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  1. That's just speculation, but the email gave VIP prices which were €990-1600 (for a GPF, not Worlds!) - and we extrapolated from that and the general inflation. I hope to God for a €400 mid-range ticket, then I'll probably go.
  2. Oh God, I booked a room in Torino but I'm having second thoughts now, whether I can actually afford it. On the other hand, Yuzu won every time I saw him live, so I really want to go. But €500 -700 for just a handful of skaters? Top skaters admittedly but still...
  3. Cheapest? I paid €180 for Barcelona 2015 and they were mid-range... How much are mid-range going to cost, €400? €500? It's only 1 group in each discipline!
  4. Katja, thank you so much for your reports! We weren't able to see the shows in person but we're so happy that you could, and that you could tell it's what it was like! We've all been living vicariously through you!
  5. wildstrawberry, so you think it might just be Johnny trying to make himself look like a victim of homophobia instead of persona non grata? Not gonna lie, it did cross my mind.
  6. That's a sad world we live in. Even if someone was making a statement, that should draw no criticism. But if I remember correctly, it's not actually the first time Yuzu (or other male athletes) has worn a flower crown, so it gives me hope that it was Johnny's person, who had drummed up all that "evil fanyus are atacking Evgenia" that was the problem.
  7. Lol, I was sure it'd make its way into the collection as soon as I saw it.
  8. But Johnny IS gay. Everybody and their grandmother knows it, a little lipstick is not going to make the photo any more gay than it already is. I don't know know, I really hope the whole issue is something different than Yuzu wearing a flower crown. Edit: good point, axelnojutsu, maybe the crux is something different.
  9. Oh, the NBC commentary is going to be interesting next season. I just can't wait.
  10. Yeah, especially that the photo is out there and it's not gonna disappear anyway. Why make a fuss?
  11. What specific ways, I wonder? Was it the flower crowns that were the problem, did it look too gay or something? Not nice on the management part, if that's the reason, let Yuzu have his flower crowns. Or was it Johnny's involvement with Evgenia's letter? Johnny's been kinda passive agressive sometimes towards Yuzu fans, maybe the management didn't want their pic together so soon after the letter? That said... Yuzu has management? The kind that looks after his public image? Since when?
  12. Can someone explain it to me in small words? Why would management want it deleted this time? Lots of people take and post photos with Yuzu and it's never been an issue.
  13. I just read that a Final Fantasy VII remake is planned for 2020. Which means.... yet another version of One-Winged Angel. Which also means it'll be popular.... C'mon Yuzu, you know you want to!
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