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  1. @YuDai You will certainly find something in the SOI 2021 threads, the first one is here. Stars on Ice 2021 Yokohama Search around page 8 for Blinding lights reaction. Unfortunately, some links are no longer active.
  2. I don't think there was a separate thread. Many of us had conflicted feelings about Blinding lights, me included. (Actually, after several months of not watching it, I have to look through my fingers again...) But it grows on you, and Yuzu's interview about his dance moves helped. It's his own choreography. The whole world can watch it, it's okay. Just take your time to watch his footwork, to see the beautiful traces on the ice, his self-confident face, and then watch the whole picture. He likes being watched, and he was absolutely aware of what he did.
  3. Ah yes - like the first shock's silence, then amazement and fascination at a self-choreographed intro at SOI called Blinding Lights... Time to rewatch Yonkaitenpixel's 10' version! Just to prepare ourselves for everything. Blinding lights - Yonkaiten Pixel We're not going to speculate about Yuzu's FaOI program, aren't we... I look forward to the next show experience together with you, satellites!
  4. To add questions: quote the previous list, add by [your name] : then continue the numbering. I will edit the monthly post to add your questions to the list. To answer questions: quote the list and mark your answers, preferably with short comments about your dilemma . Questions of MAY 2022
  5. Oh, thank you everyone and thanks for your responses @turquoiseblue @Sun_Rise @Yuzuwinnie! I am glad you like it, they were just some thoughts. Yuzu inspires, as we all know. Four more weeks of waiting, right?... It's much easier with PH.
  6. See what you have achieved, Yuzuru? There are 8064 people who willingly let themselves be compared to artificial spacecraft. They hurled themselves into your orbit because of your unique attraction. From all over the world they voluntarily form this international cluster. Some are blazingly fast at transmitting news, others communicate from greater distances, some spread enrichment about what is being produced about you around the world, and a few manage the feat of maintaining the overview and keeping the satellites from major collisions. Many more observers benefit. Now they celebrate their circling around this special planet they put you on because it's hard to believe you are an Earthling. I am happy to count myself among these cool people you have brought together in this way! Thank you, fellow satellites, thank you, administrators and moderators, thank you, Yuzuru! Happy anniversary everyone!
  7. @turquoiseblue Thank you for these informations. I just couldn't press the like button on your post.
  8. Not so much directly, I would say - someone correct me if I'm wrong. We learned that 4A has (had) an impact or several impacts on 3A, but it wasn't that which messed with his 3A in FS at GPF 2019. But indirectly: yes. He was already tired at the GPF because of his tight schedule GPs and GPF. The 4A practice was tiring and took its toll on his body. He was aware of that; he said afterwards in an interview, if one of his coaches was there, he would have stopped him from doing 4A training. And: It was the only FS Yuzuru landed 5 quads (am I right?), Origin is already a very demanding program (just look at the starting pose to begin with...). And finally, he was going to do 3A-3A at the end of the program. So, he was absolutely exhausted.
  9. The story of how the Yoko Cherry Tree was created. It's quite long (11 tweets), so I put it under spoiler, but it's worth reading.
  10. @EisElle Thank you for the infos and explanations!
  11. I've been wondering that for quite a while: Isn't there any copyright or similar rule for costumes? I mean from real designers like Satomi Ito of course, not speaking about casual shirts. Can just anyone copy the designed original costume and wear it at a competition? Because, you know, that has a negative connotation for me.
  12. @Saawa Thank you! That's cool! Imagine most of the athletes need some precise instructions from their choreographer when it comes to small postures of the hands... At least that's what I suppose. Yet Yuzuru shows such a large repertoire and makes his spins unique, body control down to the fingertips. It looks great and it fits the music. And he improvises. Because why not. We don't notice it. Did someone mention he is the GOAT?
  13. Yes, the first thing I noticed then beside his aura really was the sparkling Origin 2.0, incredible and so attractive! Then I remember how cool he just skated his rounds along the rink when he knows each eye and each camera was on him and he wasn't impressed at all. Just the king moving gracefully and elegantly and... so on and so on. And the feeling that in this huge venue he was so close to everyone before we went apart again for thousands of kilometers. Ah! Precious memories.
  14. @Ulrinis I can't find what you are looking for, sorry. You probably know these youtube videos: Yuzu's performance with the english commentators (and the coffee), it was eurosport: Yuzu's FS GPF 2015 or the whole Group 1 without commentary: whole group FS GPF 2015
  15. I can't believe we didn't create questions this February and March... Maybe the Olympics couldn't give us enough funny moments to choose. To add questions: quote the previous list, add by [your name] : then continue the numbering. I will edit the monthly post to add your questions to the list. To answer questions: quote the list and mark your answers, preferably with short comments about your dilemma . Questions of APRIL 2022
  16. That's a great question! And also the suggestions given so far are cool. I had to think about it. So, here are my ideas where to find inspiration. The first thing that comes to mind is travel. When we travel, we are constantly experiencing, learning and discovering. But in Yuzuru's case, this is not the best advice. Second suggestion: look at working craftsmen. Watching real craftsmen is a great source of inspiration. They have trained senses and perform skilled movements. The materials they work with require different tools. Products are created. Another idea are public holidays and festivals. Occasion, execution, rituals, purpose – they are found in all cultures. Since many are associated with religion or faith, it may be difficult to isolate elements from them or filter out something globally understandable. But celebrations are always inspiring. In addition to engaging with culture, however, I'm inclined to see Yuzuru in a next program (new FS?) interacting with nature, which has already been suggested here as an inspiration. Bluntly once assuming that a new Free program will emerge, I am considering what might carry on the "tradition" of Seimei and Ten to Chi to. There, the engagement with nature is a possibility. Japanese music and a story Yuzuru tells about it obviously fit him perfectly. A single person who does something outstanding, who takes on a special role, who represents a great theme. We had magic and battle. What other equal themes, major themes, are there for which Yuzuru would not have to portray a second human character at the same time, like a partner or an opponent? Certainly in Japanese history, legends or fairy tales, there are individual characters who act in a special way in nature. Offhand, the following examples come to mind from my own cultural background: The Old Man and the Sea, Schimmelreiter, L'homme qui plantait des arbres (coincidentally all men, sorry). Loner roles that interact with nature, with it and against it, and are unique because of their behavior. There the whole range of emotions can take place, the constant change with the elements can be depicted, the human strengths and weaknesses can be shown. And with nature, there is no need to divide people into good and evil. These are just my personal thoughts, of course. Some new great figure Yuzuru will surely find, with whom he feels a resonance. That he is the master at embodying them on the ice, he has proven enough.
  17. Don't know if the clips are new, but it's definitely an old story.
  18. It looks great! If socks could feel, they would be happy to warm a healthy ankle. I sometimes darn in a few ends and then continue to knit and so on, it's less annoying.
  19. To add questions: quote the previous list, add by [your name] : then continue the numbering. I will edit the monthly post to add your questions to the list. To answer questions: quote the list and mark your answers, preferably with short comments about your dilemma . Questions of MARCH 2022
  20. @cereus Allow me to crosspost this - it's a must-see by everyone! Ah, he is happy here, and so are we watching him.
  21. Come on, it doesn't need to be perfect! It's unique and certainly done with thoughts of Yuzu. Fighting! I've only knitted socks that look like a twisted tube, without heel - very easy and convenient.
  22. @Figure_Frenzy Did you make any progress with the socks?
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