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  1. Hopefully he will do more interviews while he's in Sendai and we'll get to see more later on Japanese TV.
  2. There is always the "what if the stream doesn't work?" nervousness. Lol.
  3. I had a link to that YT video. Unfortunately, that video and the user's account have been deleted. Probably part of that YouTube purge of figure skating videos and accounts. Hopefully it will get reuploaded on YT or elsewhere. The instructor also said that Yuzu has an androgynous look, which is popular in shojo manga. I would add that his heart-shaped face gives him a "pointy chin", which is also typical of manga characters!
  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Get well soon. I look forward to seeing you on the forum again.
  5. 2019 Skate Canada International October 25-27, 2019 Kelowna, BC Canada All-event tickets will go on sale to the public on April 5, 2019 at 10 a.m. PT. Presale started today. https://skatecanada.ca/2019/04/ticket-info-2019-skate-canada-international/ https://skatecanada.ca/2019-skate-canada-international/
  6. He seems like a statistics kind of guy, so we can probably summarize the answers to the questions like country, fav programs, etc. and include that in the beginning of the book, like an introduction. We can list the number of people from each country, the number of people who liked a particular program, the number of people who discovered him at a particular time, etc. Or we can present the info as a chart or graph, or in percentages. In CIONTU, he asked the audience when they discovered him, so he was interested in how many people discovered him at a particular time. Also, it would be great if we can add some humor to the book. Funny memes? Poorly taken photos of him? Poorly drawn fanart? Remember those stick-figure fanart? Those were funny. He got a kick out of those "shitty-taken pictures" from the Sendai Parade so I think he would enjoy some humor. I also think we should have several templates so if someone wants to include fanart, they can, but if someone just wants to provide a short message, they can do that also. And for the short messages, we can put several on one page to conserve space.
  7. Custom snow globe of Yuzu in Notte Stellata costume doing Biellmann spin: https://www.queenofsnowglobes.com/ I don't know if Yuzu would want something like that, but I want one. I think you can even add a message to the base of the snow globe, for example something like "2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Exhibition Gala" and the date. It would commemorate one of the happiest days of his life. As for the photobook, I love the idea of the "If it were not for Yuzu, I would never have..." messages. It lets him know the impact he has made on so many people. I also love the idea of a donation. I suspect Yuzu gets A LOT of stuff from fans, so he might appreciate donations to the causes he supports more than anything we can give him. It might be better if we didn't present this to him as a "cheer project". A cheer project means he needs cheering up which will remind him of why he needs cheering up, and I don't think we want to do that. It's better to let him know that we were super happy to see him and that we can't wait to see him again.
  8. He probably meant it wasn't so bad as last time.... until I chose to skate CoR FS on it... then it got worst... but I won't tell anybody about the second part.
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