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  1. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    But if this is before Men's FS, what are Papadakis and Cizeron doing there?
  2. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Can someone explain this photo to me? The sweater looks like this year's Ghana campain but Yuzu looks like he's 10 years old...
  3. I hope Yuuzu goes. He wouldn't do 4CC if he weren't well enough, so him going would mean he was healthy. Which would mean healthy 1 month before Worlds.
  4. Agreed. It's not like other skaters killed that competition.
  5. Ah Twitter. That explains everything.
  6. I thought most people were happy about Dai's return?
  7. Dai doesn't have international TES mininmum for Worlds.
  8. I didn't watch the first half, can anyone tell me how Marin Honda did?
  9. I'm sorry Neenah, but no, I'm certainly not going to keep quiet about the fact that I'm glad that an inferior program (2 of them) didn't win. I like Mai, her energy is great, but think her PCS were too high. Please do not tell me how to justify my satisfaction of the final score, thank you.
  10. To be quite honest I'm not that hot on Wilson's programs for Yuna and Javi either. Probably why I never got into Yuna. In the last quad all his FS for Javi were the samey and the only program that stood out was the Chaplin SP. I think the only competitive programs by him that I liked that I can name from the top of my head were the SPs for Junhwan.
  11. I intensly dislike that program and that's probably why I'm glad Satoko won over her and why I don't get the Mai hype here. Her SP is even worse. "Mai should have got the bronze" and I'm like, "NO."
  12. She won by 5 points. She didn't make any mistakes unlike her competitors. Rika was too far behind. The judges had no choice but to give it to her and she skated last, and skated awesome, so they probably didn't even feel like holding her down. The only result that would have made me even happier would have been champion Waka but I'll take this and be grateful!