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  1. I'm ashamed to say that after Javi's first jumping passes I was praying for a mistake. When he made one I was relieved and thought "thank god now I can cheer for him honestly" because I felt that this one mistake already put Yuzu for the win. And then when he kept making mistakes I was like "no, Javi, just one, just one, nooo!"
  2. Boyang's 4Z evoked gasps of disbelief from the other side of the rink, where I sat. Like, there was no reaction other than "holy cow!"
  3. Lol, me. Like Yuzu, I beg you, don't fall on the last jump, don't fall on the last jump!
  4. Omg guys, you have no idea.... I was so tense I don't even remember that much of the program itself, just that I almost broke my thumbs squeezing them every time he jumped. I kept thinking, "oh god there so many jumps, so many potential mistakes" and holding my breath. Then the reaction at the 3Lz - lol, everyone had the same reaction, like YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! lol, you can hear that in the broadcast. I was clapping repeating "amazing" and the ladies next to me repeated "sugoi!" And then the scores and I was So excited because even for Javi it'd be difficult to beat. And then I was in such good mood for the rest of the competition because I knew I could relax until Javi.
  5. I actually agree with that. Nathan's exhibitions are quite good, certainly no worse than most skaters, than Shoma or most of the girls. When he doesn't have to set up for quads, he's able to skate to the music. It's a pity he can't do both in competition.
  6. He goes way and beyond what's necessary to make Nathan look good. The thing is, we used to perceive him as Yuzuru's friend - the shows together, the positive words in the past, the photos, Yuzu so often crediting him as a great influence on him, Otonal tribute - that Johnny putting him down feels more personal.
  7. Johnny has been dissing Yuzu recently and we just feel it's really shitty because Yuzu has done a tribute program for him. If he hadn't been Yuzu's hero once, maybe we wouldn't feel that it's kind of a betrayal.
  8. 95.83 seems tad low for a 4Lz and a 4T with decent spins? I thought he'd go over 100.
  9. So, 2 groups of Men's competition and no one fell on his ass? When's the last time it happened?
  10. It might be camera messing up colors, I noticed everybody looked really pale and washed out.
  11. I'm a big fanfiction reader in other fandoms but it's usually hard for me to enjoy a fanfic about a real person I actually follow. Alternate universes are out of question, because I want to read about Yuzu, not someone kinda looking like Yuzu. Anything remotely not fitting my mental image of Yuzu and I'm out because that's not Yuzu to me. And finding a fic that would fit with how I see Yuzu is basically impossible so I gave up.
  12. In a dream, I just bought a set of 5 large Poohs intended for Stockholm Worlds 2021.
  13. 24 hours Canada -> Siberia isn't really feasible, I think. It takes time to pack, get to the airport, do the paperwork, I don't think there's a direct flight so you'd need to account for the time between flights, then to reclaim it and deliver.
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