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The useless emoticons thread


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I had a lot of fun adding emoticons, lol. Let me know if there are too many...


Anyway, some of these are cute, but I can't imagine what situation they'd apply. But I want to use them anyway so I'm just posting them here :P






:spacealien: <- maybe relevant to our space alien






:band-smiley-face: <- some of them look so angry


:v2: <- sounds like a way to rub it in someone's face that a thread is going to be closed



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Do we have 'escape' emoticons a la the ones at GS? I noticed the tiptoeing out one.


:smiley-scared003: :smiley-scared005: :horse-poop::smiley-chores008: :aquarium2-smiley: :free-character-smileys-225: :0004:


They're so many my screen in blinking when I'm in the emoji menu!

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8 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

:626gdau::smiley-transport012::moon94::HELPSOS::animal0019: Hillarious!!!

I think the last one is pretty relevant in case you're trying to catch up with few dozens of pages of General Chat after few days of absence. 

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These are so funny :brain-slug-smiley::smiley-gen042::burstbubble:

:th_tumbleweed:This maybe when there are no yuzu news?


Actually :drowning: is me when I find I'm 1847644677 posts behind in the main thread (maybe because I spend my time choosing emoticons :laughing:)


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3 minutes ago, beki said:

Let's follow Yuzu... :spacealien: saying an emoticon is useless only challenges us to use it :smiley-transport017:


I love how the emoticons are just as extra as they should be :anim_62:



These three are great, great emoticons overall ! :pbow:


...the first two are Yuzu, the third one is me...:emot-LOL:



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