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  1. In case you haven't found it. It looks like the Amazon version has an extra cover so it's a limited edition.
  2. Yeah I've heard that a few times so I was searching for more translations but at the time they were not up yet and I got impatient Now that I've seen other people's discussions on the word choice and its implications I think it makes more sense too. Now I can celebrate Yuzu's PC Olympic gold medal in peace haha.
  3. Thank you all for your inputs, I feel more at ease now. I was getting a bit worried but the tone sounded nonchalant so I just wanted to make sure. I'm so sensitive when these words are uttered around/about Yuzu
  4. Do we know what damage he is talking about?
  5. I've seen pictures of Plushenko in this costume but never watched this program, until now... wow, it had me in stitches with laughter. Such a fun and unique program!! Sasha was just adorable, can't wait to see how he grows! I was secretly imagining if Yuzu were to do a similar program (not that he would, our boy is too proper for that), I think we would all die, instant death, BAM!!! But I still wanna dream~~
  6. Ah yes, best version so far! Loving the green more and more. I mean I already loved it to begin with
  7. Does anyone know how we can stream this?
  8. Lol I don't know if my brain can handle this much greatness at once Thank you for the link~
  9. I'm so happy for him and glad that he is back. Watching him skate at 4CC was such a joy. I've always loved his 3A for its ease, breath and height. It's good that he has decided not to let the unfair treatment get to him and just focus on skating his way. I believe that unfavored skaters can only thrive with this attitude, lest their spirits and ideals be crushed by the rampant corruption. In the same vein, I'm grateful that Yuzu has found himself again. ISU really doesn't deserve all these skaters and their undying passion for the sport.
  10. Omg yes, I had chill when he did this. Greatest A-spin moment of all time!! I still think of this moment whenever I remember 4CC Chopin
  11. Am I reading this right? Young did 4Lz and 4Lo? I don't understand Korean so please correct me if I'm wrong. But if not then this is amazing!!
  12. Haha I remember that bag incident. I remember reading a post from that lady somewhere. It was indeed an accident, she was so excited she threw her bag instead of the pooh Lmao. Good thing she recovered everything
  13. Not sure where to post this but it looks like OP uploaded all 4CC videos with no commentary (from Russian streams I think)
  14. The caption translation~ Yuzu so precious UwU
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