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  1. Onmg is that Lost on You playing in the background? I listened to this song like 10 times today!
  2. Moria Polonius

    [2018] CS Ondrej Nepela Trophy (19.09-22.09)

    I watched Kolyada and then went to see protocols where I saw the -5 time violation for my crazy hammy boy Samohin and I was afraid to look at the video because I though he had suffered a terrible fall where music had to be stopped or something. Whereas his FS program is just 27 too long. What the hell Daniel, what were you and your choreographer smoking when you were putting it together?
  3. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Can anyone tell me when this was? I just saw it and it's awesome.
  4. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thank you so much for explaining! It does make sense now, and it does fit Yuzu quite well. Actually Javi's sentiment of Yuzu being comical/from a comic book seems quite similar.
  5. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    What do they mean by "the boyish" ?
  6. How are skaters ordered in SP? Completely random draw or some sort of standings? The competition is going to be earlier than I expected and I fear I'll still be atwork when Yuzu skates.
  7. Moria Polonius

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    4CC if he goes there. I'm actually praying for no 4A in Helsinki, because it's bound to mess up the rest of the program even if he lands it. Though, logically speaking, Helsinki and Rostelecom would be strategically recommended, even if he's messy he could win against Kolyada/Jin, who are likely to be messy too.
  8. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    They haven't updated. SP record at least belings to Shoma, over 104.
  9. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, it was 6 quads vs. Yuzu's 4 quads, and included 4Lz and two 4Fs. So I don't think it was ridiculous.
  10. Moria Polonius

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    I just read upper posts. I didn't realize an axel was compulsory in the FS. I thought FS was, well, more free.
  11. Moria Polonius

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    I watched it and thought, "where's the program ? He's just skating around!" I could live with other PCS but the 9 TR score was absolutely ridiculous. Well, composition too. I was surprised at some of the GOE too. For some jumps they seemed too high but the step seq actually seemed too low? Idk, the only part I really liked about this prograam was the ste seq, I would even give +5. I was surprised that Shoma's FS wernt over Aliev until I realized Aliev didn't do any axels. PSC so underscored compared to Shoma, Asliev actually had tranistions! Why was his last combo invalid though?
  12. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    What annawesome idea, omg!
  13. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Has there ever been a Lord of the Rink banner?
  14. Moria Polonius

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    Who's judge no. 3? He/she actully differentiates between PCS category, gave Shoma over a point less in TR than in other categories.