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  1. Random Thought Theater

    Tomorrow our national football team will play a football match that if by some crazy luck we get to win, we could actually have a very close chance to qualify for the world cup, which hasn't happened in more than 30 years, and I will be in classes during the match, and the last game that will define our qualification will be next Tuesday and I will missed it because of classes again, , I have really bad luck
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Some cute yuzu talking to Shirota-san about the gloves I'm too late but welcome @SarahTing
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Awww this is hilarious, I think I'm really really wrong but at 0.51 it almost looks like yuzu is saying something like "doushita no"
  4. mmm,,, I was actually expecting a not good fs from yuzu today, it's ok, he gets better and better with every competition, I'm not really worry, just make sure to rest your knee yuzu
  5. I feel so so happy and grateful yuzu decided to bring back Chopin, it feels like I'm watching a new program, really love all the arrangements, you're the best ever yuzu!!!
  6. OMG! I feel I'm going to cry, that was amazing, new WR!!!
  7. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    Brian face is so funny, I wonder what he was thinking
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    time move so fast, I want to see yuzu soon,, the new theme is great, love it!
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm just finished watching yuzu practice video haven't follow the chat much, I just have to say I envy so much the fans who are going to watch this amazing program live, that wonderful spiral was really nobody has yuzu quality, the last spin, the jumps,everything, I'm so curious to see the final version of the choreo in competition
  10. Fanart

    This is good I'd love to see yuzu wearing this This one looks funny😁😁😂
  11. Daily Yuzuru Videos thread

    I finally have some time to watch the new yuzu videos and got very happy to see this one in particular, there's a man purple jacket clapping and cheering so happy when yuzu finished skating, so funny and cute to see a fanboy and I found a fan that zoom on him, you can see how he took his gloves off to keep clapping, that's so heartwarming that's yuzu power