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  1. Off topic: how do you get the site to auto-translate the posts? I want magic to happen too on my screen.
  2. At least they should change the facial expression because that happy grin doesn’t suit Origin at all
  3. Hi @pixiehanyu, and welcome. For me, what has worked best was going to the "unread content" option underneath the banner: There you will see what thread has had new posts. By clicking on the title of the thread, you will be directed to the newest post that you haven't read. If you want to focus on summary updates, then look for post in here: The newest post will always be on the last page. The one thread that is usually used to post new content is here but we have a lot of ongoing discussions there too in betwe
  4. Looks like my room when I was 11, full of Backstreet Boys stuff 🙈
  5. It's because it is now widely available for general download that it blew up. He did present it a couple of months ago, but it hadn't been published yet
  6. ^^ Agreed. While Martina's work is highly appreciated in some aspects, I don't think it will be taken kindly if it's combined with a thesis that makes suggestions on how to improve scoring in figure skating through AI. As much as most of us would like to expose their ways, we can't present it as: 'you are corrupt, why don't you do this instead?' They have to be sweet-talked into it. Present it as an option to ease their burden as judges, make it sound like it is for their benefit (mostly). We live in an age of technology where other sports are already advancing into thi
  7. Everytime I read this account's posts I feel like I'm deciphering a riddle with the amount of emojis they us
  8. Hi senemgencer, If I knew there was a way in which this situation could be fixed, I would be one of the first ones to "get up and scream murder". But I don't think there is. The ISU, the IOC... they are both in it together. The IOC won't do anything in this case. Just like they haven't done anything after Sochi 2014 with all the fiasco that went down when it was a whole federation complaining officially against the corrupt judging. I placed this question on Twitter once, and had the audacity to '@' Martina (and Max Ambesi) whom you mentioned in your post be
  9. Omg, reminds me of the bruise I had for weeks on my ribs (and butt) after ungraciously tumbling down the stairs a few years ago I'm glad that fall just caused a bruise, it could have been a lot worse and my heart wouldn't have been able to take it, especially since we would have had it on camera.
  10. I came across this band on Youtube after going from one video to the next one through my recommendations, and I'M. SOLD.
  11. I’m pretty sure Japan has sensor taps 😉 at least that was the case everywhere I went to. And me mentioning the dryer was not implying they should have used it instead as I know they are all out of service right now for obvious reasons, this was just a generalisation of the issue. Just because something is not available doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your duty to take care of yourself and others. There are other ways. And even if there were no sensored taps, we have still elbows which is what I am using to open doors on the street as so many others. Yes, the organisers should have paid more atte
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