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  1. Wow I just discover this person's animations of Yuzu's iconic program's moments. Amazing! Their art is amazin too!
  2. Our @Henni147 confirmed below that Yuzu is getting a series of pages cuz he's too large to be contained within a small space. Just Yuzu-the-GOAT-being-on-brand things Also to pre-emptively solve any possible confusions regarding Yuzu's end-of-season World Standings (includes that current/just ended season and the previous 2) and Season's World Ranking (only counts point from that season events), here are my tweets to clarify some info. Edit to include final records of both 2019/2020 end-of-season Standings and Ranking info from Henni
  3. Lol I totally remember this, the Vertigo hip rolls that were more cute than sexy It also reminds me of this video when he was cute and mischievous, trying to be sexy but ending up being awkwardly adorable
  4. Oto-chan is being appreciated cuz he always takes care of everyone. Edit: Hey there~~ Wow, the softness, peak!! Edit again:
  5. This is always hard when it comes to Yuzu. I kinda gave up on looking at his face and just checked out his biceps instead 🤣 Still got fewer than 2/3 right... This 2020-2021 season MAD on back number's Horizon track is so touching. I hope it'd have English subtitles soon. Edit: In honor of Mother's Day, and Yuzu's super mama Yumi, here's Yuzu's "Thank you, mom" campaign, and his interview regarding handmade costumes by his mom.
  6. The little girl's face is too precious. I'd definitely look like that too if Yuzu was within my reach Alex is so lucky~~~
  7. Oh no, the children are out!! CatZuru on a Roomba, so on brand
  8. I'm guessing even S*tan is within our rank too, trying to seduce sister Mary to the dark side On that note, this MAD is pretty neat, just wishing the video quality was better~
  9. This is also my fave White Wall moment too. I still remember us trying to guess which choreography he would do and Yuzu went above and beyond with a whole discography The Lord always gives us more than we deserve. Bless us
  10. Answer below~ I got it right~~~ Yuzu's reach is far and wide, up to the heaven
  11. Another fun activity to do, let's guess which is Yuzu's nose~~
  12. I have a still picture saved in my phone for those times lol but I went to find the actual source. It was from Axel with Wings!
  13. Some quick notes/summary on today's show. Maybe someone can do a quick translation summary? Thanks in advance!!! This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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