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The useless emoticons thread


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13 時間前, xeyra said:


I have no idea what most of these text smileys mean. :laughing:


10 時間前, Puniyo said:

They do look cute though :rofl:

:text-line-smiley-122: --> I like this one. 

:text-line-smiley-003: --> How about this one? Is that katakana for 'memo'? 

:text-line-smiley-067: --> This one really confusing... is it crying or just shocked? :rofl:

:text-line-smiley-144:This one must be “Excuse me. let me go to the bathroom” emoji. I'm sure.

:text-line-smiley-003: This one is making note. (Yes, メモ means memo) :text-line-smiley-009: This one means the same.

I have no idea about the rest but I love this one :text-line-smiley-127: does this mean :snonegai:?

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