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  1. Another short compilation of their Music bank performances, just uploaded today.
  2. Some more funny debates from K-side. They're so imaginative I'm 🤣 Tae is also not having it. He's like, yeah, I'm coming along lol I like it when my boyfriend shows a bit possessiveness as I sometimes can get weirdly possessive too, so it really depends on the situation and context. But over all I'm quite free-spirited and adventurous so I don't like being tie-down/control. Anyhow it all boils down to communication and boundaries. I'm okay with some weird quirks if it's reasonable enough and communicated clearly.
  3. Gosh these Proof of Inspiration clips really bring up many emotions. Especially if you connect them to things they've shared in the past. Edit cuz I posted the wrong link lol There were quite a few for Tae's and Jin's clips too but I'm a bit lazy to dig them up again now.
  4. To tide us over until our copies of Sowoozoo arrive. Tae was really into that whole narration role lol JK looks so cute in his beanie.
  5. Lol when did that happen?! That's hilarious! His music is good, I like it. My fave is the song Losing You, kinda reminds me of another song, Angel w a Shotgun for some reason, probably the army part haha They look amazing!!! So cute! I dont wear nails so I probably would display them hehe I agree regarding Tata's bg color. Maybe the grey mic color will make it pop more. The drawings look so good though, and you made so many!! Hats off to you! Hopefully we can meet soon at a future concert~~
  6. Exactly!! If I really like something I'd like to have an extra copy for archival. That's why even though I have physical copies I still find files to download. Backup and archival purposes. They rose to 4th place?!! Wow congrats!!! Last I saw a couple days ago they were at 8th!! Impressive!! I absolutely love Opening Sequence! It's got this mysterious eerie vibe that I really dig! And the beat drop is, ugh, I love! I'm really happy they got such good sale results cuz I like their music. I don't know if you guys know Woosung but I love his vocals and the way he sings. He's also lead vocalist for The Rose. Love their music. Pretty diverse in genre too. Check out his new EP, so good!!! I'm also curating some songs, mostly K-pop, that I think will go nicely with afternoon tea, some mellow, some poppy.
  7. They are so obvious about it it's painfully hilarious lol I'm glad the guys decided to ditch attending and just focus on the comeback instead. Hobi just posted a pic of the wins on IG without tagging BB too 😋 Also I saw a tweet of a person getting a floor bbma ticket from someone passing them out for free cuz there were still so many available even at the time close to the event opening. I feel so vindicated 🤭
  8. Those you mentioned are solo artists. That's why they specify "group", not just artist in general. My Universe was nominated for top rock song and didn't win though. So I think it's not gonna be nominated anymore for next year. They took out the Top Social Artist award starting from this year though so that is no more. Guess since their faves can't win they're just gonna cancel that award all together lol Oh you definitely have to visit Hybe museum, one way or another. I hope you can work out a reasonable plan 🤞
  9. I have Venmo and US PayPal so it's no problem. The digi code is arriving to me before the end of June I think. And the main attraction of the content is the making of and there's plenty of it 😋 I thought some books in the series was sold out. I need to look again. And to think that JK turned down offers from bigger company to join BH because of RapMon. And Jin running away from a major company audition once in the past cuz he thought it was a scam, yet taking his chance with BH later. I'm forever grateful for fate for bringing them together like this. This is why I always cry whenever I watch Heartbeat MV, the way things could have turned out so different in another universe.
  10. This is so chaotic I love it!!! The MBTI Lab ep2
  11. Hahaha navigating the internet is not the easiest thing so it's got quite a learning curve. No matter though, that's what friends are for~~ It's about a 10 dollar difference, for something that you'd be standing on and walking around with for hours on end, and also a statement piece of your outfit, so I think it warrants the extra expense if you can spare it. Sometimes it's nice to spend a little more for something you like so you can feel more satisfied looking at it later. That's how it is for me anyhow
  12. Gosh ARMYs are just so talented!! Look through this thread to see this amazing project. I love her account since she does really cool perler builds! This thread compiles all the official sources to buy the albums in the US that would count towards BB US. If you pre-order you'd more likely get the discount, I assume. Plus it boost the pre-order sales -> looks good on record for our boys~ I'd recommend choosing the platforms since the heeled ones will hurt if you are so stand for hours, because remember you still need to wait in line (for merch if you want them and that takes hours) and to get inside, not to mention walking to and from, and around. For the platform I like style black 3, 5, and 7, not that anyone asked lol I do this sometimes, putting things away so securely that I forgot where I hid them, essentially losing them until I do another deep cleaning lmao
  13. Time flies so fast. Comeback date is just a few days after I fell into this BTS rabbit hole last year. And another Memories set is coming out. It's gonna be cool to see the behinds for activities and events that I have witnessed live (as live as could be lol)! Gotta start saving up more now 💸💸💸
  14. Tae, why's he like this?!!! How can he throw away perfectly good romantic song we'd pay for just like this?!!! And the daddy part... the way he just ignore that lmao He's given up on this song. It's here And then it's gone
  15. None of these versions are on Soundcloud though. The Tony Montana with Jimin was only performed live. And Still With You only has one original version. So yes everything will sound similar yet different and I'm so hyped. We're also getting 3 new songs in this CD 3, with 2 CD only tracks. I guess the Snoop collab is a standalone project then.
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