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  1. I'll prepare popcorn for the final: Alysa vs Kamilla or which fed is stronger Good job, Nastya! Little sad that it wasn't enough, Viktoria's jumps looked more solid today.
  2. Not sure what I think about the program from this angle, generally I like fun programs, can work I guess, but don't like the pants at all, dresses suit Kaori better.
  3. Ahahahahaha! Dress change for Sasha I find it totally unnecessary here and more awkward then Anna's, white dress looks nice (at this quality video at least).
  4. http://www.kraso.sk/wp-content/uploads/sutaze/2019_2020/20190920_mon/SEG003.HTM
  5. Yeah, guess can happen only in US, even if T/M were not 100% clean but still without major mistakes (also nice costumes). At least they called smth for Vincent Keiji and Tomoki were fun, but Tomoki needs much more polish. Glad for Sota, even with mistake it was good
  6. Canadian men and 3A still adore steps before 3Lo
  7. Good job from Daniil and Yuma! *scores? what scores?* Daniel did good too, but compared to other boys his posture and SS heart my eyes a little, he really needs some choreo to work for him and not against.
  8. Sign on a photo says "watch out, world", but well... I love Yuzu and his thousand mem faces
  9. Not the right coach? I guess Nastya and Tomoe should get higher PCS, hope for a good free for them, though Alysa still has the best shot in winning this.
  10. Yay! Finally good short from Nastya I would like a little more energy for this short, but that was good too.
  11. To me he looked like a vampire king at first during FS warm-up, cuz of a collar I guess
  12. I like that first 2A on the music note from Seoyeong
  13. I'm sneak peeking from work a little. I liked Victoria, but I guess in ladies I love some nice non-princess style programs, they stand out to me. On other hand Tomoe's SP is really good, so good job there! Hm, did Alysa got an UR call, in US she was more into performance. Now I'm just waiting for Nastya.
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