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  1. According to this thread, looks like they're voting on new vaccination guidelines and maximum attendance in venues. The new guidelines will be: Starting Feb 15, if your 2nd vaccine dose is older than 4 months, you will need a 3rd shot OR have a negative test done that's only valid for 24 hours Maximum attendance at venues will be 2000. This restriction will end around Jan. 20, but depending on the situation at that time, they may extend it. Also, OP is not certain how the vaccine rules apply to foreign travelers. Guess we'll have to keep an eye on this, esp that 2000 max attendance limitation!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I will take a look in that area. I looked at the Ibis hotels by the airport, but it doesn't look like there are any more rooms left.
  3. Happy New Year! It turned midnight here a little while ago, and I want to wish all the satellites an excellent 2022 filled with good health and good times. Wishing Yuzu a happy, healthy year as well, in which his goals will be achieved, his dreams come true, and all his efforts rewarded!
  4. Yeah, you probably have to test positive for COVID or something before they will refund your ticket. Anyways, I haven't heard back from the organizers regarding individual sales of practice tickets. In the meantime, I see that Hanyuconomy is busy at work and people are buying up the tickets, so I just went ahead and ordered mine. All-event tickets are too expensive and risky in case Yuzu can't make it, so I bought the Saturday Day package, which includes the morning practice, Men FS, and the Free Dance. I also bought individual event tickets for Men SP and the Gala. Hope Yuzu makes it to Worlds! If healthy, I'm sure he'll be there. My only concern is if he wears himself out preparing for the Olys. It doesn't help to hear that he's already on painkillers. I hope he is just using them for competitions to help him perform better and that he doesn't need them everyday. So now to sort out accommodations. Anybody have any recommendations? Is everything booked up already?
  5. Alright, who ever is in charge of the lighting needs to chill. I don't think he can jump properly with the lights flashing like that.
  6. Bolero only worked with Torvill and Dean way back when. I think they were the first to use it.
  7. I wonder if they're showing a CM or something and that's why we're back to LMEY.
  8. You have to lower the quality for the stream to work. There was a post a while back with instructions on how to do that.
  9. It's this, http://live.qq.com/10134328, except they decided to play LMEY for some reason.
  10. Uh oh, I think they heard you, they switched back to LMEY. Do they not like Team Koko?
  11. Yes, it's heartbreaking how fortune turned for her. I think COVID kind of messed her up the same as Zhenya. If it wasn't for COVID, she would have gone to TCC instead of to Lambiel, and maybe her injuries and issues might have been caught earlier. Oh bummer. I remember people having problems with the qq streams on mobile.
  12. A lot of us are using this stream: http://live.qq.com/10134328 but you have to lower the quality to make it work. Scroll up to see how to lower the quality.
  13. It's so tough. Japan has too many talented ladies. Mana didn't even get a GP at first, but she finally got the notice she deserved, and I'm sooo happy Wakaba made it. But it's so sad for Rika, Mai, and Satoko.
  14. Except when I was at 2019 4CC, and I said, "Aww, let her podium for once", and she ended up getting 3rd! But poor Kaori got knocked off. But yeah, poor Mai always end up 4th most of the time.
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