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  1. Ahhh, so stress and losing faith and hope day by day. It's killing me slowly. I trust in Yuzu but I don't trust in everything else. It's so dark everywhere. If someone ask what did i learn from figure skating? I will answer, the depressing fact that the world is unfair.
  2. Guys, I want to know the history about Ghislain’s ring that he got it for Yuzu. https://twitter.com/hopeIegacy/status/1172989404912263178?s=20
  3. Did my post disappear? Just to make things clear if someone is misunderstanding. I want to mean that some might don’t feel okay about speculating in anyone privacy issue even they are celeb or there is no harm intention. It’s like making fun of Yuzu culture that has an issue in twitter sometime ago. Some might found it fun some think it’s disrespectful. I’m not an english speaker , i might not make things clear sometime. I’m sorry. Please don’t get me wrong.
  4. This lovely girl skate a Yuzu tribute program!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/1610393525875114?view=permalink&id=2399695993611526&sfnsn=mo
  5. Thank you very much for you advice. I will work hard to meet my goal someday.
  6. Hugggggg. His life always give me hope when I think it’s to hard for me to handle. Ciontu shows how much he care for the fans. I still can’t believe I can love a guy I never met this much. He’s so special!! Thank you very much. I might be faint when I saw him live for the first time hahahaha. I make a plan for myself, maybe 5 years after graduation but who knows. I think I have to do my best to day for now. I’m sure Uncle Yuzu will be very beautiful to watch. Thank you very much! “maybe the visualising Yuzu does would help, when you get discouraged, remember how he learned and rose up from the bad times, maybe picture yourself with that all-important testamur (and it on your wall!”)” This is why he’s so special to me!! I used to be fangirling over anime boy and didn’t interest in real guys celeb at all! but since I meet Yuzu, he change my whole life. He’s someone I can proudly said I look up to. Thank you very much for your advice.^^ His smile is so angelic and always lift up my mood. Thank you very much. The path is sooo hard but this goal is one of the things that keep me motivate. I believe that not only me that Yuzu become a source of energy on their life. I want him to know How much he means to us. Thank you very much. Keep looking forward is sometime hard due to obstacles all around me. But like I said, His life is the thing that motivate me. If he can fight, i can too. Thank you veru much!
  7. That’s why I am happy to be Yuzu’s fan. He care for everyone even a little person like me. I will keep looking forward to the day I finally meet him. Many people say he is more handsome than in the picture or how watching him skate live is very beautiful. Maybe I might see him when he’s already and uncle or not fit like when he was young anymore but I don’t care. Seeing him live at any time would be a dream come true for me.Thank you very much. My study life has gone up and down due to the living cost issue. I once got an F because of not having enough budget to pay for a dorm so I have to gone through a hellish traffic jam to go back home and not get enough rest. My health was really damaged at that time. Finally, I can stabilize everything now and I think I can handle about balancing my health and life (or at least trying haha) Thank you very much for your advice. It’s really helpful. I will try hard!! This is why I love the planet. Every times i got depress you guys help me a lot. I want to say thank you very much many times. Looking back, I know Yuzu before the day I step in the university for the first time. He always there to be my inspiration and my source of energy since the beginning. Now It’s past the half point and I will try hard to graduate not just for me but to show everyone how great Yuzu is as an inspiration. When I become a real adult and looking back, I’m sure I’ll be really pround of myself and Yuzu.
  8. Hi, guys. I'm back from war, kidding haha, I just need some encouragement from you guys. I am third year university student from a developing country. I am a daughter of a single mom. Yuzuru or figure skating seems out of my reach for now. But everyday, I dream that one day i will have a chance to see Yuzuru with my own eyes. I don't care if he's old, i need to see my life's inspiration at least once. I study electrical engineering, a field that considered as high salary job in my country so everyone tell me that my dream will come true one day but it's so hard during the process. I love what i study but it doesn't mean that everything will go smoothly. Everytime I feel discourage, I will think about Yuzu and his determination to overcome any obstacle. (May be this is why I have a mental breakdow before, stress from study plus fs) I just need some encouragement and may be tips from you guys. He's really someone I always look up to when I'm feeling stress from everything. Life as a daugther of single mom is not easy at all with all the living cost and bad economic. I hope that one day I will have a chance to meet him and thank him for being my light through my hard time.
  9. I have to confess. Before I'm a fanyu I used to be an anime girl who obsess over many 2D Boys. Now I think I fell in love with this new yowamushi anime guys
  11. Somehow.....after my mental breakdown by stress from figure skating I realized that we can do NOTHING. Bad people will always bad people nothing gonna stop them. It just can't help it. I know it's sad but just think about it. Some of us may picture other skater fan that bully Yuzu bad but there are good one too and can they do anything? I think we should do what we should and not do what we know it's bad. (This is just an opinion from me.) P.S. You guys can share opinion with me. Maybe I'm wrong and my dark mood can't find any better solution......
  12. Guuuuys. I need some help again sorry. Is this picture taking before the plushie ceremony at pyeongchang That he cry because Javi told him about his retirement? https://twitter.com/kyodo_photo/status/964750767243628544?s=20
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