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  1. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Guys, I've heard that there is a Kose shop in Tokyo with Yuzu's cardboard stand. Anybody knows the address maybe?
  2. I couldn't pay with my card on ticket.co.jp
  3. That's strange, I'm a buyer and had no problem with Android. Maybe I'm lucky with old and not popular device))
  4. My Japanese friend received several tickets that I bough on resale site (mostly Gala for me and friends + men SP). The post delivery is very fast, takes like one day. Though now there's tons of new tickets after places where announced and prices even dropped a little, especially for Gala (at least my seat is nice, so I won't complain).
  5. OK, so I contacted the seller, logged in with her phone number, she send me sms code and I was able to claim tickets! Yay! Now I'm worried again cuz my ticket for 23d has yellow color around it or maybe it just color for that day, I don't know, I think I'll see only on the competition day.
  6. Can I ask if you're using iphone or android? Seems to work a little differently. On android it also use SMS verification. The problem is I already verified my own phone number with seller's account. If only ask seller to verify her phone back as it seems to be allowed twice a year. I get an error after I click on "claim" though. Thanks everybody for help! I'll wait a little for support to answer if it doesn't work will contact the seller to try other ways.
  7. Do I need to enter "Application Number" (from the ticket application history) where it says "claim number" or some other number from the letter? When I enter application number and a pass I have a pop up window: You have received a new ticket "Later" "Claim". When I click on claim I get to the "Claiming tickets" window click on claim and get an error about phone number.
  8. I see the seller's number in the lottery application, but I don't have a pass question.... What menu do you use? I go to receive ticket, then click claim, then got an error.
  9. I bought an electronic ticket from a fan here, she gave me her pass and login, so I changed phone number and device and verified my phone number for this account. Now I can't claim ticket cuz there's an error that the phone number from which I try to claim a ticket is different from one in the lottery application (as to prevent resale). I wrote a message to the EMTG support cuz their FAQ says that you can change phone number twice a year. I'll write here if they will help. I don't know if you can change phone number after claiming ticket, maybe ask a support too. But here's a warning for now.
  10. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does anybody know if it can be bought in any conbini or not?
  11. Poor Liza, what else can I say.
  12. Good thing I have 2-sim-card phone, still don't understand how this will work, I thought I can just download the ticket and it will work offline.
  13. Usually you can check the ticket before leaving the arena and then to re-enter again. That's it in the case your friend arrives later. But I find this system really annoying, why not allow distribution to a friend, so we don't need to be attached to each other the whole day?
  14. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Even before GPF 2013 I was thinking Yuzu had a good shot at Sochi gold with strong SP and even with planned 4S-fall in FS with everything else clean and with some mistakes from Patrick (of course not over clean Patrick like at TEB 2013), cuz Yuzu was on the rise and even Patrick's PCS will not be enough if TES difference will be big. And I liked that from the begging I started follow Yuzu - yes, he could make mistakes on the quads usually (or cuz was too tired by the end of FS), but he didn't fall apart on his other elements and a lot of other men (Javi, Patrick, Michal Brezina and some others) could jump quads and then mess up their triples.