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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I would think that his extension with his arms or legs are aesthetically pleasing to watch , they look natural and graceful , not awkward or forced , balletic or not . His edges are great meaning his blades lean very close to the ice at extreme aCiUTE angles ( deep edges ) which require great skills and balances that is what I understand from a layman point of view hope it helps
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    the other side is GHISLAIN ! The real fluffy bear in life who adores Yuzu
  3. The Meme Thread

    I came i Ci i conquered
  4. Hello @dotsquare I’m so glad you consider going to 4cc . We have a number of satellites in the US and nearby countries who would go too if there’s a chance Yuzu will be there . I went to ACI last year and met many nice satellites and I’m sure we would support and help any fan in need ! Anaheim is a pretty safe place to visit and it would be a fun event to attend . Traveling first time alone could be nerve-wrecking but you can do it ! And you’ll be meeting with lots of nice fanyus satellites ! I was nervous for my first live competition at ACI because I didn’t know what to expect . It turned out one of my best experience ! I can’t wait to go to another ! To see Yuzu live is magical ! now we can pray for Yuzu’s health and for him to catch that elusive 4cc gold medal !
  5. #CiONTU

    Happy one month anniversary of the Amazing Victory ! cant he get any CIUTER !!!!
  6. @FanYuzuClassic oh I’m so happy that you can make it to our reunion! Congrats on your thesis! What a coincidence! Feb 15th of all days! What an achievement! And you get the inspiration from the best ! about the tickets, I’m not sure about individual events because I was nervous when they released the packets so I bought all events ( >$500 for 2 ) IMO I’m not sure individuals would be much cheaper though. Please check the site and I can’t wait for our ACI reunion and meeting new satellites too !
  7. Random Thought Theater

    Oh Robin, my heart skipped a beat to see this. Omg, omg, wishing you a speedy recovery and not in too much pain ! I work at a middle school and see my students on crutches all the time breaking their legs, knees,...and they recover quickly and happily with their signed cast from teachers and friends ... I hope the same speedy recovery for you. Sending you big hugs .
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Hi there, welcome to the Planet! irc, commentators seem not to be able to say Yuzuru’s name correctly so Yazuki maybe what they callled him
  9. Interesting Comments Thread

    “ His jumps are sensational; his falls are spectacular “, Quoting from Tracy ( not verbatim, sorry) I think at the time Tracy hadn’t coached him yet .
  10. Giong Tran Quoc Toàn di du hoi nghi Dien Hồng qua vay ? Vi uat uc voi so tuoi nho qua o di chien dau duoc nen bop Nat trai cam ma o hay !same sentimental , intense emo !!!
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    I can’t believe it’s finally over !!!! I remember going to work wearing my Pooh hat , blue shirt with Yuzuru name and my buttons Planet Hanyu , Seimei, and Chopin ( Thank you @yuzuangel and @kiches, ) , also my GOLD hair tie,...my coworkers and students kept asking me about the schedule and stuff ....and then Chopin HAPPENED . It was pretty much a bit blurry through happy tears .. he is the little prince, so young yet very fierce ,....The next day I believe in my lucky charms so I wore the same attires to work , as I walked to my friend’s class , the Spanish teacher, he pulled out his phone and told the students that there would be an extra credit opportunity! He then proceeded to post his very first Instagram (Thank you L. ! )with my pic and told the students to watch Yuzuru’s LP ( which I provided them with the time frame ) to post the translation of this “ “Yuzuru is the absolute champion “ ( that was the first thing that popped in my mind ) one minute after the score was announced .. Then one clueless student asked what to post if Yuzu lost , THE NERVE ,...I told him that he is and will be always THE ABSOLUTE CHAMPION regardless the result , “don’t believe me just watch “ ( quoting Bruno Uptown Funk ) .... and then SEIMEI HAPPENS, I was in the mindset rainbow and butterflies seeing smiling Yuzu at the airport ( The King Has Returned !!!!) and those beautiful landing jumps at practice but I have to admit I was a bit worried to see Nathan’s PCs score with the Jump-only-where-are-transitions-Nate-?????program, I was praying the whole time , light up some incense sticks , sent my visiting relatives to some other relatives, wearing my same lucky outfit ( two days in a row, the thing I have to do ) sorry , I’m not coherent now . So my daughter and I watch Seimei on TV and we screamed and cried after every elements , even the stumble somehow didn’t subside our joy of seeing Seimei .its such a privilege to witness this performance live like that. To see him being estatic after the final pose did it for us , we were beyond happiness, I’m crying typing this now, However, I was back to be apprehensive to watch Javi and Shoma, being a worried toad, until I saw the final score with Yuzu’s still the FIRST, I started wailing so loudly my husband had to check on me thinking Yuzu was lost ,....and that inhuman wailing lasted for a while . Indescribable feeling, just like Helsinki, I saved the peeled off calendar page to mark this happy day! Then I texted my friend a pic of my pup as promised ,( I told her I updated the news of Yuzu but in secret code, a pic of my pup , ) mission accomplished! Then I checked my friend’s Instagram and there were almost 60 students responded! ( side-eyed on one student spelling his name as YAzuru, really , , ) I cried again seeing the multiple sentences “ Yuzuru es el campeon absoluto “ woof woof “ When I found out from interview that he still was in pain, I’m just , this kid, can’t he ever get a break , , please take proper care of your health Yuzu. Im so thankful for being Yuzu fan im so thankful I belong to this beautiful Planet I’m honored to share this experience with you all I love this crawling ABSOLUTE CHAMPION !!! ( can’t he be any more adorable!!!) To great health for YUzu in the coming years OT, Forever a proud mom
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I love the way Yuzu goes all out with pretty much everything in his life , from skating his heart out to Pooh tissue box , Pooh towels, Pooh cd cases ,..and now Pooh pastas.. he doesn’t do things half way .. that’s why his performance can resonate to our hearts and souls! Every bits of news about Yuzu is just so precious and somehow ( when you think it’s impossible ) makes fans love and respect him more ! my coworkers keep asking me about Yuzu’s schedule for Olympic and told me they would watch and cheer on Yuzu for me ! tmr I will wear my Yuzu shirt to work and get ready for SP
  13. Yuzu gif thread...?

    m either a Swan or a Cat , nothing else !
  14. #WeLoveYouYuzu