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  1. Alina also came to Eteri not so long ago. So different girls got their foundation in different schools but now it seems that if you want to be the best, you must go to Eteri and she'll train you only after seeing your skating. But it's not Eteri's fault that nowadays most young talents want to go to her and other coaches don't have such a success.
  2. Good to hear this (also stupidly hope for a change of a choreographer), though it will be hard with all the juniors coming up in the next couple of seasons, but will be interesting to see how she and (hopefully) Alina develops.
  3. I'm proud of Alina and Zhenya, good job girls! I think both were nervous, Alina put a good fight after a slip on the first jump (I'm really impressed she held it together after like all the press put a gold on her neck after SP), not her best skate though and poor Zhenya The happiest girl today is Kaetlyn it seems... I feel like it's first podium with hard feelings for me from all the FS events.
  4. @LadyLou now I can't keep reading posts until I stare at your ava properly
  5. I only now watched some replays from earlier groups and I'm in love with Sara&Kirill - so much fun to watch them and also Piper&Paul - so true to their style, a lot of interesting elements, always in character , also love her dress!
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    I almost LOLed in the middle of the office
  7. Same. I'm contemplating selling at least Gala, but at the same time want to wait till it's official even though I know it would be harder then
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Me too and here I naively thought after the comp is over I'll be able to work again This boy is precious I can't
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    But, you know, I had several meetings with Japanese people during my Japanese classes meet-ups and also on a couple of another occasions. And very fast I came to a conclusion that not everybody in Japan knows who Yuzuru Hanyu is But now I think it will be more
  10. Oh, I can believe this still remember the clapping and energy during his final spin at Helsinki FS (during broadcasts you can't here the clapping that much only at fancams) but I'm sure Olys was even more wonderful experience! (though every experience in watching Yuzu live is wonderful in it's own way) Yuzu was so happy that it was hard not to be happy and proud with him and with Shoma it was decided after the first jump.
  11. I think it depends will they sell some more tickets on the official site or no. You never know, they can hold smth for post-Oly time.
  12. To talk about PCS seems pointless so I'm just happy for Zhenya's and Alina's clean skates also well done Japanese ladies hope one of them will land on the podium. I like Satoko's programmes this season but Kaori is such a sunshine and has better jumps. Poor Masha. TAT said that she had "heavy legs" from the start and there wasn't lightness and no good speed. Hope she can leave nerves behind and have a good skate in free.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    looks tasty p.s. Japanese pork and eggs are the best p.p.s. sorry, I'm still way behind in reading
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    I agree, though I don't think he'll skip his beloved 3A. Also he still did Gala in Boston and in Nice, I think he only pulled out of Gala in 2013 WC. At least he has this week to rest a little.
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    That's so cute actually in Russia if we need a short name we also usually say Winnie, so for me it's like norm