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  1. Probably everyone else came up with this thought and has mentioned it before, but while I sat here on my sofa being my usual lazy bum a thought suddenly popped up: If there is ever going to be a next Pooh-rain anywhere on the world, it will be complete and utter chaos. Yuzu will most definitely be buried, literally, in all the gifts and Ice-chan will be nowhere to be seen.
  2. I was lucky enough to be behind the judges desks (more or less) and it gave me a better understanding of what they could see. Of course watching everything in real time makes it difficult to distinguish what is what and I think even a trained eye is prone to miss things. That being said, I always thought that there were certain limitations to reviewing jumps and technique overall but I was wrong all this time. Judges are allowed to replay everything as many times as they want (just not in slow motion) so there is really no excuse for them in that regard I think - if you can watch something on replay so many times you gotta be able to detect the details that are wrong. I agree with what is being said about Yuma. His jumps are amazing and his SS could be put to better use but that just isn’t happening. There is no performance for me and that was even more evident during his skates in real life - I just couldn’t get into it, sigh.
  3. I had a power nap through the first 3-4 skates Got back to my Airbnb and the pillow was suddenly ver comfy
  4. Kaori made me sob ugly again during this competition! I knew she was fast watching her on TV but in real life? Effin’ hell! She is like Speedy Gonzalez on crack, I love it. Loena stole the show tonight. She received a standing ovation from the entire crowd and I joined - made me have a coughing fit. The scores in general looked really low. In some instances they were so unreasonable that the crowd booed. Gotta love the French.
  5. I got so distracted by the repetitive music (and eating my Snickers bar) that I couldn’t focus on her skating to be honest. All I could hear was “I’m a little unsteady” over and over again.
  6. It’s like you’re beating a dead horse lol. For me the improvement is not about how he skates, but more how he presents himself. He is enjoying himself a lot more out there than 3-4 years ago and he is letting it show. That’s it.
  7. Finally managed to catch up on the thread. I am officially baptised and attended my first FS competition. I loved Roman and Camden. I changed my mind about Deniss’ SP music. On TV it always sounded flat to me but live in the arena it actually has an umpf that made me like it, probably due to the deep beat of the drums during the step sequence. Ivan and the standing ovation that he got made me sob ugly. Kazuki was beautiful to watch. Yuma’s jumps are amazing, not gonna lie. I hope that he will improve in the PCS department. He is still very young. Not going to comment on the score. Shoma’s was a nice skate as well. His jump technique is always questionable for me but Stephane has managed to bring something out of him that he didn’t have before. He is letting himself show a lot more, crawled out of his shy shell. I guess all those face slaps did the trick. Ilia is a nice jumper at this point but everything else is just meh. He is at the growing stage where he is all legs and no control, and the music choice doesn’t really suit his teenage personality and experience. No comment on Morisi. 🤐 I’ll be going back tomorrow for the ladies’ free. Can’t wait to see Kaori
  8. With so many tickets on sale, I got dizzy and don't know anymore which ones are available lol Anyone got tickets for the following left? Free Pairs Rhythm and/or free dance?
  9. Lost passport. I’m going to go to the police tomorrow and get a report and I doubt that my embassy here would be willing to issue a new one within two weeks. I can’t even get an appointment any time soon. I needed to change that horrible photo anyway. Young and dumb are not a great combination.
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