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  1. @LadyLou Sorry for being very late and sorry if this has already been shared: Broadcasting schedule for MOI: FOD will stream it between 15:00-17:45 It probably covers the whole show without fluff, but the camera angle may not be ideal when you watch skaters' interviews. フジテレビ (terrestrial channel) will air it between 15:45-17:43 This one will probably be partial live, with fluff pieces so you will miss some skaters. On Dec 29, BSフジ will also air MOI, between 21:00-22:55. On Dec 31, フジテレビTWO will air it too, between 10:30-13:00. This could be a replay of FOD footage minus zamboni.
  2. starting order planned contents This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  3. The earlier groups of men’s fs will be aired by フジテレビTWO and BSフジ. The later groups will be aired by フジテレビ, their terrestrial channel. フジテレビ may cover the medal ceremony too, but it depends on how long the men’s event continues. I recommend you to check FOD or the stream relaying FOD too. About the Gala, I will get back to you later.
  4. Rough translation: "Congratulations, everyone, for having done it under such enormous pressure. I was so moved watching you on TV. I will come back strong, healing my injury quickly!! I will work hard too!"
  5. Nobu after FS "Watched an event live for the first time in a while. I cried too much and am feeling exhausted. Otsukare-sama, women's skaters and thank you for giving me many feels."
  6. Kaori's comment is simple "Now I feel that I can't be happier. I feel refreshed because I could do what I said and have achieved my goal of winning an Olympic berth straight away."
  7. Wakaba after FS "I came to this competition having determined to stay strong at heart when I perform no matter what. When I finished skating, things I felt four years ago came back to me. That was a tough time, and I am glad that I could overcome it in a good way."
  8. Mana after FS "I could go into (T/n: the FS?) thinking I had nothing to lose and that was good. I could land an Axel that I would give a perfect score. I could land it in practice too, and my coach told me that landing it itself showed my improvement, which made me so happy." "I don't feel that I have reached the level that I can compete at the Olympics. It's what the federation decides, so I am not so hopeful, but I will work hard to be able to perform well at any competition they may send me."
  9. Mai after FS "Feeling simply kuyashii. After I came here, I could not condition myself for FP in a satisfying way. I think the way I tried to control myself wasn't right. In that sense, I did well skating through my program without giving up or making a big mistake." "(Since JNats2017) So many memories come back and make me feel that so many things happened. First and foremost, these four years were tough, but they passed so quickly, and I experienced so many things. I want to think positively that I might have made a step forward."
  10. So happy for Wakaba, and Kaori skated so strong! Heart broken for Mai, but Mana is a good competitor so it is not surprising if JSF selects her like they selected Kaori last time for her mental strength to do well when it counts.
  11. So sad to see anyone losing points because they tried to do their best to recover from a mistake
  12. Hi! Tuned in in time for Mone chan. Too bad for the fall in the Chsq but she fought well.
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