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The useless emoticons thread


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On 5/20/2017 at 05:20, Yoa said:

It would be fun to find some connection between all those emoticons and Yuzu or even figure skating in general






:bat-smiley:Boyang's new program?


:chillpill:  Yuzu's prescription for next season

:0003: Yuzu, Skate Canada and 4CC  


:star-plucker-smiley: Notte stellata

:smiley-love077:Yuzu during WTT, deciding which entry into 3A to choose

:smiley-chores008: Yuzu and P&G





I think we also need :chillpill: for FaOI.. 


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3 hours ago, xeyra said:


I have no idea what most of these text smileys mean. :laughing:

They do look cute though :rofl:

:text-line-smiley-122: --> I like this one. 

:text-line-smiley-003: --> How about this one? Is that katakana for 'memo'? 

:text-line-smiley-067: --> This one really confusing... is it crying or just shocked? :rofl:

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