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28 minutes ago, Paskud said:


Maybe it won't be that baaaad.

The plan, as it was first announced, was to basically change only the clothes. 


I sure hope there will be an upgrade tho. 

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29 minutes ago, Whoopiewoop said:

At least they should change the facial expression because that happy grin doesn’t suit Origin at all :dry:

That happy grin doesn't even remotely emote the original version :disapproval:


PS: At least the costume will be good. They won't live to see another day if the costume is not to Yuzu and Satomi-san's standards :P 



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6 hours ago, Yuzurella said:


Yuzu and Habi in HD! :loveshower:

I miss them together. :cri:

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Hard to believe this is 9 years ago...he looks the same (at least his face does)... :Poohgaveup:

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6 hours ago, Pammi said:


4 hours ago, sweetwater said:

I want to like his comments hundreds of times:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: Thank you for sharing :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw:



This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].

Hello! I am one of the admin of Yuzuru Hanyu Turkey page. I am very surprised and happy that our interview has made until Planet Hanyu! :8788161: thank you so much for reading it  :tumblr_inline_mto5hwcNlg1qid2nw: 

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I solemnly swear this is all for (fun) science so if you love it, read on :gla:


Link: https://mrmr-j.com/hanyuuyuzuru/#st-toc-h-5 

Credit for translation: @Orangesrgd on Twitter


Why does Yuzu look so much taller than he really is?


1. Small face: 21.77 cm

- 21.77 cm is the average size measurement of face for actors and models over 180cm tall and it's rare to achieve this face size for those under 170 cm in height. However, Yuzu, at 172 cm, achieves it. 


2. Long neck: ~ 11 CM

According to the data compiled, Yuzu's neck is about 11 cm. The average neck length of JPN people is roughly 9.4cm, meaning Yuzu's neck is about 1.6 cm longer than average.


3. Long leg: inseam ~ 83cm, inseam ratio's 48%

- According to the data compiled, Yuzu's inseam is roughly 83cm, whereas an average man’s inseam with 170 cm height is around 77.7 cm, meaning Yuzu's is about 5.3 cm longer.

- Inseam ratio can be calculated as follows: Inseam/height x 100. When calculated, Yuzu’s ratio is around 48%. In comparison, model 菜々緒 (Nanao), who is famous for long leg, has inseam ratio of 49%. This means Yuzu and Nanao have nearly the same leg length.


Here is a very visual comparison between Yuzu and comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi, who share the same height: 



My personal note: I'm an atheist but when people say God must be on to something when he created Yuzuru Hanyu, I wholeheartedly believe them :7562096:

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