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Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to Yuzu, his family and all on this Planet!   Wish Yuzu get well soon :7938863::7938863::7938863:




Am watching his interviews, practices and performance all over again for this holiday... for peace of minds


Cant draw or create cuties, but found this little gift for u all (as one of us was apparently looking for it the other day) -  “Look at ME” 



Towards the end was the extra funny bits - only 9.01 points off from FULL mark...


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25 minutes ago, franz said:

Hi, don't know if already posted. Olympic channel does 48 hours nonstop figure skating of Olympics

and currently men's short competition  just started.

#GoFigure, you can now enjoy 48 non-stop hours of the best #FigureSkating Olympic moments.

Watch now: http://bit.ly/2SjMmYC


Thank you so much! This is a nice way to start Christmas day😊. Do you know who the commentators are? 

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