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  1. Write a question to your hotel, I've read some might be OK with foreign vaccination, some might be more strict. If things doesn't work, you can try another hotel, the interpretation of the rules can be quite different. And as far as I know most apartments don't care about papers at all.
  2. Hi, tickets information up http://gpf2021japan.jp/ticket.html but I think most likely only locals can take part in the lottery for tickets, also I think Japan boarders are still closed for tourists.
  3. Practice seat is the same as your competition seat on the ticket, but you of course can move to any empty seat you like, but if the owner of the seat will come, you can be asked to move a little. But not everyone comes to morning practices. The only bad thing about Iceberg arena is you can't move between sections inside arena, like to go from D to C, I can't tell now if they will check ticket's seats during practice upon entering arena seats, they usually do during competition, but don't remember about practice.
  4. Never seen shouting cuz of the seat)) most will just can ask you to move. And your strategy might be not best, cuz not only you might want to take a seat closer to the ice insted of their own xD Well, if there's several empty good seats closer to the practice start, might just take one of them.
  5. Practice on 28 before Gala will be close to the public (it's usually like this). Of course it's OK to move to empty seat closer, men practice will be very early, so not everyone will attend.
  6. I mailed the question to Parter, they said that they contacted organizers and all practice sessions will be open to the public apart from Sunday.
  7. No official information for now I still have 1 spare ticket in D3 row 9 if smb needs it.
  8. Almost 2h should be enough, before D,E,F were mostly international terminals and to go from there to C and B you needed maybe 30 min (so not to run), C and B are close to each other actually. You'll need time for customs, but don't think there's big lines nowadays.
  9. That may be the case with Sheremetivo airpot, cuz you will most likely need to change terminal from international to internal (make sure you have enough time for that). For internal travel you don't need tests in Russia, only when coming from abroad.
  10. Good thing you cheked! PCR test result should be in English or Russian. I know that for citizens you must have either Russian vaccine or take PCR upon returning, so for foreigners it's different.
  11. Hmmm, I dunno if you can maybe ask your aircompany about that. But usually during connection flight you're in "clean" zone, so no test laboratories there. I think you need to take one in Sochi. On the Sochi airport site I found that they have express-test laboratory there since June. https://aer.aero/en/airport/press/news/passengers-can-take-an-express-pcr-test-for-covid-19-in-sochi-airport/ Price seems reasenoble. But I can take a look what others are around. All without Russian vaccine.
  12. I have one spare ticket left in D3 row 9 seat 1. PM if interested.
  13. 1. Usually yes, but we have no official confirmation now, hopefully news will come later. 2. Photo or video? No professional photo camera is allowed officially, but usually no one cares much, I used semi-professional camera a lot of times. 3. Yes, you need to scan your ticket by security on your way out, so you can come in with this ticket later. 4. Didn't saw official information, but you can always hide it in the backpack
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