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  1. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Not odd at all. I agree that everything from now on is extra bonus, though I'm sure Yuzu will still want to win when he takes the center of the ice before the programme - it's just in his blood. And also every year I think that he's so great already but then every year he shows that he can be better and have more potential to improve. I'm just happy that he still wants to show us this improvement in competition mode.
  2. Lunna

    Remembering Denis Ten

    Heard this shocking news in the office on the radio today - still can't quite believe it. A reminder how cruel this world can be. My deepest condolences to his parents, family and friends.
  3. Yes, usually there's SP day (Friday), FS day and Gala day - at least in Europe. First open practice will be on Thursday and others on the competition days in the morning.
  4. Lunna

    Team Canada

    Oh... And I really liked some of their programmes and their skating, especially when they were in good form
  5. But GP tickets are usually for a whole day anyway and not by event like WC, so you can save money only if you want to skip Gala. I wanted all-events (even if I'll skip ID - seems like this season it will be even more boring than usual) usually it's cheaper than buying separately.
  6. My problem is... I doubt the choreo will be interesting, the most interesting for me is Loco still and it was not a warhorse I'm kinda chill about media day (less chill about GP tickets sales) The programs must be new and I believe Yuzu will choose what's best for him (even if I'm not into the music from the start like with H&L)
  7. Lunna

    General Yuzuru Chat

    so under spoiler As for Yuzu drinking or not I don't really care - he can do whatever he likes. And I have a friend which started to like alcohol only after her 30th birthday, so Yuzu has plenty of time (if he can't really drink then it's not the biggest problem there are a lot of other things in life to enjoy). Though all the insights about why Asian people are not in a good terms with alcohol was interesting - never heard of that (especially about Japanese seeing in movies/hearing from others how it can be normal to go for a drink with colleagues after work - like it can be a must and to decline will not be polite).
  8. Lunna

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Once more: Viva la France! 20 years later they did it again, congrats! I admit after penalty I wanted Croatia to make it 2-2, but I think later Lloris's mistake made up for it Anyway it was a good final
  9. I think I made different transactions for each day, maybe you can pay in one, not 100% sure. You have about 20 min for payment after you put ticket to the cart.
  10. A2-3 is judges side but sadly it's VIP sector for guests. K&C is near B2-3, skaters entrance between C1-C2, camera may block the view in the lower parts of B1 (in that corner). I like B4 from the cheap seats - it's across K&C and corners in that arena are really close to the ice (closer than B2-B3 cuz there's K&C stand). D2-3 maybe a bit closer to the ice than B2-3, but I was there long time ago, usually choose B. A4/A1 maybe good in terms it's the closest to the judges side. I was in B4 rows 5-6 for SP and FS (they are first in that sector and there's a rail between 6th and 7th row), C1 for Gala. There're rails between some rows in the middle but not as awful as in Milano (but not best if you're not high).
  11. Or google Megasport arena
  12. In the first wave it was hard to get good ones cuz everybody knew the start of the selling date and they released some of the more expensive ones on the long side and not the closest ones on the short side. I snatched the sector I wanted in the second wave and sold my first tickets. The problem was no one knew when the second wave would be, so I just checked the site everyday (had the same story with Helsinki WC). I've never set very far in this arena, balcony is quite high.
  13. Lunna

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Congrats Croatia! In the finale I hope to see France winning if they'll play and attack like in previous matches. Though I can't imagine the celebration if Croatia somehow wins
  14. Lunna

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Will be fun but tomorrow will cheer for Croatia more ))
  15. Lunna

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Viva la France!