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  1. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    No no no, this is not acceptable!!! ...so all of my time talking to my friends back in Vietnam was in vain !!! The truth is that in Vietnam the most popular is soccer. Another truth is that Yuzu’s most enthusiastic Vietnamese fan has moved to USA ( me And this fan really misses Yuzu ! )One more truth is that the sample survey population may be not unbiased ! ( Vietnamese fans have several Facebook pages dedicated to Yuzu where I believe there are lots of Vietnamese fans who are in the country)... so many truths ... sorry Edit! Thank you to @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for the correction! Now I feel much better ! This is beautiful!
  2. ruruzest

    The Meme Thread

    I miss Yuzu
  3. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

  4. ruruzest

    Random Thought Theater

    Congratulations Dr. Neenah! Yuzu must be happy to be such a great motivation and inspiration for others ! You did it !
  5. Hi @dotsquare and @Floria Thank you so much for the info about Wednesday practice ! ( I’m so sorry I didn’t think about emailing SC to ask about that ) So probably the best bet is to arrive Wednesday morning to be able to attend any possible OP! Time to look for flight now ! ( money money money !!!) I remember a Japanese fan told me last year at ACI that Yuzu bankrupts her ! And With a big smile !
  6. ruruzest

    Yuzu gif thread...?

    Haha, why not ??? We’re talking about this silly crawling two time Olympic Gold medalist and the Absolute Champion ! on a side note , he kept bounced off the divider because he’s too light? ( he did this more than one , another time on his tummy with the same result )
  7. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu is an angel actually ! Yuzu : I’m either a or a YES ! Yuzu’s WORLD RECORD INTACT !!! ( still some well- deserved but missed because of whatever ! )
  8. ruruzest

    Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    I really miss our crawling ABsolute Champion!
  9. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Im all for Yuzu’s LGC hair style brushed up + man bun !!!
  10. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Edit by me
  11. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If Yuzu has ever left an impression of being “ inconsistent” it is because of his extremely packed and difficult and intricate transitions plus squads programs . Plus the way he goes all out to perform . Despite that Yuzu always podiums with the lowest as silver medalist . So in conclusion the “ inconsistent “ theory has a big hole in it. I’ll say Yuzu consistently podiums well in comp no matter how his condition is. He is THAT CONSISTENT !
  12. Please ask @Vadrouille to see if she still has her Thursday available for sale . Good luck !
  13. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    how sweet is Javi !!! He always readily offered a shoulder for Yuzu no matter what the situation is ! Yuzu lost , he came to Javi and Javi comforted him ,” even though I won , you are always a champion in my heart ! “ Yuzu won , he still draped himself on Javi and cried for good measure ... it’s such a beautiful friendship .