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The useless emoticons thread


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It would be fun to find some connection between all those emoticons and Yuzu or even figure skating in general






:bat-smiley:Boyang's new program?


:chillpill:  Yuzu's prescription for next season

:0003: Yuzu, Skate Canada and 4CC  


:star-plucker-smiley: Notte stellata

:smiley-love077:Yuzu during WTT, deciding which entry into 3A to choose

:smiley-chores008: Yuzu and P&G





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:smiley-sad016:This is me after he pops the CoD.

:animal0019:This is me when I'm runing home not to loose a FS competition.

:free-fighting-smileys-156: The red one is me, the green one are the judges.

:smiley-angry022:And I'm like this before his performance.

:smiley-angelic001:And like this during his program.

:smiley-eatdrink003:This is all of us during a big competition LOL

:665e343793b9:If he winns.

:smiley-angry020:If he loose.

God, I'm bored. LOL


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