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@SuzyQThank you so much for sharing the videos.

Wow, so beautiful :heartpound:

The JSF page was "down" for me yesterday. Now I can finally open the site. There are a new design and new photos from Yuzu.

...and a new JSF emblem
(see Yuzu's jacket)



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8 時間前, LAYさんが言いました:



Actually, he is showing his tips for those who want to try paper cutting.

But I confess, it just makes me feel dizzy :rolleye0008:



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28 minutes ago, SuzyQ said:


In fact, he shows his advice for those who want to try paper cutting.

But I admit, it just makes me dizzy :rolleye0008:




And besides, since you're in Japan, you understand Japanese and I based myself in gestures and extre accuracy me and it shows that he knows how to use a scalpel and the result is WOOOO :agree: : clapclap4:

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All of these little baby fanyus that do Yuzu tributes give me hope for the future of the sport. :'3

The ISU and almost everyone involved in the sport wants him out but now there is a whole generation of skaters who look up to him and his skating.

As much as ISU wants to get rid of him completely, Yuzuru's legacy and impact will never be forgotten. 

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18 hours ago, Pammi said:

Guys its off topic, but do you know that


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(see youtube for both - I still have faith in you and Dont shut me down) AND they are doing a holographic Iive concert tour using motion capture technology!! )







Off topic, but.... THIS!!! And it's great! And perfect for lifting low pandemic spirits! I have had a smile on my face watching the video for I still have faith in you! Even the ABBAtars are great :))))

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