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  1. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm ready! *only my computer hard drive is not)))*
  2. Good job today too Sergei! At least they called Shoma's 4S, though I would call 4F too or not give so high GOEs for it. Overall 183 is a high score considering only one combo and Rep on 4T. Will be interesting too see Shoma's, Nate's and Yuzu's GOEs in one comp. Later I'll cleanse my soul with Helsinki videos (still need to watch fancams) and now I need to go to post office to get my poohs
  3. Sota's costume is pretty, OK skate, I think he did what he could rn
  4. Congrats Japanese ladies and Liza and Mariah with great performances! Though let me be about similar Liza's and Satoko's jump GOEs
  5. Great job, Sergei! Shoma now has ideal 3A, I see... Dima and his 3A though All I remember from Deniss are yellow pants and black boots *more love for Yuzu's covers*
  6. Yeeeaaaaahhhh, go, Liza! and wow for so much Russian flags ))) Masha has very nice dress, pity about jumps, for Satoko I loved old one more.
  7. Lunna

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    If I remmember correctely there's a long fading sound until Yuzu stops moving. The sound is silent so I can't hear it on TV (even the headbang moment sound in FS is louder at the arena then on TV). I'll check in a week if I was imaganing it or not though)))
  8. Lunna

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Gala

    Actually it was taken from my channel (I posted link in the Gen chat), here's full version - complied excellent with the music
  9. Technically it's more like one week, considering his flight back on Monday and last year he arrived in Moscow on Thursday. So I just hope for him to have good rest and wise practice. Then he will have a little more time before GPF.
  10. I agree. OK, I liked 3A combo from SE before and final 3A from IB but now I feel like IB has better musical accent now and flows naturally to hydro right after.
  11. Seems you were in the C6/7 like me it was great to see a happy bunny Yuzu, I was feeling like a happy bunny myselfand that Gala finale song was stuck in my head for another day)))
  12. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    But without URs Shoma would have BV 90.33 and Yuzu 90.83 For Nathan it's hard to predict how far he will go, maybe he'll make an upgrade at next GP already.