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  1. Ugh, he should focus on improving his jump technique and hand gestures first but whatever floats his boat...
  2. The poster does seem to have a typo consider the kun reading for 弦 is つる but I guess it just looks prettier. Who knows. Let's wait for a native Japanese speaker
  3. No expert here but my Japanese teacher said that づ would be pronounced as 'dzu' compared to ず which is 'zu'.
  4. Nope, but you might need to try with several browsers. I can't remember exactly if they changed it but iSakura required Flash which Chrome doesn't support anymore. Maybe they have now updated their platform to make it so that users don't need to run the plug-in anymore.
  5. The competition is going to be broadcasted on TV Asahi. It's also listed on iSakura. The Mini package includes the channel as well, so no need to go for the more expensive rate: https://japannettv.com/wpshop/index.php/isakurapro-mini/
  6. I don't know whether they are questioning the GEOs but they are certainly comparing them side by side which makes me so proud because it highlights the perfection of that combo on Yuzu's side. But also makes me incredibly salty all over again.
  7. Not any news, so not tagging them as such. Let's just all focus on pretty things.
  8. This page helped me a lot https://realkana.com/ There is an app version but you have to pay for it
  9. Thank you! So does that mean that Mexico got a spot in the end after all the fiasco?
  10. This is no longer a sport. It's a dictatorship (obviously a lot more insignificant than actual dictatorships).
  11. I’m too tipsy for this he almost makes it sound like Yuzu is lonely and all I want to do is give him a hug
  12. He’s spoiled us rotten for sure. Admittedly, I haven’t been following the sport as religiously in the past as I do now since ‘discovered’ Yuzu a couple of years ago. I remember however the random times I would watch it as a person with ‘conscious memory’, if that’s even a thing. From 14 to 17 years old, Seeing Sasha Cohen, Stephane Lambiel, etc, I liked watching them because of how artistic they were. I even liked Brian Joubert to some extent but that was me being more physically attracted towards him than because of his skating But only with Yuzu I realised what FS r
  13. I do wonder where the line between subjectivity and objectivity gets crossed though. My case is a funny one. When it comes to figure skating, an artistic sport that granted combines artistry and athleticism, I certainly prefer the more artistic skaters than athletic ones. Now compare it to tennis for example. That sport is purely athletic, there is nothing artistic in it but a lot of fans saw Federer’s style as ballerina-like, effortless, beautiful. While on the other hand (and my personal favourite) they saw Nadal as the brute, the muscle guy with more power than skill
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