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  1. Please dear fellow satellites, it seems you don't agree these days. It's okay, your arguments are interesting, your opinions are heard, but wouldn't it be better to save the nerves of everyone and calm down now? We need your analyses and sharp mind for the upcoming games! In the end, we're all in the same boat: We root for a Japanese who is coached by Canadiens, judged by different nationalities at a competition in China and so on. We can't change anything about that, neither the politics behind the scenes. Yuzuru never shows disrespect to anyone, so it's time for us to remember how great our multinational planet is. Excuse me for intruding, I'm off again and leave it to you.
  2. Well, that's not really wonderful. I don't wish that on any Olympic athlete, and considering the short period when Eteri girls are on the top of their team before they are replaced by a teammate, they would probably miss their last Olympic chance. Maybe they caught up the vaccination and didn't made it public or there is a russian plan B... I believe it only when it turns out to be official. But of course you are right: Such a twist would mess up the women's field. I think it would be more interesting to watch the women's competition. Welcome to the planet! It's a great time to join. We will complete several pages in the near future.
  3. After a exhausting week because of Covid-adapted work I have read some pages of the Olympic Playbook. Well, I stop complaining for now. I have great reverence for what the athletes take on, not only for their hard work and preparation throughout the years to reach the best condition and results in this competition, but also for undergoing the rules, tests, restrictions for everything. And then there won't even be spectators "as ususal" to appreciate their efforts. In additional, they certainly feel pressure, fear maybe. Where do you take the motivation from for all that? How can you peak under these circumstances when nothing around you can be called "normal"? Yet all these athletes will do their best, take the rare opportunity to participate at the Olympic Games because it is a unique stage. And the whole world is watching them from afar, sitting comfortably in front of the screen. What is the loss of a few nerves on our side compared to the athletes overcoming all these obstacles! Generally speaking, these top athletes are truly exceptional people. And in particular: Our beloved athlete takes it all upon himself for a total of about 7 minutes - and he'll be exceptional. Wow. I love him.
  4. So, no avalanches of withdrawel from 4CC until now? I hope the bubbles will work better than in the last competitions. Good luck to the athletes!
  5. Brian! Long time no see! I wonder if his hair recovered while he didn't watch Yuzu's training every day... Well, until ten days before NHK at the utmost, and then the hair went back to its normal stress shape at JNats... Maybe our hair is okay, but we definitely feel you, Brian! I'm getting nervous already, and it's still 16 days to go.
  6. No news, just very aptly spoken in my opinion. Indeed, let our mutual dream come true. By the way, I am so happy that there is at least one Fanyu in the Beijing audience.
  7. If everything goes smoothly, World Championships will be Yuzuru's first competition since 4CC 2020 that is open to international fans, right? I hope everyone takes their pooh to the arena even without throwing it on the ice.
  8. Hi @Nataliya05! If you write something before you press the submit button we can read what you want to say and answer.
  9. I would rather say that's normal... Our reactions to his utterances like "being a light for someone" are hopelessly sincere. That's our community. That's Planet Hanyu.
  10. Aah, the 3A is scary! Falling down while using physical strength, rotating while falling... Thank God he goes back to the ceiling!
  11. Once there was a time when we knew this equipement from movies, thought it's a bit of an exaggeration and felt sorry for the actors who had to wear this for a few scenes.
  12. @hananistellata 14. It's the Στέφανι Ελιάς, if my translator is correct (I recognize the words ). I do think at JNats it was rightfully made of olive tree leaves, not laurel. Like for the Ancient Olympic Games. What I meant with the question: Yuzu is embarrassed with the wreath - the audience love it though - but he covered up better at NHK 2019 (my opinion).
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