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  1. TAT is an old lady, don't take what she says so closely.
  2. LOL, so Plush basically says that Kosto went mostly to work with Rozanov and health problems held her back a lot. OK, will see what happens next, but I doubt she will ever be on the main team again, the field is too competitive.
  3. More like mindset of a society is not to listen much to the government, cuz not like it can make a lot of useful things. And don't follow rules closely, if there's a big chance you will not be fined anyway. Kinda careless attitude, especially between young ones. Though in autumn when numbers where high, rules were followed more or less in shops, transport, etc., cuz companies were afraid of big fines, I think even Megasport was fined after FS event (there was a threat at least). Now numbers are much lower and everyone is pretty lax. I don't want to make excuses for athletes an
  4. Of course there would, there's still several weeks ahead. And it's not like they all go to WC together, usually in case alternate is needed it's known at least several days before arriving to Worlds. In ISU guidelines there was pointed out when athletes should arrive and when alternates can arrive.
  5. Might be it, I don't really know details, cuz financial support goes via sport clubs/schools, part might go via regional government, so it's complicated.
  6. Most had it in autumn or in December they're must not be contagious anymore I think. Skaters just behave like most of society here, even though their career depends more on their health then others. I don't think RusFed can be stricter then other authorities around here.
  7. The article is not about Worlds team, it's about next season Nats team which is around top 5-6 skaters I think, I don't remember if seniors and juniors are counted separately. Mainly financial part depends if you're on Nats team or not, you still can compete even if you're not on the main team though.
  8. If they just maintain two spots it will already be a good result. At this point not much difference who to send really, it's not like someone showed good results consistently.
  9. I would say all 3 Japanese and 3 USA men look strong, all others are a big question. As much as I like Roman I really understand why they choose Keegan, he also had to go last season and the only one who had competitive start this season at SA. Sending Roman might be really too much pressure to stand up to for him.
  10. The thing is there will be disadvantages anyway, either helding comp now (though I think most top and near-top athletes had their ice time, not sure about small feds), either having Oly spots based on outdated results.
  11. It seems at the first glance, but maybe there's too many restrictions in the country to make comp happen or just too much money needed to organize the comp with all the measures. Maybe they'll wait and see what other feds will decide. Korea also had all internal comps cancelled I think.
  12. It's hard to say, of course rusfed is pushing Kamilla, but I doubt she can deliver 3 clean 3As at the moment, also she seems to be more fragile mentally then Anna. We will see at team event next week and Final Cup at the the end of Feb.
  13. Will be not the first time. I think it's cuz final is in Japan, so no 2 events in Japan in a row.
  14. There will be team event next week, I think she might skate new FS there.
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