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  1. Don't think cup of Russia will be dropped, but I hope there will be exemptions, at least for Euro/WC/GP medalists or smth like this. I don't see any reason why Vika felt the need to skated with injured knee. I also wonder why in pairs it's again a boy with a positive test, are girls maybe more careful?
  2. I also dunno how much distance coaching can help Yuzu. The good thing will be to have Ghislain by his side for learning a new jump, but how much of an advise can be given over video call... that's an interesting question (though maybe Yuzu sends some videos by mail to him, who knows).
  3. In RusFed a lot is decided behind closed doors, so I don't think we should apply word ethical to anything going on here.
  4. Not sure it wouldn't. Miyabi series is VERY pricey.
  5. I think Kose has cosmetic's page in English. I only tried one Sekkisei herbal cream, felt nice.
  6. Megabus ride was quite OK. I'd say Niagara Falls has good connection as it's famous, to go to other places without car would be more problematic. It's a pity Canada doesn't have high speed trains like Europe and Japan - really makes long distant travel easy.
  7. Some say virus is more aggressive, but I don't know if there's any research on this here. Virus might be more contagious, also they say kids are big concern, cuz they don't feel symptoms, but get virus from school to home to the parents and grandparents. Now most of school classes are back to the remote studying. Universities are not, as far as I know, only partly maybe. 30% of company's workers should work remotely. Numbers are already higher then in spring here but it seems like government don't want strict lockdown anymore, at least it's what it looks like.
  8. I think you can say this about a lot of nations. Like a relevantly little percent of Russians was abroad,big part of it is due to money issues or language barrier, but a lot of people are not interested in travelling that much of just do it within the country (was always hard for me to understand this). And really Japan has so much to offer in internal tourism, so I also may be not interested in travel if I were Japanese)) of course European towns are interesting first few times, but after first interest dies down I prefer nature much more to museums etc.
  9. I think there was a group number during last WTT Gala with scarfs (or I mix things up), also a solo bit during FAOI opening in golden jacket and Eva last year.
  10. Interesting. I myself see him more like a technical coach given how we know he gave advises to other skaters than choreographer (seeing small bits of his choreo ). Being great artist doesn't mean he can be great choreographer for others (though who knows). But also I see him doing smth bigger for the sport.
  11. I don't see Yuzu staying in any other country than Japan, he surely loves his home. Stalking also must be less after retirement and I am not sure how bad it is now. I think most Sendai people are respectful.
  12. Yeah, would prefer chocolate...
  13. I think last season's FS was not so bad, this year the program is too busy, but nothing new here. I don't think Eteri's student will go for choreo abroad, but sometimes Averbuch can make a nice program (it can be hit or miss, but at least less leg kicks).
  14. Today I liked skating of Anna Frolova, Sasha, Daria, Stanislava and Kamilla (I agree that dress is too heavy for her), I'll leave it here and will not talk about scores though.
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