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  1. Look in the MR column, which stands for Main Rink. The men's practices are high-lighted in blue. Men's practices: Thurs: 9:25 - 10:35 am and 3:05 - 4:15 pm Fri: 9:30 - 10:30 am Sat: 9:30 - 10:40 am
  2. https://skatecanada.ca/2019-skate-canada-international/ Click on the red Schedule button.
  3. I was at 4CC this year, and you should have heard the cheers for the American skaters, so I don't think it's only Yuzu who has a loud fan club.
  4. Nice boyfriend you have there, and welcome to the Planet! We will definitely arrange meetups later so everyone will have a chance to meet. I went alone last year to my first competition and met so many people here. Planet H is the best!
  5. Last year we could do that. Don't know if that will change this year. Hope not.
  6. Here's what the rink looks like. There are not that many rows of seats, so even at the very back, you still have a very good view. https://www.oakville.ca/images/1140-smsc-ice.jpg
  7. Yes, you definitely want to wear layers. This is not a big rink so the temperature will vary depending on the number of people at the rink. Early morning practice when the rink is not full will be colder. During men's comp when Yuzu's skating and the arena is filled up and you're jumping up and down waving your banner, it will be warmer. Lol. Wear something comfortable cuz you'll be sitting for a long time. Gloves, scarf, and long socks are good. A lap blanket is good too. If you layer on top only, your legs and feet may get cold. Bring a tote bag so when you strip off your layers, you can just toss them in the tote.
  8. That's what I remember too. They sold out not long after tickets were released last year, but 3 days before the event started, they released a limited number of tickets online. I don't think they were selling tickets at the door. Here's the 2018 ACI discussion about this: https://planethanyu.com/topic/603-2018-aci-tickets-and-discussion/page/23/ Of course, we don't know if they will do that again this year.
  9. Zhenya and Bradie rematch! Rika in the mix too, so should be a lot of fun. Happy but surprised to see Zhenya. I thought she wouldn't make it due to Test Skates. Sad that Jason won't be there, but hoping for him to do well in Nebelhorn. I would love to see Jun on the podium again, and hoping for a no kuyashii Yuzu this time. Too bad Roman won't be there to repeat the Waisttm episode. Very happy that Kevin Aymoz will be back and excited to see Donovan, Conrad, Keegan, Gabby, and Karen too. Ok, DM me your best wishes for the Pumpkin King!
  10. The "Time of Evolution" Blu-ray I preordered is "All Regions", but I also ordered the previous ""Time of Awakening (Normal Edition)" Blu-ray and that one is "Region A/1". There's also a limited deluxe edition of the "Time of Awakening" Blu-ray and that one is "All Regions", so it's probably best to look carefully at each Blu-ray. Ahh, too late for me too, but I think I get a "logo sticker" with my order. Lol. Once I discovered the icon on the menu bar to switch the language to English, it was amazingly easy to order from Amazon Japan. That's actually quite a dangerous thing for my wallet. Is this what you're looking for? https://www.amazon.co.jp/【メーカー特典あり】羽生結弦「進化の時」Blu-ray(ロゴステッカー付き)-羽生結弦/dp/B07W6XRKQJ?language=en_US The price listed is 10,800 Yen, but I was only charged 10,000 yen. I'm not sure if I got a discount for ordering additional items. It's 2 discs, but still expensive. However, I don't know how much Japanese Blu-rays normally cost.
  11. You can enter the lottery or try to purchase online here: https://www.chacott-jp.com/news/shoplesson/new/detail013485.html How to buy We plan to sell a certain number of items each month, but due to hand-made works, the quantity that can be produced in a month is limited. Thank you for your understanding.... we have prepared two types of sales methods : 1 advance lottery sales and 2 first-come-first-served sales . It doesn't look like they ship overseas.
  12. I don't mind a tanned Yuzu. It'll be interesting to see how he might look since that boy never leaves his ice cave to see any sun.
  13. I have a bunch of blank cards, so if he attends and you want to send him a message, just DM me your message. I"ll write up the cards and drop them in the gift box for you.
  14. I'm primarily a dog person, but yeah, I pretty much love all animals too, esp GOATs.
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