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  1. Yuzu is wearing two devices, one is his usual heart monitor and a smaller one is for asthma ?
  2. “ You can fetter my leg, but not even Zeus can overpower my will” Epictetus https://imgur.com/a/Ry9YpXC
  3. Yuzu confirms “ Its not a jumping competition!” im crying, heart broken into pieces for this...
  4. A real sportsman at this level would have worked on his lackings such as transitions, meaningful choreo, music interpretations, costume.. to be worthy of the score. I missed Nathan’s fun program such as Stole The Show( btw showing that he is capable of into the music) but doing all that would have made it harder to land all his jumps wouldn’t it? In his heart he must have known the ridiculous scoring and where’s the improvement over all except landing the jumps facilitated by the lack of steps in and out. This is Figure Skating, not Jumping Skating. Thank you Yuzu for the everything! You’re the champion in many hearts across national borders!
  5. https://wherespacepooh.tumblr.com/post/164825368894/yuzuru-hanyu-interview-from-media-day-kateigaho/amp?__twitter_impression=true here’s the source
  6. Hi, I clicked on the link but it’s not working😩
  7. I will refer that fan to your question! Sorry I’m not clear about this
  8. I have a friend who wants to sell ticket in this section, row L
  9. https://instagram.com/natalieng0930?igshid=bktgqh5wug9n please contact with this fan for the ticket inquiry!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938256079778873/?ref=share hope this helps! edit: anybody needs a Thursday and Friday tickets? My friend needs to sell those. Thank you!
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