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  1. Runrun never fails to steal my heart with her fanarts
  2. We were so salty back then... We've been salty, exploding and dry, wonder what's next
  3. Late Merry Christmas from me! Wish you all happiness, love, health, lots of presents and a whole bunch of reliable friends . Stay warm and safe everyone
  4. Life Advice Noone Asked For #1 If you were ill for a long time and had no internet, catching up with Planet is impossible, don't even consider trying. Just sob in a corner
  5. Came here to poke this thread a little, this is for @Hydroblade And this is our best attempt at Eurovision (2nd place!)
  6. Before someone takes it from me - a gem: source
  7. I'm sorry Stéphane but what and why? (x)
  8. If you strip Smurfs from their pants and hats this is how they look like #truefact (@Yatagarasu don't choke plz) Tatiana Volosozhar & Stanislav Morozov, 2010 (x) (x)
  9. I was going to post something medicore but then this hit me in the eye: Kristin Wieczorek, 2008 (x)
  10. I sat here a whole day and only thing I got is that he changed his skateguards...
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