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  1. My IG notif is acting up again. I didn't get any...
  2. This was making the round yesterday. Oh Jin, if you you knew what Super Tuna would have become Even fish candy joins in the fun! The dramatic headline, they know Jin well haha You gotta start them young
  3. I love their interactions with each other 💜
  4. I don't like IG but gosh their joining Insta has made the TL so happy and vibrant, it's like Christmas came early!!! Still waiting for Christmas Tree. This snippet can only sustain me for so long!! McD is really getting their money's worth out of this collab!
  5. Joonie has museums all over the world whipped for him!!! I love this!! Squid game Tae is going viral everywhere!! Netflix should really send him a high quality costume lol
  6. Hobi's shirt!! And the admin of this PP acct is an Army haha
  7. This is hilarious!! Yeontan, Asian doggo act
  8. Omg Jin forgot to actually press the like button after leaving comment saying he would on Hobi's 4th post. He's so adorable
  9. Yoongi has finally blessed us with his beauty (pretty even when he's blurry).
  10. Lol who's gonna make a bingo card?? This is hilarious(ly dangerous!!)
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