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  1. "The best of" Masquerade https://drive.google.com/file/d/10UkjQ1L8fIxlmcGcgTusrcdbHyEAo58b/view?usp=drivesdk I must have missed my editing program because I couldn't resist the urge to make the best angles/moments edit of Masquerade using clips from all 4 shows (mostly Makuhari and Toyama though). I had hard time deciding between the 3F and the split jump and finally decided to keep both That's why there are a couple of seconds that are not a perfect fit to the music and some rough transitions. But it looks pretty awesome anyway, if I dare to say so! (And now after 3 days of listening to it over and over again "MasqueRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE" is going to be stuck in my head for the next month.)
  2. @Elias21 I don't know if it was mentioned in this thread before, but last year the organizers released a huge batch of tickets a few days before the competition. The speculation was that they had withheld them because they didn't feel prepared for such an enormous number of international visitors. It was possible to buy tickets at the door. There's possibility they'll do the same this year - unless they took measures to be better prepared for the interest.
  3. Do we really need a translation? We kinda know what Max would be saying about Yuzu.
  4. Ummm, yeah. I actually made an edit in which I just cut out the part between 1:35-1:40, because it seemed empty and unnecessary - I think that's the part that was added to move the combo to the second half.
  5. Sorry for off-topic, but which sport has awarded 2 gold medals at Olympics? I remember watching Sochi speed skating when the ogm won by 0.003 second and thinking that this should be within technology error margin and that there should have been 2 gold medals.
  6. Well, I guess I was bored. My rough try at the badges... How DO you embed images? I just can never do it! Edit: Yaay, thank you for instructions, I did it!
  7. Ehhh, I'm considering taking check-in luggage anyway because I want to take Poohs. And I'm actually considering changing my hotel booking to arrive on Tuesday too... This trip is getting more and more expensive... That's a pretty good solution too! Not cheaper - there's no way making 1 badge is going to be cheap compared to 100 - but safer. And we could add our names!
  8. I didn't think about it. The pins may be a problem and they're usually made of metal so they'll show up in the scan. They may not allow to take them with hand luggage.
  9. I really think I can get 100 badges for €20 - so that makes some 20-25 cents each. You send the graphics and they print it. There should be enough fan artists on PH (I mean, look at the website banners!) who could design a simple badge artwork. And I even get free shipping from Allegro since I'm a "smart" member. But they need to be the same, so if we want names, then the permanent marker is the only option. https://allegro.pl/oferta/przypinki-badziki-button-z-logo-pin-58mm-100szt-7875827667 https://allegro.pl/oferta/przypinki-56-mm-twoj-wzor-100-szt-8323737612 I'm arriving in Turin on Wednesday but I could have the badges sent to @polyesterheart if she agrees because she arrives on Tuesday.
  10. Great idea! What is the PH design? I propose a swan or some sort of wings! Or a planet with sattelites? I think insterting a name in there won't be possible because then each badge would have to be done individually, and that could be really expensive. "Mass productions" is really cheap, I think. I looked online and 100 badges can cost as little as 20 euros.
  11. I have bad eyesight too and I bought good binoculars before going to GPF 2015 - and ended up using them only to watch skaters in the 5 min warmup and in K&C because they moved to fast to watch them comfortably, binoculars restricting field of vision way too much. Besides, in order to look through binoculars I had to take off my glasses, so, well. But if you get bronze tickets, you will sit much higher up, so your "stage" will be much smaller, so perhaps binoculars won't be so restrictive. Worth a try, maybe. And, as @Yuzurella says, when you buy single sessions at GPF you get really little entertainment - so maybe it's worth buying all-event? Does anybody remember how single sessions for GPF are sold? Are they usually bundled or not? Looking at the event schedule, I could imagine bundles looking like this: Day 1: junior men sp + junior pairs sp + junior ladies sp senior pairs sp + senior men sp Day 2: junior dance sp + junior ladies fs senior dance sp + senior ladies sp + senior pairs fs Day 3: senior men fs + junior pairs fs + junior men fs junior dance fs + senior dance fs + senior ladies fs Btw, any idea why senior men fs is so early in the schedule? I remember Barcelona 2015 and men's fs was right after ladies' fs and it was awesome to have them one right after another. Japanese prime time perhaps? It's the only reason I can think of.
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