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55 minutes ago, SparkleSalad said:

It's the 25th here so Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank you all for creating and maintaining such a friendly and supportive place. I appreciate it more than ever. I hope you all have a happy and relaxing holiday.


Using all my Christmas wishes for ankle recovery and happiness for our angel. 



It's always nice to be here with everyone and see SparkleSalad's iconic profile pic. :party2:

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Undecided Christmas rewatch schedule:


CONtinue and some funny FAOI performances for the Eve 


Still FAOI and the random selections from his EX programs for 25th and 26th


Regular rewatch of his compe programs but H&L is the routine loop till he comes back!


I am so bad at making this. Any suggestion please?


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Happy Christmas to all on this Planet.  May we :satellite:follow our star :9: for years to come.


Lovely to meet so many of you in Helsinki and Grenoble this year and hopefully more meet ups in the future.  Chatting to everyone on the various threads has been great. 


Love n Happiness to all.   Lou xxx :img_21:

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