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  1. I forgot, you can listen to the guys, mostly Joon, talk on the radio before the performance here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000ynh2 UK National Gallery's shoutout to Namjoon
  2. I still have so much to catch up on, how do I ever find the time?!! You can do a virtual tour of the online team Korea House here. So cool!
  3. My all time favorite is Weverse translating Jin calling J-hope into sin. We have plenty of screencaps of all sorts of sins that Jin has confessed to thus far lmao.
  4. The performances are on YT. The Dyna outfit are *chefs kiss* I also like the PTD outfits a lot. They all look more and more beautiful everyday. This is a special tribute with a special surprise. I love their harmonies, absolutely beautiful.
  5. This photo sequence is an excellent prompt for some (respectful) creative fanfic right here. Oh the evolution You can never truly escape Taechwita lmao
  6. Uncle Jinnie!!!! Omg, such good news!! This week started off so so well!! The suit was custom-made, as expected, same place that made his Wooshik show's one. I adore the colors, the accents, materials, the big bow, and mostly the man that took the suit to another level. As you can see I'm totally in love with this suit. And I think it was a deliberate choice that he chose purple https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0oHM6FEnT/?utm_medium=copy_link Ps: I love his sense of style! Very in line with my own aesthetics. I'd totally buy/wear many of the outfits that he had, g
  7. Hobi's interview is here. https://magazine.weverse.io/article/view?ref=main&lang=en&num=210 Awww Jinnie
  8. Yoongi is finally here!! Tae came serving cold drink for your hot summer
  9. OMG!!!! Tbh I was prepared to not get No. 1 but now that it's here I am beyond elated!!! I can finally go to sleep in peace now... On second thought.... I need to stay up for a bit longer for the guys to show up lol Yoongi!!!! Where are you?? PS: Butter and PTD switched places, 1 or 7, nothing else matters
  10. BBC Radio 1 link to I'll Be Missing You premier
  11. Wait, I'll need to look at the picture again. I was preoccupied with his bulked up arms in that sleeveless jacket Steve drops a megamix in commemoration of mic Drop passing the 1B milestone. Edit:
  12. And probably choked on it a whole lot too. BB100 results will be out in any time now... They really promote this YT Short challenge hard.
  13. Mic Drop is a legend that everyone should celebrate. The swag and confidence they had in 2017?! SLAYED! I can imagine Yoongi's little smirk at all the haters. Even I feel satisfied despite not having been here for that long
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