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  1. That's what I remember too. They sold out not long after tickets were released last year, but 3 days before the event started, they released a limited number of tickets online. I don't think they were selling tickets at the door. Here's the 2018 ACI discussion about this: https://planethanyu.com/topic/603-2018-aci-tickets-and-discussion/page/23/ Of course, we don't know if they will do that again this year.
  2. Zhenya and Bradie rematch! Rika in the mix too, so should be a lot of fun. Happy but surprised to see Zhenya. I thought she wouldn't make it due to Test Skates. Sad that Jason won't be there, but hoping for him to do well in Nebelhorn. I would love to see Jun on the podium again, and hoping for a no kuyashii Yuzu this time. Too bad Roman won't be there to repeat the Waisttm episode. Very happy that Kevin Aymoz will be back and excited to see Donovan, Conrad, Keegan, Gabby, and Karen too. Ok, DM me your best wishes for the Pumpkin King!
  3. The "Time of Evolution" Blu-ray I preordered is "All Regions", but I also ordered the previous ""Time of Awakening (Normal Edition)" Blu-ray and that one is "Region A/1". There's also a limited deluxe edition of the "Time of Awakening" Blu-ray and that one is "All Regions", so it's probably best to look carefully at each Blu-ray. Ahh, too late for me too, but I think I get a "logo sticker" with my order. Lol. Once I discovered the icon on the menu bar to switch the language to English, it was amazingly easy to order from Amazon Japan. That's actually quite a dangerous thing for my wallet. Is this what you're looking for? https://www.amazon.co.jp/【メーカー特典あり】羽生結弦「進化の時」Blu-ray(ロゴステッカー付き)-羽生結弦/dp/B07W6XRKQJ?language=en_US The price listed is 10,800 Yen, but I was only charged 10,000 yen. I'm not sure if I got a discount for ordering additional items. It's 2 discs, but still expensive. However, I don't know how much Japanese Blu-rays normally cost.
  4. You can enter the lottery or try to purchase online here: https://www.chacott-jp.com/news/shoplesson/new/detail013485.html How to buy We plan to sell a certain number of items each month, but due to hand-made works, the quantity that can be produced in a month is limited. Thank you for your understanding.... we have prepared two types of sales methods : 1 advance lottery sales and 2 first-come-first-served sales . It doesn't look like they ship overseas.
  5. I don't mind a tanned Yuzu. It'll be interesting to see how he might look since that boy never leaves his ice cave to see any sun.
  6. I have a bunch of blank cards, so if he attends and you want to send him a message, just DM me your message. I"ll write up the cards and drop them in the gift box for you.
  7. I'm primarily a dog person, but yeah, I pretty much love all animals too, esp GOATs.
  8. I'm arriving Tuesday evening. Since Rika will also be there, I'll probably check out the ladies practice on Wed. JSF announcement is pretty official for the Japanese skaters.
  9. Yep, my clothes got dusted with gold glitter from my banner last year! I hope I have time to make a new banner this year, and I will refrain from using glitter ribbon this time. Lol.
  10. I love it! I can't believe you did it that fast. It looks amazing, and I love how Yuzu kisses Ice-chan to the beat of "I've fallen in love". That's the magic of Yuzu's skating. You can be totally mesmerized by him and not realize that he hasn't even done a single jump yet, whereas for many other skaters, if they're not jumping, there's not much to look at. s The panda roll! I thought we would never see it. Now they need to release the footage!
  11. I really like looking at all the banners too, so I hope they will allow it. I thought all the banners were tied to the railing, which was mostly behind the seats. There were banners attached to tables??? The 2 gift boxes were funny, esp the smaller gift box that was designated for "all the other skaters". I saw the staff sort through the gifts in both boxes so unless the gift was not labeled, the gifts should have ended up with the intended skaters. Iirc, the FAQ did not say anything about gifts last year, so a satellite wrote to Skate Canada and asked them. Skate Canada responded that we were allowed to toss gifts onto the ice. When I arrived at the venue, I double-checked with a staff member before the first competition started. She told me that we can throw plushies (I only asked about plushies) onto the ice, but if we had a gift we wanted to give specifically to a skater, we should put it in the gift box instead. The sweepers looked like they were beginner skaters, so it took them a bit of time to clear the ice after Yuzu skated. Maybe that's why they decided not to allow gifts on the ice this year. I think Yuzu gets a little embarrassed by how long it takes to clear the ice after he skates. He even asked Brian in Saitama if he should go help the sweepers!
  12. You're so sweet! Thanks for bringing buttons again. I love the button you gave out last year, and this year's buttons are just as cute! I'm still deciding what to bring, but probably will not bring buttons this time. I need to make a hand-held banner too. I just checked their FAQ and it looks like they changed some of their policies from last year. In particular, no large banners allowed for hanging and no throwing of gifts on the ice. I understand the "no throwing gifts on the ice" part since it's a small comp and they may not have sweeper girls available. Last year they did, but it took the girls some time to clear the ice and Yuzu even helped out. I'm not sure why the "no hanging banners" though.
  13. I'm waiting until I get confirmation that Yuzu will attend before booking flights. Last year, ACI was on 9/20-22. JSF confirmed Yuzu's attendance on 7/20 and I bought my plane tickets 2 days later. I just booked my flights for SCI over the weekend. With WestJet, no changes or refunds are allowed for their cheapest fare after 24 hours of booking. If you buy their next level fare (ECONO), you can make changes or get a refund for a fee. The fee depends on whether you are flying within or outside of Canada and whether you make your change within or outside of 60 days from departure. I decided to pay $47 more for the ECONO fare. I can cancel my flight by paying $25-$30 if I cancel more than 60 days before departure. If I cancel within 60 days from departure, the fee is $100-$118. Air Canada has a similar policy, although I don't remember if they allow refunds or only changes.
  14. Yes, it worked well for me too, and I didn't have to create an account or anything. The video quality is not as good as Rabbit, but is watchable.
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