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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Totally off-topic: Guys, I just turned off 310 ad and data-mining permissions on Tumblr.One by one because of course they won't give you a "select all" button. 310. Holy cow.
  2. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    Cagalli, my favorite character! But uhhh, Yuzu was certainly not being a Cagalli. A Gundam is more plausible.
  3. Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    This is the most I laughed this week, omg. The blue edit makes that design look gorgeous though, Ballade would have looked amazing in that version.
  4. Proposed changes for next season

    Was this discussed? (Via FSUniverse) Now, if they only defined "serious errors". Were Yuzu's bad landings at Olys serious errors or not? (FSUniverse makes it sound like "serious errors" it might be more for the Dance benefit.). Also, the use of the word "should".
  5. Proposed changes for next season

    Actually, I think the percentage system is MUCH easier to explain to a casual fan. Each element has a certain number of points. If you're awesome and get grade 5 on it (in my country, 5 is the highest school mark, lol, it would be really simple here to understand), you get 50% extra, if you're ok and get a 2, you get 20% extra, if you mess up and get -3, they take away 30%.
  6. Proposed changes for next season

    Yeah, there's a 2.1 point increase between a 3Lz and 3A and only 1pt increase between 4Lz and 4A. The only reason for that, that I can see, tbh, is to specifically disadvantage Yuzu, just in case he manages to get that 4A. I bet the gap will increase the day Yuzu announces his retirement, though. Other changes though, if judges apply the GOE even half-correctly, seem beneficial for Yuzu. That "steps required before a solo jump" was a dead regulation anyway, at least they stopped pretending they care about that. Altogether, seeing those base values etc, I'm suddenly for "no quad repetition" and "bonus for all type of jumps completed cleanly" as well.
  7. 2018/19 GP Assignments

    It probably makes sense, lots of athletes need to decide whether to take a break or not, whether to retire or not post Olympics.
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Nah, I think it's mostly American. Polish media don't cover FS at all, but at the Olympics time some info popped up and there was nothing about Nathan, just "will defend the gold, not done in 66 years", "record holder" and "injured a day before a major competition" and "expect Winnie the Poohs". Eh, let Americans be Americans. I think if my country had a gold pretender they'd be just the same.
  9. This or That (Yuzu Edition)

  10. Grand Prix assignments and how they work

    I just realized than like Yuzu, Boyang is not a seeded skater. The order will be, SkAm, SC, CoC, NHK, Rostelecom, IdF. I'm assuming no top 3 will get back to back assignments. So, Skate America will take Nathan. Rostelecom will get Kolyada. CoC will take Boyang and they'll have to take one of the top 3 seeds, I'm thinking Kolyada. They won't want Nathan. NHK ... now's the question. Shoma or Yuzu? Unlikely they'll take both. But maybe it's finally Shoma's turn, especially if it's his choice. They won't take Nathan. SC will take Shoma if Shoma's gets NHK too. IdF will take Nathan. So, if Shoma gets NHK and SC ( omg) Yuzu's most likely options will be CoC and IdF/Rostelecom, I'm thinking IdF because Russian Fed might not want Yuzu this time because Kolyada might actually win this one if he's alone. If NHK still opts for Yuzu then Shoma will probably get IdF and SC. So it'll leave... SkAm for Yuzu. SkAm: Nathan, Boyang SC: Shoma CoC: Boyang, Kolyada, Yuzu NHK: Shoma Rostelecom: Kolyada IdF: Nathan, Yuzu OR SkAm: Nathan, Yuzu SC: Shoma CoC: Boyang, Nathan, Kolyada NHK: Yuzu Rostelecom: Kolyada IdF: Shoma Lol, either way, my crystal ball says Yuzu vs. Nathan.
  11. 2018/19 Coaching changes

    I don't follow pairs closely, does it seem like a good change? Trankov's got bad reputation because of his mouth and, I believe, no reputation as a coach, right?
  12. Eurovision Song Contest

    U2 fans, Adele fans, Ed Sheeran fans?
  13. Eurovision Song Contest

    At least I somewhat understand the public. Personally, I didn't like the song but it was clever, had a gimmick and was at the end of the show. But Austria? It was pleasant, listenable, but it didn't stand out much.
  14. Eurovision Song Contest

    The Burning Coffin Piano, The Dress, The Marching Chanting Vikings, The Goran Bregovic Musical, The Attempt at Political Incident, The Henhouse, The Whip My Hair, The Politically Relevant Song 1 and The Politically Relevant Song 2. Maybe The Trying to Get The Nirvana Demographic if your ears can stand it. You can also watch The Is That Seriously What The Jury Wanted W-T-F? Also, the host finshed dead last, and a former winner finished second to last. Also also, in the words of Polish comentator, "In true American style, the Naetherlands!"
  15. Eurovision Song Contest

    I actually preferred Conchita's because it was so James Bond. One of my favs in the entire time I've watched Eurovision. Tonight I can't make up my mind between The Flaming Coffin Piano and The Dress. As for the actual song I think I liked the Bregovic/Musical mashup one best so I voted for all three whereas my mom threw a vote to the marching chanting vikings. (Mom's not a fan of Israel either, said it'd be ok for a henhouse commercial, lol. I couldn't get past the irritating singing either.)