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  1. So wait, TAT was supposed to look after her and now she's glad to hoist her off on Eteri? Btw, apparently rumours fly that TAT's the one responsible for Med losing weight. Ugh. After all the work Evgenia and Brian put in to get her healthy. No wonder she injured her back if she lost muscle, and as I understand, Med's Sambo-taught technique strains the back terribly.
  2. But how it's going to help her? How do you speculate?
  3. Holy crap, they need to make a soap opera out of this.
  4. I've been away for so long but this news is worth returning for, lol. IF true, it must have happened recently. I wonder if BOrser even knows, Evgenia made sure to show everybody how he's still her coach. Did Cricket get too expensive? Or maybe she'll be training with Eteri until she can go back to Canada? I don't know... She got herself injured while training in Moscow and lost weight, which shows that at least Brian was keeping her healthy. So now she's going to Eteri whose training methods induce injury? When she's already injured? She must know she'll be playing third fiddle to Valieva and Sherbakova. Is she counting on the Eteri bonus in her scores? Or is she giving up on competition and doing it for Eteri's connections in the industry? There was a rumor that Ice Age wanted her to co-host with Alina and Evgenia accepted, but Eteri blocked it.
  5. I actually agree with that. Nathan's exhibitions are quite good, certainly no worse than most skaters, than Shoma or most of the girls. When he doesn't have to set up for quads, he's able to skate to the music. It's a pity he can't do both in competition.
  6. I'm a big fanfiction reader in other fandoms but it's usually hard for me to enjoy a fanfic about a real person I actually follow. Alternate universes are out of question, because I want to read about Yuzu, not someone kinda looking like Yuzu. Anything remotely not fitting my mental image of Yuzu and I'm out because that's not Yuzu to me. And finding a fic that would fit with how I see Yuzu is basically impossible so I gave up.
  7. In a dream, I just bought a set of 5 large Poohs intended for Stockholm Worlds 2021.
  8. Has this been discussed before? Apparently, though not very surprisingly, Shoma has a gaming channel. In this video, at the time mark, he supposedly shares some personal (angsty teenager?) opinions but I can't speak Japanese so I wouldn't actually know. The channel posts quite a lot, hours-long videos. Although Shoma isn't always there, he's there enough to make people wonder whether it has affected his training. Looks like Shoma's serious about his gaming future.
  9. Wow, that's expensive. I bought Eurosport on Black Friday, about €12 for the whole year. I wanted to do it again because the experience was positive and I'd have got the whole summer Olympics too. VPN, even the speedy expensive ones, sound like a better option than Viasat. I don't think I can take Ted gushing about underrotated quads.... Yeah, pretty much.
  10. Great idea! If banners and throwing gifts is forbidden, then waving a big Pooh or two is making a hella statement. Those yellow Poohs are visible from a mile away and more person-specific than banners or flags.
  11. According to a twitter fan, Oda's Japanese statement was more strongly worded and included bullying as well as moral harassment. The fan also explains the difference. Edit: Why my links never work like others???
  12. I haven't been able to watch the last two JGP and the latest Challenger. For being so obsessed with broadcast, ISU is sure doing their damnest to turn off the viewers.... [/ end complaining]
  13. Your math doesn't agree because we start counting from the 1st season, not 0th season whereas we count years from 0. And last season was his 9th, not 10th, so that's where you're missing 2 years. He started the 2010/2011 season at the age of 15. So 15 yo (1st season), 16 (2nd), 17 (3rd), 18 (4th), 19 (5th), 20 (6th), 21 (7th), 22 (8th), 23 (9th), 24 (10th).
  14. I thought he was speaking in the heat of the moment and that adding a 4Lz, 4F and 4A is more difficult than making a statement of intent and that contrary to popular belief, Yuzu is not superman. I totally believe he wanted to but I totally didn't believe he'd be able to. So, I actually didn't think everybody here was seriously expecting all of that. I'll be overjoyed - and super-surprised - if we'll see the 4A this season at all, but I'm not expecting the 4F at all.
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