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  1. I have an extra gala ticket if anyone wants it
  2. ruruzest

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I miss Yuzu’s prrograms si much I cry
  3. ruruzest

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Protect Yuzu’s records
  4. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He is truly a light in the darkness for those who’s looking for goodness, hope and inspiration! and I hope he knows that! That he’s so loved across nations and ages!
  5. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sharing the same post with @ralucutzagy! Happy Birthday Yuzu! I hope to see your smiles like this soon!
  6. Troi dat oi! Di coi GPF o co Yuzu chan Chet !! mot bau Troi am dam va lanh Thau xuong! Biet vay o nha xong! O co long da nao coi nguoi khac arena Vang hoe
  7. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    And he skated that lay out without rehearsal at all! That’s huge and I doubt if anyone else can do that! sitting in the arena at GPf makes me miss Yuzu very very much!
  8. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    im ! waiting to board and wish it could have been !
  9. ruruzest

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    148. For the Yolo 3A at 4cc 2017! 149. For his quick working genius mind to change lay out at the drop of the hat and execute it well without rehearse on a busted ankle!
  10. @bv vnlao coi vay con tuc chet em oi!!! Nam nay la Nam tuoi cua Yuzu, Cau het le len de qua Nam moi!, haha , bay gio do thua cho nam tuoi!
  11. ruruzest

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This momma was completely sold when her daughter showed her PW more than a year ago! Shoma’s face though!
  12. ruruzest

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    131. For his cute fall at Sochi and whiny voice “ so scary!” 132. For his perfect Koi dance while the others looked hopelessly at his smooth moves, trying to imitate but in vain!
  13. O co hoi buon dau, buon chet duoc, . Do Phai day som va hoi hop thoi ha, Lan dau tien coi Shoma va Nathan day. Troi oi, Minho la se o duoc Thay Hanru Koi, hu hu hu