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  1. No, that doesn't matter... For example Rika was a torchbearer in May, and Shoma was also scheduled as one but had to quarantine after returning from Worlds in Sweden.
  2. - a bit off topic, but since we're not writing much these weeks - The Olympic Torch seems to have passed Sendai without Yuzuru being involved.
  3. It's in the planet's video section, from Yonkaiten Pixel. Blinding lights 18min edit
  4. I had a really bad day after my second dose yesterday. But I take that gladly and the first thing I'm doing now is visiting the planet.
  5. In a few days time there may either be a 40 second crumb in the streets of Sendai or a reason to renew the speculations.
  6. I had the chance to see it at GPF 2019 and couldn't ask for more. Although it is a very touching program (well, which one is not?) I remember it felt comforting after the FS.
  7. @hananistellata I assume you already watched the video of Yonkaiten Pixel...? Maybe I prefer the dark Gala Practice from GPF 2016 where the public waits until the very end to applaud.
  8. Fanyus are the best! @Henni147 Thank you for your work!
  9. It took me an hour to understand your comment . I thought about an abbreviation...
  10. I am surprised at the many "belt" preferences. For me it's always the asymmetry of Yuzurus costumes I find so elegant, the rhinestones on his trousers.
  11. It's amazing how Yuzuru reaches people all over the world with a move that lasts a second. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNnhpcQ5jso
  12. I am so grateful to be a Yuzu fan. It's the only rollercoaster I ride.
  13. I would like to upload part of a photo from Sponichi Tokyo Photos as my profile picture. I searched for the original, but I only find it on tumblr from someone else or in a blog with the mention of © Sponichi. Can you tell me if I am allowed to use it, write image credit to the page I take it and mention that the original is from Sponichi? I really want to respect the rights. Edit: I just found the photo in the planet's costume thread. But no credits mention there...?
  14. Oh sorry, I added a question regarding 2017
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