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41 minutes ago, liv said:

Lol. I expected to see photos of his arrival when I woke up... guess he wasnt on the only flight leaving Toronto for Tokyo yesterday... or if he was they got him out secretly. Or he got there earlier this week. Good job, yuzu. his ability to hide upon arrival in Japan is great. Hmmm... some celebrities get whisked out side doors, wonder if he gets that there too... makes sense. 

Maybe he's hiding in our PH spoiler box...? :yznotimpressed:

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3 hours ago, KatjaThera said:

Well, I didn't want to be the one to say it, so I settled for a modest 4Lo, but that was my first thought, too lol The most epic mic drop ever. (And then maybe not even do it in competition, because "I don't need it and it's not quite perfect for showing yet".)

Now that would be trolling at the ultimate level...

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3 minutes ago, SparkleSalad said:

Part of me hopes he has yet to arrive just because I want to hear him casually say “I’m going to win decisively” as he speed walks past reporters at the airport. 


Hahahaha that would be big time trolling if he indeed lands it but who knows lol it's Yuzu after all


I'm just here praying he gets the loop back hahahaha

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Oh, the suspense...!


Much as I want to see him, and as much as my mom is probably going to drill me with questions about him and his arrival as soon as she wakes up, and I won't be able to answer any of them, I'm sure he's thought out his every move very carefully and decided on what's best for him and his chances at success, and I fully respect that. I watered myself sufficiently yesterday by practicing a ton of cross rolls and Ina Bauers and hydroblading anyway. (insert cactus emoji here)

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Just got home from lunch with my family and kind of thought that there would be some news about Yuzus arrival in Japan but nothing jet ! Could it be that he was on the same plane as Jason because we haven´t seen him as well or that he has already arrived and trolled his way into Japan without anybody noticing him ! Can´t wait to see him next week ! Good luck Yuzu !

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1 minute ago, Murieleirum said:

Tomorrow morning I guess I will have to wake up at 8 and have breakfast at 7 eleven stealing their wifi because hell I will not breathe until I know Yuzu is in Japan hshdhabnfkfkshdhfjfj

I only hope that he will arrive soon, if he really is not there yet because his first practice is in a few hours ! God please help me to survive the following week

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