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  1. Because he believes himself to be an anime character
  2. Ah, to be that fly on the wall now on D-Day.
  3. I think there is. Satomi would need to contact the costume designer of The Matrix though
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, @alwaysafan. For whatever it's worth, I do send you a massive, tight, virtual hug that I hope can provide some strength for you. Keep fighting! And I wish everyone else a wonderful 2021. It's been shit. Absolute shit (sorry for the language), and we all need to desperately see the light at the end of the tunnel (some more than others). Take care of yourself and your loved ones, keep on fighting, keep on seeing the beauty in this world despite the hardships and love yourselves
  5. Can we have this now for every one of his programs? ETA: Wooo, check the channel out. It has a couple more videos
  6. I think that knee jerk is her body's natural reaction to adjusting the foot position after landing that under-rotated jump to get back the smooth gliding upon exit. When you fully rotate, your foot position is mostly already in sync with your body angle which is not the case with under-rotations. This is just me coming to this conclusion in my head when I imagine the feeling of missing a 1/4 of a rotation and connecting how I felt when I did one-foot spins back in my gymnastic days.
  7. If he choses a version with better Spanish (Argentinian) pronunciation and a better female tango voice, I could consider it but... The pitch is 1 or 2 octaves too high and there is just no clear voice play which is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary to make it a tango Sorry, my Argentinian side needed to make its critical appearance here. I dunno, I just can't see Yuzu skating to a tango - any tango - and I can't really put my finger on why exactly that is. I liked Yuna Kim's interpretation but even then I missed the intricacies of the foot work and except for the mu
  8. I'm watching it Just got back in time from a quick run to the shop to buy chocolate
  9. This is gold Why did you have to speak out loud my own thoughts that are hunting me since the competition started Good. That's what he deserves and more For my own peace of mind, I will only accept this interpretation. Anything else insinuating that Yuzu was injured makes me anxious and turns me into a cry baby - again.
  10. I'm sobbing. That's it, 2nd half of the program I was tearing up I couldn't see anything without shaking my head. I'm a mess. Yuzu, you're an evil, heavenly wizard
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