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  1. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Patrick Chan? Perhaps established stars such as Mao or Yuna? Daisuke Takahashi? Contemporary skaters who are aspiring to establish themselves as headliners, such as Shoma or Nathan? Has Yuzu ever been in a show with Shoma or Nathan? I think younger skaters such as Junhwan, Vincent, Deniss, Russian or Japanese girls would see it as opportunity but older big names and rivals, not necessarily.
  2. I can watch Gala at least so that's good. I thought that if the competition is in Russia, I'd be able to watch in the evening but Men's events are first up. My god I'll be so antsy during work hours talking to people! Hopefully, everybody cheering here will make up for my absence and I'll open the Planet afterwards to the news of a great skate!
  3. And here I am, envious of you, because if it was in the middle of the night, I could just set an alarm for Yuzu's performance, like I did for ACI, but I actually have to work during both SP and FS, and I can't even hide in the bathroom.
  4. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think his asthma doesn't affect him much anymore. Most people grow out of it. His stamina has improved throught the years, though. Since 2015/16 season he has been able to do multi-quad FS and not appear completly out of breath. He's bulked up a bit too, big tigh muscles, quite a bit of abs. But I noticed that after the Helsinki FS - not to mention ACI - he took his time recovering, like he used to in the past. He seemed really out of breath, so that's probably the effect of the 30 secs cut, despitee the general improvement in stamina.
  5. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    That's not evil, that's quite plausible. There seem to be some Daisuke fans who disliked Yuzu who switched to Shoma because he had a chance to knock Yuzu down a peg, and even more glaringly, Patrick Chan fans who disliked Yuzu and who switched to, wait for this, Nathan Chen. At least Shoma's skating bears a bit of resemblence to Daisuke's, but Nathan Chen's skating is an antithesis of Patrick's, so the only reason for them to vehemently support Nathan that I can imagine is the fact that he had a chance to knock Yuzu down. The cynical me is convinced they do it just for clicks. Or maybe the fact that Yuzu keeps winning and is almost universally loved no matter how they criticise him would make them sound like fools if they kept it on. But frankly, I stopped trying to listen to Tsl back when the female blond skater was still doing it, partly because of the stupid shit and innuendo they'd be saying about everybody, but mostly because of the verbal diahrea.
  6. Moria Polonius

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    ^^^ Most of us thought Yuzu/Kolyada/Boyang were guaranteed a podium in Helsinki.... My GPF calculations before Helsinki completely disregarded Brezina because I thought he couldn't get higher than 5th in such a strong field. I gave Voronov more chances... And yet!
  7. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hehe, we've been through all that right after the Olympics and Worlds, with all the "Nathan would have won if he had skated clean" - literally every point you made was raised. But logic doesn't fit the NBC narrative so whatever.
  8. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Lol, it's just the same old song again: "Chen's Worlds score would have taken Gold at the Olympics; we've never seen Chen and Hanyu hit all their jumps in the same competition". They just conviniently neglect the fact that Yuzu always managed to hit his jumps better than Nathan whenever they were in same competition. I guess they had to write something when Yuzu's total score is 13 pts higher than Nathan's in their analysis.
  9. Moria Polonius

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's really interesting that this time around, I think skating after Yuzu benefited Brezina. He was not under pressure to win and since he was not a threat to Yuzu's domination, he had the whole super-happy audience on his side. People enthusiastically clapped along almost through his entire program - it can't have hurt. Compared to Kolyada who had stuck fingers in his ears so as not to hear Lazukin's score, Brezina actually seemed to have an easier time! But I guess if you're a direct rival like Nathan was or Javi, it's freaky.
  10. Actually there were quite a lot of people in the upper bowl. For Ice Dance there were more people high up than in the lower sections. I imagine they were local people who bought tickets later. I wish the organizers would rethink the ticket selling policy. The fans who don't care about ice dance or pairs would gladly just buy singles if they could get good seats whereas those people in upper bowls would gladly pay for the good seats down below.
  11. Moria Polonius

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Men Short Program

    But what this costume needed to work was the gloves! From afar they look black and suddenly, when framed by black trousers and black gloves, the shirt doesn't look too short in the front, it looks... deliberate.
  12. Moria Polonius

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Men Short Program

    I'm sitting in the last row and Nobu is sitting right behind me at the commentators )' table. I don't know if it'shis voice I hear announcingg sometimes but tomorrow I'm putting my Pooh over my head right in front of his table.
  13. 3Lo- or -3Lo combo? -3Lo combo is the most logical way of getting rid of the 2T. Junhwan's doing it, so it's not like Yuzu's coaches never thought of it. Yuzu must have thought about it before too. I wonder what his issue with the -3lo combo might be given how much he likes loops.
  14. Thanks for the onfo on All Saints Day in Finland, I was worried everything would be closed and I'd have nowhere to buy food after arrival, I even bought some instant noodles to take with me!
  15. I looked at GS and in their predictions game everybody puts Yuzu as first. Which is making me nervous and probably means he won't win. Maybe he'll go for the 4A and bombs the rest of the program. I just hope his Finnish luck will overcome his 1st GP luck. ETA: On the ISU website, there's a tab "planned program contentent" . Empty for Helsinki at the moment, but if I remember correctl, a day before the competition the pdfs were up there. So I guess we'll know if Yuzu plans to do the 4A - I don't think he'd plan on taking judges by surprise.