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  1. Yoa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It was in a youtube video called "olympic gold medialist becomes a living meme"
  2. Yoa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    look at Yuzuru (and Pooh)
  3. I want to book flights and will be flying from Kraków too At first I planned to fly from Wrocław but there's no direct flights. I was in Kraków last weekend for the first time in my live and I liked the city and I can travel there by train. Can you tell me what time is your flight? I want too make sure it will be the same as yours
  4. I just booked a hotel. So expensive... I could buy a laptop with that I still can cancel it so I hope I will find something cheaper or maybe someone will want to share a room
  5. Yoa

    Team China

    Well, they also said that Wakaba is coming to TCC so...
  6. Yoa

    General Skating Chat

    Video from ISU's webinar. They used Yuzuru, Javi, Evgenia and Carolina's jumps as examples for jump bullets. I only watched a little part of the video so I am not sure if there's something interesting in there. But people already are complaining that they used competing skaters as examples...
  7. Yoa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru's 3a was used as an example of bullet 1 (very good height and very good length 6:12) and bullet 4 (steps before the jump, unexpected or creative entry 7:18) for jumps in ISU's webinar
  8. Yoa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Popped 4S with a fall from FaOI
  9. Yoa

    History of Yuzu's 4axel talk

    "I think I’ll be done when I’m 22-23. Retired then I guess?" Little did you know, Yuzu Important videos: