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  1. This is an interesting thread about the IOC. Particularly interesting is how closely tied together the IOC is with NBC. That pretty much explains why the Olympic Channel will use Yuzu to get clicks, but is also perfectly happy to publish NBC propaganda that dump on him. I guess this will also make it harder to convince the IOC to push the ISU to implement fair scoring reforms, unless it benefits NBC... and US skaters. I feel bad for the Japanese people who are stuck footing the bill for the Summer Olympics.
  2. Thank goodness they're not THAT powerful. Yuzu just seemed to have a string of unfortunate luck, with Ghislain's stolen passport, bad timing of asthma attack, earthquake right before his departure to WC, his blade getting caught in a hole in the ice he made himself. The universe really needs to be better to him. As for cover-ups, Yuzu himself covers up. Initially, he said that not having Ghislain there didn't impact him. Then in later interviews, he admitted the situation was unusual, with the implication that it did affect him a bit. He also said the asthma attack was after the F
  3. "Impossible Axel with illusion exit and negative GOE steals everyone's show at the World Team Trophy." I love it when he falls and people are like, "Even his falls look nice!" And then when he flubs a landing, everyone is like "OMG! How could he have saved that jump? GOAT!!!"
  4. 7 years later, he looks practically the same!
  5. ETA: According to Google Translate, Ryuichi said, "The mask is removed only when taking a picture." So hopefully, it was like that with most of the pictures. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  6. They were selling 2 of the products at Costco over the holidays so I picked up the Sekkisei Emulsion to try. It's a light moisturizer that feels nice on my skin and does the trick. It has a light fragrance and I wasn't used to that at first because my normal skin care products are fragrance free. It contains alcohol so it feels cool on my skin which is nice for the hot summers here. Unfortunately, they don't sell those Yuzu special edition collections here. That Origin theme box was so pretty! Or maybe that's fortunate for my wallet. Lol. Thanks so much for th
  7. I also agree that timing is crucial. Since it seems that ISU is pretty much free to do as they please without much accountability (other than to the big Feds I guess), people have recommended appealing to the IOC. However, the IOC is currently up to their eyeballs dealing with the impact of COVID on the Olympics, so they are not going to have time to be concerned about scoring issues related to a single sport. ISU knows Yuzu is their cash cow, but they will also do whatever it takes to hold on to their jobs and their power. If they think Yuzu or his fans endanger that, I have no do
  8. Someone was holding a "Crazy for Yuzu" banner. I saw a 4A banner too. Hope he can get some rest and stay away from crowds now, although it looks like he had fun doing these shows. It must have been nice for him to get a chance to see everyone after training by himself all those months. After Worlds, WTT, and these shows, I will miss seeing him. I guess I'll just have to loop Wyell's 4K videos! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
  9. Oh, that's her new SP? I like it! I've been using https://live.qq.com/10097977 stream with no problems.
  10. This is more light-hearted with Koshiro. Shoma was so serious doing this number. Lol.
  11. Very nice, Koshiro! I liked that.
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