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  1. [NEWS] Look at those smiling eyes! He's as cute as his bb self!!!
  2. Yep. He can convince me to buy anything with that soft, soothing voice!
  3. I ran across this on YouTube when I was taking a peek at Kpop videos. Some years ago, Jimin wore a T-shirt with a picture of a mushroom cloud and text saying something about the liberation of Korea. Of course that was highly criticized by the Japanese as commemorating the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and a Japanese TV show canceled a BTS appearance over that. I'm sure Yuzu's Japanese antis are latching onto that to criticize him for liking BTS. I've seen some people criticize Naomi for not speaking out/helping Haiti (her father is Haitian) so she's probably pulled
  4. Yuzu already gave him the answer to that "impossibly difficult" question. All he had to do was remember it. With regards to him being Straight, I thought this was hilarious
  5. I think judging at Beijing will be same as always, so ISU and the major Feds will have the most influence. I'm avoiding NBC too, so here's what I'm doing: I think once the Canadian border reopens and the athletes are vaccinated, they will be expected to return to TCC for training. Continuing remote training might be possible, but I don't think Ghislain will travel to Japan. He has to coach the other TCC skaters too, like Jason, Conrad, Joseph, Jun (if he returns), etc. so I don't think he can just leave.
  6. Well, they shouldn't be attacking Naomi. She's a fanyu too, so she's representing us.
  7. Would expect Hashimoto to be there, but not sure what Arakawa's role is, maybe helper bee? I was looking forward to some Yuzu Opening Ceremony crumbs, so sad not to see any. Otoh, it's probably best for Yuzu not to be so closely associated with such an unpopular event in Japan, and it's certainly safer that he didn't have to travel there. Frankly, I'm appalled that they've pushed forward with the Olympics when COVID cases in Tokyo have been hitting all time highs. New cases continually being reported at the Games too. I hope the athletes and everyone else can stay safe
  8. No, there is no news, but we expect he will have a role. We'll find out on Friday.
  9. Another translation of Yuzu's message to Team Japan at the Tokyo Olympics: [NEWS]
  10. That's my understanding also. And since it takes 2 weeks after their shot for full protection, they won't be fully protected until around end of August. I hope that Yuzu was able to get his shot early enough so that he will at least have full protection from his 1st shot by the time he has to do his Olympic duties. Even having only 1 shot is supposed to give you good protection against the virus.
  11. Rika also got her shot recently, so hopefully they scheduled Yuzu's shot earlier since he will most likely be taking part in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. Usually there are minimum side effects with the 1st shot, but it varies with ppl, so better to play it safe.
  12. Good point. Although the athletes are still representing their country. Their parents and friends are all watching. They've put in a ton of hard work and many have made sacrifices along the way to get there. Not only the athletes themselves, but oftentimes their family have also made sacrifices. So I think the athletes will try their best to place as high as they can and while they might not make top 20, a personal best at the Olympics will still feel really good! Maybe after their competition, they might go wild and engage in some extra-curricular activities to blow off all that p
  13. @Henni147 The images and videos of the floods are heartbreaking. Hope you and your family stay safe and the affected regions can recover quickly. Maybe his swimming capabilities are like mine. I never took swimming lessons and it was just family and friends giving me tips. I can float and go a short distance, but pretty much have to stop and stand up after a bit. For a while, I belonged to a 24-hour gym that had an indoor 4-foot lap pool and that worked out well for me since I could stop whenever I needed to. I also made good use of a kickboard. So Yuzu can certai
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