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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    OMG!!!!yuzu looks so beautiful, I'm definitely going to buy AERA,, that photo is perfect.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I feel much relieved to open the forum and find really good news, as for yuzu not doing the 4lutz, I was actually hoping he would take it out of his fs, in the end, whatever yuzu decides, he knows better what he needs to do, all the experience he accumulated in these years will help him reach his goals for sure.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    OT but I just turned tv on and saw nhk channel was talking about figure skating and a very cute picture of yuzu appear jjjjj https://ibb.co/nGvjW6
  4. Random Thought Theater

    I have really bad luck the place I work organize a new year party for all the club members, and the coordinator just put me as part of one party planning committee to work that day, can't believe I will have to spent the first few hours of new year working, I don't like that
  5. Planet Hanyu Secret Santa!

    @yaminoqueen Sorry I'm a little late, happy holidays, I'm not good doing design fan arts but I really tried my best, hope you like it https://imgur.com/a/YGh7m
  6. Planet Hanyu Secret Santa!

    thank you very much!! love it, actually many of the videos you choose are also my favourite although a bit late I wish you had a happy holidays too
  7. Planet Hanyu Secret Santa!

    I'd like to join too! I'm not really good with art but I'll do my best I can't send physical gift either, is unreliable in my country no fanfic for me please
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Yuzu give me the feeling that he's going to age as well as Mansai Nomura
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    Yuzu antenna make my mood better after the news
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Is the morning of December 7th here Happy Birthday Yuzu!!!! Thank you for choosing figure skating I wish only happiness for you, hope all your wishes come true How happy I am to follow your career You're my inspiration
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    mmmm for me I don't know what I'd ask him but more of a petition for him to do lots of ice shows exhibition around the world and not just stay in Japan, I suppose other countries don't have strict fancams regulations like japan, and I doubt I'll be able to ever see him live (I wish I had the money to go watch him ) I'd really want to see many of those fancams. I used to be a huge fan of PoT, and to me yuzu is like a combination of echizen, tezuka and fuji,
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    the page count is lower I thought I would see 2000+ pages today
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    ohhh I'm surprised about this it just show how much yuzu is loved I just didn't know the skaters would be yuzu fans too, what a discovery, I wish they didn't put the translator voice over the girls, I wanted to hear what they said in Spanish, that rink is very near to where I work, is the only rink in my country, too bad it was recently closed.