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  1. There's a vk group with full US Nats recordings, most must be without comment. Under spoiler just in case. If you'll be asked to log in just ignore it, should work without registration. I liked Jason's SP choreo, how it matches music in several places, but sadly I am not into his music choices most of the time (Love is a bitch still one of my fave for him), for FS I'd just like him to steal Nathan's music. Impressive FS from Yaroslav technically wise (burn that costume). Camden is sadly obviously undertrained. For Nathan nothing to add really, SP is boring as hell, score
  2. Don't say that, so many junior pairs split up before...
  3. wtf was that Fuji??? Cut out the closing number and no normal camera on FOD? The only good thing about camera work are slow-mos. I need gifs of Yuzu ice throwing and hand_in_the_hair_kitty_smile_Yuzu
  4. I adore one wilding kimono boy lol (don't like the vocals)
  5. Hello hair spray abuse Hmmm I am intrigued by hair style. Should I be ready to be killed on Monday morning?
  6. I am sure it's Ayroton Sena, it's old McLaren coloures. It's his old SP
  7. FS one (lettuce is at the excibition anyway), seems like there was famouse knee slide and he left the rink first. I really don't understand why no normal footage on premium channel? Should wait for Fuji then.
  8. I am Ok with Rika's program, maybe cuz I wasn't into the music of last year's once, this one has potential. But still Storm was my fave for her.
  9. Yay, Kaori! This program really stands out of all other lyrical ones.
  10. Pretty dress for Satoko. And almost everything is in green zone apart 2 obvious...ok Dunno about the program, I am not a fan of opera vocals on the ice.
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