rotation speed. But of course only time will tell.
  6. I dunno what ISU aims with Awards. Galas sometimes attract more general audience, but one of the problems is expensive tickets for a 2-3 hours show, usually almost the same price as for the whole competitive day. General audience might even like more show part, like more show numbers or some retired skaters, but I think Awards part will be simply boring. Also I don't know how much ISU is interested in ticket sales or they're good with TV-rights and ticket sales is organizers headache. We need Zoom media day
  7. I think Anna got a lot of views at first as costume change was a wow factor, so it explains it somehow, but as a whole I agree, I liked SP dress much more
  8. If we dismiss the opinion about who should be Skater of the year, I can agree about MVS, I think the name was taken from NHL, but it's a team sport. Though I find it funny that even Hersh thinks Yuzu should be MVS (he should be it every year, really)
  9. I've read that fan voting is only 1/3, other 1/3 is some jury and 1/3 media
  10. But Shcherbakova has a costume, so all three are nominated for some, all good in here. It's not like anybody cares about results or real popularity here.
  11. I like Craft (but only one line, which is more light, not warm), but have it for a long time (use very rare), so I guess it's more expensive now already, and one local company for warm clothes which quality is very good.
  12. I just hope they'll announce ahead, so there will be time to change to other country maybe. But we must see what will happen in the fall first.
  13. I use such clothes mostly for sports like alpine skiing, but it's actually can be very useful if you go for a long walk in winter, especially when it can be hot in transport and cold outside.
  14. But athletes usually just go to comps, not to see a country. Though of course some (if they're not Yuzu) usually go for a walk around hotel, I met Montreal ice dance team in the center of Torino during my evening sightseeing. And Australia is really long flight for most, so not sure if team leaders would show up, though a lot still would, especially those who can't make it to the World team.
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