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  1. I agree, those boos is not something I like and it certainly doesn't look good for tennis as a sport. But I'm pretty sure that the fact it was Nadal that Medvedev played against was only a part of the reason. We know that Nadal is loved by most of tennis fans. And he would have support of most of the fans no matter who he would have played against (maybe except for Fedder or an Australian player). But I don't think any other opponent (or almost any) would get that kind of behaviour from fans that Medvedev got. Medvedev more than once said or did something that angered or at least annoyed the fans (not only during this year AO) and while booed he provoked them to boo even louder. I'm not saying that from now on he might be always booed at that's ok. No, it's not. But a little effort from him would be appreciated, not all his snarky comments were really needed.
  2. Incredible Australian Open finals in singles. Ash coming back from 1-5 in the second set and becoming the first Aussie in 44 years to win in singles on home turf. And Rafa coming back from 0-2 in the match and breaking the record for most Grand Slams men's singles titles. It's so special - Rafa is one of the oldest men in the tour, coming back from a serious injury, still winning after second longest Australian Open final ever (the match duration: 5 h 24 min). Just WOW.
  3. It was a nice (and clean!) skate from Rino. She was really happy about the result. It's always great to see that kind of joy mixed with bewilderment (I mean that kind of bewilderment that is actually a good thing and not a disappointment ).
  4. And the special award goes the guy that made an interview with the winners in the arena after the competition. They just won and were happy till they heard the question "What's your plan now? Are you going to the Olympics?".
  5. This all makes me really worried about the future of the sport. I remember I was really happy when they changed the system from 6.0. I was probably just a naive kid back then (and already invested in this sport... no hope for me) to think it'll solve the sport's problems. And it was an improvement but we clearly see it's not enough. I really really hope they won't introduce two separate programs: an artistic one and a technical one. No, no, no, a big no to that. I believe they should invest in some kind of new technologies, AI, something that will make judging more neutral and fair. At this point even a slow-mo replay would make a lot of good :-P If I, just a casual fan, can see a crazy pre-rotation how on earth an international judge cannot and gives an outrageous GOE? It's beyond me. So, new technologies and controlling the judges' work for sure are needed. But as you say they might want to introduce some changes in the point system as well. I am a bit hopeful and terrified of what they can do at the same time.
  6. Yeah, Samoilov won Nationals and iirc he goes to Worlds while Kornel got Europeans.
  7. I think this costume is very "Nathan-y". I don't like it, but it's his style. And at least he is consistent with those unappealing shirts. I prefer not to mention scores. But the question is: who goes to Olys?
  8. Vincent only 0.38 points ahead of Jason How Malinin got level 4 on that travelling spin??
  9. I'm quite bewildered with Slovakian judge Hedviga Fialkova's component scores for Ekaterina Kurakova in SP. Every score is lower from 0.75 to 2.25 (!) than Kurakova's scores that come from other judges. On average 1.5 points difference. That's a lot! There is no such a difference in this judge scores when it comes to other ladies (except for another Polish girl Karolina Bialas whose every score coming from Ms. Fialkova is around 1.25 lower). Maybe it's just a coincidence. But it looks weird.
  10. I filled it a few days ago. Shared my opinions and gave some advice But tbh, I don't think it'll change anything. Are they really so dumb that they didn't realize that fans aren't exactly happy with them? If that's the case then maybe it will actually help :-P I suppose they'll just ignore our answers. Unless they got so many it'll be difficult to ignore. (And who am I kidding... if there is something they are good at, it's ignorance). Anyway, at leas they won't be able to say we didn't offer our insight.
  11. Tbh, I'm not sure if it's more funny or more depressing. I laughed at it and was annoyed at the same time.
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