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    General Yuzuru Chat

    My brain doesn't want to shut up and because of that I can't fall asleep. Maybe if I write some random thoughts here, it will clear my mind and help me sleep. -last season after nhk I didn't cry. Because I actually believed that he would be ready for nationals. This season I don't believe it so it is harder for me to process. Especially after we were so happy with SP results. But yesterday, for many hours I still didn't cry. I didn't watch FS live. I was waiting for updates. And I only watched it after a few hours because I was afraid to do that. I finally started crying after I read some tweet written by a lady journalist who tried to explain to someone what happened to Yuzuru. -today I started crying again when I was watching VC and they showed a crying fan. And later again, after reading Mishin's comment about Yuzuru. Some of his past comments about Yuzu weren't so nice. He didn't say anything about Yuzuru after Pyeonchang. He was sitting beside me during ladies FS in Helsinki (2 group) and his facial expression was a little bit scary. And I was annoyed by his comments after NHK about Japanese ladies etc. So when I read his nice comment about Yuzuru I started crying really hard. -I am happy that Daniil talked with Yuzuru before VC. Even when there's a tension between Eteri's team and Brian's team. Maybe he congratulated him. Maybe he wished him to get well soon. Or maybe... he asked him if he can make a program some day for him. This thought makes me laugh. Imagine them working together, especially on music cuts -I am thankful to Misha. After that instagram drama during off season I am happy that he still decided to post a supportive massage. And this time he found a solution and turned off the comments under that post. -I was surprised by NBC commentary. It's good that they informed viewers about Yuzuru's situation. -I hope that fans won't try to bother TCC skaters on their social media to get some information about Yuzuru -I don't trust anything JSF says -You know what makes me feel better? That we will have more chances to get updates from Brian (and maybe even Tracy) than last season. Last year, after Yuzuru injured himself, Brian only went to one competition: France with Javi. This year, he will go to France with Evgenia and Jason, GPF with at least Stephen (and probably Zhenya and Jun) and assuming that Yuzuru won't go to nationals - Russian nationals with Zhenya. Brian will arrive in France on Wednesday. We don't know where Yuzuru has gone. To Canada or to Japan. He has to get his ankle checked, and to do that, it should stop swelling. So Brian probably won't know much this week. But by the time of GPF, Yuzuru's situation should be much clearer. 3 recommended weeks of rest will pass so hopefully Brian will share if Yuzuru needs more time of rest or is it enough. There's still rehabilitation, starting to train on the ice etc. so maybe we can get another update during Russian nationals. I will feel so much better getting information directly from his team and not from people who care about tickets and sponsors (aka JSF) I hope I can finally fall asleep...
  2. He can walk on a carpet, like officials do. I only want him to show up at VC if he can smile sincerely. Because I don't want to see fake smiles.
  3. I needed to write this to feel better. Happiness after seeing him live in Helsinki completely disappeared... Last year most of us had hope and actually believed that he will heal before nationals. And last season he was repeating 2 of his programs. And time of FS was 4.5 minutes. This year, I actually hope that he won't compete at nationals. I think that he will have to rest for more than 3 weeks. 3 weeks was a diagnosis before he skated his FS(?). Okey, it's not that bad as last season. There's no Olympics, Yuzuru seems to accept that he may not compete at nationals, his relationship with his coaches improved and he is more open with them, he had both Brian and Ghislain this time, he already has 2 Olympic gold medals, he won 3 gold medals this season (last season he had 2 silvers so it probably made him feel even worse and more frustrated), he knows what he needs to do off-ice. I think it was really important for him to skate today. Not because he wanted to skate Origin in Russia. But because it would be really bad for him mentally to withdraw. Imagine how devastating it would be for him. Good mental state is really important during rehabilitation etc. Sadly he has experience with dealing with injuries. He knows what to do. He has more time to Worlds 2019 than he had to Olympics. He has 4 months. It would be nice if Worlds weren't his first competition after coming back from injury. But if he is ready he can compete at 4CC. Or since he is a university student, he can compete in Winter Universiade and have one more chance at performing Origin in Russia. He won't do that because it's to close to worlds (and WC in Japan are really important) but there's always a possibility (or rather it's my way of dealing with everything that happened today...) I hope that there won't be a complete media silence like last year. That we will get some updates from Brian/Yuzu/TCC from time to time. But at the same time I hope that media won't bother him. And hopefully, instead of denying himself some pleasures like last year, he will play games this time, buy himself new super expensive earphones/headphones/speakers, do demonic rock concerts in his room, go finally see Niagara falls, start learning Russian like he wanted to etc.
  4. The interview was done before injury
  5. 4T-4T-4T... edit: "our pooh is one and only. I like Winnie the Pooh especially"
  6. I hope that tonight he will spend some time reading fan-letters. Maybe they will cheer him up. And hopefully he won't have trouble with sleeping. And please don't even put skating shoes on tomorrow. I have no idea how he will get onto the podium but no skating for him please. But I still want him to enjoy the rest of competition. I don't want him to be sad in his hotel room. If he attends banquet, I hope he will have fun.
  7. Translation of Spanish commentary: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?74832-Yuzuru-Hanyu-2018-2019/page205#4081 And subtitles are already added to Polish commentary:
  8. I found this Balletic comment was made by Sobczyński
  9. I think that there's one explanation for FR commentators's hate. Maybe one time, during some gala practice Yuzuru tried to steal Pechalat's partner. We know he likes to be lifted The lady commentator also mentioned (during FS from Helsinki) that Yuzuru has many transitions and difficult steps, that there is no room to breath. She also mentioned that Plushenko's programs tended to be quite empty I just remembered... when Yuzuru first performed swanyu, one Polish commentator from a different channel (tvpsport) tried to compare Yuzuru's and Patrick's skating styles. I don't remember what he said about Patrick but he called Yuzuru's style balletic. American media is shaking
  10. It looks like Yuzuru changed his entry into 3A in SP. Instead of twizzle sandwich, he will probably do backcounter-3A-twizzles
  11. Are you talking about this article? They meant that he won Rostelocom Cup in 2011 (which is true) and that last year he lost it (which is also true). It's really the same Pooh