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  1. Last year, Skate Canada sold some tickets a few days before ACI started. I think they emailed everyone on the mailing list with notification about the ticket sale, so anybody can buy those tickets. They were not restricted only for the locals. However, it would be hard for non-locals to make travel plans in the last minute, so by releasing the tickets so late, the sale primarily benefited the locals. Of course, there's no guarantee that Skate Canada will do the same thing this year. I think there's a good probability though, so if I was looking for tickets, I would definitely keep a sharp eye on my email and check that ticket site everyday 1-2 weeks leading up to ACI. Also, as it gets closer to the event, some people might find out that they can't attend after all and will sell their tickets, so keep checking here, and on Twitter, and other skating forums. Good luck.
  2. Last year, Skate Canada released a small amount of tickets on Monday afternoon, 2 days before ACI started. I think they did it so that locals would have a chance to go, so keep an eye on your email the week leading up to ACI.
  3. Last year, I showed them my 3 tickets and they just gave me an all-event bracelet. You can also see all the practices including the Wed. practice. There was no difference between 3 single tickets and an all-event ticket. I suspect it will be the same this year.
  4. Yeah, it did look like most people couldn't select a section. I preselected the P3 category. Were you trying for a different price category? I don't know if that made any difference. Selecting the section didn't help with knowing about the double letter rows though. It only offered you a seat in say, "Row W", so you still would not have known about the double letter rows. The only reason I knew about them was from looking at Belle Center seating charts from other websites and zooming in to see the rows.
  5. During the presale, when I was in the waiting room, I preselected my Price Category. Then the second the sale opened, I was fighting for tickets along with everyone else, but I was able to choose a section. I would click on a section, and it would offer me a ticket in that section. I could either accept the ticket, or click "Change Ticket" to try for another ticket. I would reject the lame ticket they offered me, then try a different section. So, I was surprised when people said they couldn't choose a section. This is why @rockstaryuzu thinks that the ticket interface was buggy because it wasn't working the same way for everyone.
  6. I have a feeling that "On Sale 13 Jun 2019 at 10:00 AM" might be the presale date. I don't recall exactly but I thought it said ""On Sale 7 Jun 2019 at 10:00 AM" last Friday during the "secret" presale. When you click Details, you see "Sales start on 14 Jun 2019 at 10:00 AM" until you enter the Promotional Code which unlocks the presale tickets. Since no one received notification about the presale last Friday, that might have been a presale for Skate Canada members. So it's very possible that there will be a presale with notification for people on their mailing list some time this week. Their ticket sales are at 10:00 am ET. I recommend checking your email around that time everyday this week to see if you get a presale notification just to be safe. Good luck everyone! Hope you can get the tickets you need.
  7. Same for me. All-event sold out immediately, but got single event for each day. There was no difference last year. They let everyone into the pre-comp practice. You showed them your tickets and they give you a bracelet.
  8. I think it was in one of the ISU communications. They said that there will be no Pairs this season at ACI, but there will be a Pairs competition at the Challenger in Salt Lake City. That's too bad because I was hoping James & Cipres will be at ACI again. This table also indicates no Pairs for ACI: https://www.isu.org/inside-isu/isu-communications/communications/21148-isu-communication-2250/file
  9. The schedule will be slightly different from last season because there will not be any Pairs this time. It should not make much difference though since not that much time was allocated to Pairs last season anyway.
  10. If Nathan does SA and SCI, it's not just that he will do back-to-back GPs, he also has midterms on 10/25 according to the Yale Academic calendar. So I think Nathan doing SA & SCI is highly unlikely. That's also the reason why I think Nathan doing IdF is unlikely because that means 3 weeks in a row of stress for him: SA -> midterms -> IdF. That's why I originally chose CoR for Nathan, but after @Blackberry said that he might get 2nd midterms before his Nov break, and probably assorted assignments are due before he goes on break, I'm thinking CoC will be the best choice for Nathan. So I agree with Blackberry's prediction of: SA: Nate + Misha (or Boyang) SCI: Yuzu + Boyang (or Misha) IdF: Vince + Shoma CoC: Nate + Boyang CoR: Yuzu + Misha NHK: Vince + Shoma This separates #1,2, and 3 and also separates #4,5, & 6. I think it's better for Shoma to be at NHK because he doesn't have to travel so it doesn't matter as much if it's close to GPF. Yuzu would be impacted more because he would have to travel for NHK & for GPF. Alternatively, if the ISU is greedy and wants to place Yuzu at IdF to help ticket sales, we could see this: SA: Nate + Boyang SCI: Vince + Shoma IdF: Yuzu + Misha CoC: Nate + Boyang CoR: Yuzu + Misha NHK: Vince + Shoma I think this is less likely because then everyone is competing with the same person for both GPs (unless Boyang does back-to-back GPs at IdF and CoC). If Nathan gets CoC and Yuzu gets NHK, then you will see Vincent + Shoma at CoR, but that means Shoma will go up against Misha too (violating the 4,5,6 can't meet rule), unless they don't assign Misha to CoR. I don't know how likely that is. If Shoma is not paired with Vincent, then he has to go against Nathan or Yuzu, and I don't think JSF will want that. So I think there's a better chance of Yuzu at CoR than NHK.
  11. Yuzu knows his audience, and this is Sendai. He knew his fans would go crazy if he toss a little ice on them; otherwise, he wouldn't have done it. As one of the commentators said during his monument reveal, Yuzu is great at fanservice. I think it's wonderful that he can have this playful interaction with his fans since he always has to keep a distance from them these days and don't get much opportunity to interact directly with his fans anymore.
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