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  1. Yuzu's hugs, (virtual) hugs for everyone!!!
  2. Here it is~ An hour of live virtual skating Exhibition
  3. Sport illustrator Riota is holding an exhibition "Collection of famous sports scenes 2020". There's an illustration of Chopin!!
  4. Some fans are just super talented and dedicated!! Yuzu's cute outfit from P&G shoot
  5. Another costume design for Yuzu to music of Moulin Rouge. You can see the clear influence from POTO 1.0, which I love. @sweetwater, thank you for the background info and translation again. I can always count on you
  6. I wanna know what this says!! Thank you in advance to any kind soul who would translate this
  7. Happy birthday in advance since I don't know your actual birthday I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly in a kettle except for not having whitle but I found this which I think looks beautiful. Although have you thought about an electric kettle? It heats super fast and is very convenient!
  8. I'm still trying to decide if I've been Rickrolled!! In all seriousness it'd be interesting to see the choreography for this and how Yuzu would bring the program to life.
  9. Another popup sphere, this one featuring the Y spiral in Crystal Memories
  10. I've seen this thread a few times but never really visited. Since we recently welcome 2 new cats into our home, a mother and her son, Mimi and Fifi, I wanna show them off a little here They are getting used to the house and have become friendlier, especially Mimi, who's a bit shy. Fifi is hyperactive all the time and likes to bite
  11. Thank you for the background info! It's nice that they are at least able to show off their hardwork and even spread it internationally, for which I am grateful! And it's always nice to have multiple translations since there may be different interpretations sometimes. Thank you again!
  12. Thank you so much for this translation. I understood it well I find it very fitting and sweet that they used Yuzu's SEIMEI to boost the locals' spirit and drive the demons (Corona) away!
  13. Wow I didn't even know this thread existed. Thanks for reviving it! This is a fascinating find. I do think its is quite possible with all the clues. Either way it's abandoned now, he has leveled up his ninja skills after all
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