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  1. Has this been shared? my heart skips several beats!! With ease and sensuality!!
  2. channeling his gaming spirit into skating!!( two of the songs he skates are from some kind of game)
  3. another DW’s phone recording!!
  4. Didn’t think about this but as for to be a considerate person Yuzu is, I agree with your deduction about DW’s birthday! ”your skin makes me cry..”
  5. slo-mo will be the death of me
  6. @Anki thank you so much for sharing the very much needed info! Have a fabulous time! blessed!
  7. the power of Yuzu!! thank you for the sketch!
  8. If look could kill! Wait, it did!
  9. The way he threw his arm around Anna!
  10. newspaper! How to get these!! that’s all you can do???
  11. everything’s good until now and then, if you’ll excuse the expression, all hell breaks loose when Yuzu puts on that tight POTO costume!
  12. my boy all grown up! super slo mo!!
  13. Yuzu if you’re lurking, I prefer red eyeliner please!
  14. I’m crying ! Is this real? Put on your war paint Yuzu!!
  15. At work and suddenly I have this verse in my mind , “ killing me (softly) violently with his glove!! who would not be affected and moved by his performances when Yuzu is out there giving like 1000% of himself ?
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