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  1. Great idea! If banners and throwing gifts is forbidden, then waving a big Pooh or two is making a hella statement. Those yellow Poohs are visible from a mile away and more person-specific than banners or flags.
  2. According to a twitter fan, Oda's Japanese statement was more strongly worded and included bullying as well as moral harassment. The fan also explains the difference. Edit: Why my links never work like others???
  3. I haven't been able to watch the last two JGP and the latest Challenger. For being so obsessed with broadcast, ISU is sure doing their damnest to turn off the viewers.... [/ end complaining]
  4. ?? I actually think Evgenia's program was no worse than Rika's. It was a great program and great performance. Where Evgenia is most overscored is the GOEs. Overall I was more enthusiastic about Rika because the jumps make the program look great, but I sincerely think that MoG is the best program Evgenia ever had, even better than Anna Karenina. I hope both of them continue to improve and make GPF, I'd love to see those programs live. I hope you're right, but it seems that Schcherbakova is a backup, and it's Trusova and Zagitova who will be receiving all the bonus.
  5. You guys don't like the pogram? Those program made me finally drink the kool aid and people are meh about it. Figures! Btw, I thought Evgenia skated really well tonight, almost deserved those PCS. I wasn't sure I liked that program but I do now, the costume helped too. It gave me kinda Seimei vibes here and there. Not as Japanese as Yuzu or Satoko, but still very enjoyable.
  6. It actually looks good for Rika. That's "only" 4 pts gap, imo, I think this gap will be smaller as season progresses. And Rika got more GOE points than Evgenia. It's the Eteri bonus that will be hard to beat.
  7. Hiya, b#%%$$s, I'm oficially joining ya all on the Kihira bandwagon. That was friggin AMAZING. The best performance of the season do far, and holy crap, not many have a Chance to beat it save Rika herself. What a fantastic program! Who did the choreo?
  8. .... Actually, I was wondering myself whether she does have an expression other than worried, so I'm not surprised by the commentary. That said, she had a lovely skate, I don't think she'll be beaten tonight in terms of beauty of movement.
  9. Your math doesn't agree because we start counting from the 1st season, not 0th season whereas we count years from 0. And last season was his 9th, not 10th, so that's where you're missing 2 years. He started the 2010/2011 season at the age of 15. So 15 yo (1st season), 16 (2nd), 17 (3rd), 18 (4th), 19 (5th), 20 (6th), 21 (7th), 22 (8th), 23 (9th), 24 (10th).
  10. Get a prescription sleeping pill from somebody and go to bed at 6 pm. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
  11. I feel like I've been posting that rant over and over again, but they're really setting themselves for a hard fall. Fanyus are hardcore, theyll pay - but what about fans of other skaters or fans of the sport in general? They're not as crazy but they'd go if the prices were not completely out of the stratosphere. But their interest isn't nurtured. Sure, it'd be hard fighting for tickets with a horde of Fanyus, but some of them would get them. The way it is, they'll just lose interst. So it's actually possible that after Yuzu retires, there will be nobody left, no Fanyus, no FS fans, and even if prices plummet (and they will), there will ve nobody to come back.
  12. Look at the bright side... due to lack of interest and spending way too much a lot of money, at least those who bought earlier were able to get actually good seats? The platinum central sections on the long side not sold out 2 months after 2 months of sales? I betcha they haven't expected it.
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