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  1. I leave it to the heavens whether he lands it. BUT - imagine the audience (screaming allowed at NHK?) when he lands 4A, and then he continues to skate Ten to Chi to as if nothing happened , because Nessie will just be part of the whole program... I mean, he is cool, isn't he? How super demanding that focus must be!
  2. In some skaters' recent performances I feel a little bit interrupted by how they watch out for the boards, therefore I noticed another reason why Yuzu makes me forget the world: The rink doesn't obviously limit his skate (except in ice shows of course) anymore. While others look at the boards to estimate the distances or even have to break the flow, it seems that he just doesn't pay attention. He knows the measures of the competition rink or his training rink in Sendai by heart, or in other words, his ice covering and choreo are absolutely under control in this aspect too. I rewatched Ten
  3. The lift entries(?) of Sui/Han are so creative and smooth, she just suddenly is two meters up there. Looking forward to their grand prix competitions!
  4. Thank you very much for your hard work @Henni147! It's good to know that Yuzu's articles on wikipedia/wikiquote are this well researched and discussend by people who understand their work and are always doing their best for Yuzuru and for us.
  5. I understand that. However, I thought about it after WC and if I remember correctly, your mother predicted that something really great will happen to Yuzu. That doesn't mean it has to be the competition. There are many other possibilities, so she could still be right - why not? Concerning the "curse", I gave up to cross my fingers during Yuzu's competition skates because it happened that he didn't skate clean then. But these behaviors of ours aren't the cause, since the wishes of different athletes' fans contradict for the same situation. Yuzu assured he gains energy from our energ
  6. Okay, time to rewatch. I'm sure the day will come when we can see and hear LMEY with screaming audience. It will be so much fun! How he could work on that program all by himself in an empty ice rink is a mystery to me.
  7. Did you notice the mask of the last coach in Kiss&Cry? Kind of mini compensation: all sparkly. I can't believe it caught my eye more than the scores of the dancing team.
  8. I like that program of Piper and Paul, amazing details! Not a fan of the orange outfit though.
  9. All those empty stands where the most awaited catwalk moment of the year should have taken place.
  10. Oh, you got some news before he was born? How did you manage that? You know... Maybe your third eye just perceived the absence of the earthquake-like (I know you know that feeling, forgive me for reminding you) vibrations a certain jump crash provokes on the other side of the globe. Maybe there was the beautiful sound of a landing blade after four and a half rotations. Maybe our telepathy of energy and our prayers bear fruit and there is a smooth landing, a big smile and a happy heart. Let's hang in there 'til the end of the drought! He is working so hard, we know the waterin
  11. Thank you! Don't need the translation. I love to vote for Yuzuru when I don't understand ANY word but recognize his name somewhere and click.
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