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  1. First I think that Yuzu is naturally graceful: even him simply extending his hand is mindblowingly beautiful ! Especially when it is covered by a glove. Then you add the shape of his body (small waist, long arms and legs) and his sensitivity : Yuzu really feels the music and invests himself totally in it. And this you can’t be taught : you simply are. Of course Yuzu had problems with his posture when he was younger : his shoulders tended to sag when he was tired. But it seems that he worked on this (and this is where you can see he didn’t have a proper ballet training).
  2. I love how it says that Yuzu always wants Ghislain by his side and that it clicked between them right away And how they are both nerds of biometrics for studying jumps 🤓
  3. Hi, just a few thoughts about my personal experience of the GPF (I was there for the FS only and had to depart before the second VC because I was staying at a friend of mine's who lived quite far from Torino so I didn't get the chance to meet anyone from here, although you seem to all have made an amazing job :)) : when I arrived near the arena I could see all these people walking around with poohs in their hands, hanging from their bags or as headbands and it felt like I was part of a secret society of Pooh lovers ^^ I had a silver seat so I had a great overview of the arena but couldn't see the details : all I can say is that Yuzu's outfit is very sparkly ! He looked like a Christmas tree from afar and was therefore easy to spot, especially in the dark xD I survived the ordeal of seeing Yuzu skate his five-quad program with my heart in my throat and real elation at seeing him land them one after the other. It was surreal ! Until the mistake on the axel I thought I was witnessing a miracle: the mistake reminded me that Yuzu was very much human and seeing him stumble after his final pose was quite touching. He really gave his all, and the arena thanked him by literally unleashing Pooh chaos all over the ice. The friend who came with me was completely flabbergasted ! I threw my Pooh and my Goat as far as I could but they still landed on people's heads who in turn threw them on the ice. Nathan was still able to skate around as the soft toys were mainly covering the sides of the ice. As for Nathan, he skated well: you could see he kept his energy from beginning to end and was hitting everything without giving any sign of being tired. And the end of the program was actually quite entertaining: I wasn't expecting such a high score, but all I can say is that you could see at the end of Yuzu's program that he was dead tired, while Nathan seemed fresh (at least from afar ^^). Of course I was more emotionally invested in Yuzu's program and I am glad I witnessed such a beautiful 4lz with my own eyes ! Actually, I had seen Yuzu win the GPF 3 years ago in Marseille but I loved Torino more: Yuzu didn't skate an excellent program in Marseille and had shown signs of tiredness too, but here in Torino he literally went beyond himself. This fight he put up with his own limits is priceless, so to me this silver medal is actually a victory. Actually, everything to me that comes after Pyeongchang is a bonus and a victory to me, which I've learned to appreciate. I'm so glad I was able to see him live for the second time ! After the VC he did a lap around the rink and carefully looked up at everyone in the upper bleachers and waved at us. Me and my friends had made a sign with Happy Birthday written on it and he acknowledged it. I think my job was done there. What I want to say is simply this: Yuzu is a beautiful candle that keeps burning bright but his body will one day reach its limits. He found a very athletic rival who fuels this fire again in him, but I think there is a struggle within Yuzu between his pride, his love for the sport, his irrepressible need to push his limits and quest for perfection on the one hand, and his fear of injury and his own physical limitations on the other hand. He wants so much ! But the thing is, his mind is often ahead of his body: and his hunger, his hard-work as well as his pure heart led him to these incredible accomplishments. I really wish he will end up his competitive career with a supernova: by landing a beautiful 4A and leaving an indelible mark on the history of the sport and our heart (and this, he's already done it, and nobody can take it away from him !).
  4. It looks so much better than the carboard medal Yuzu got in Marseille... as a French, I am still terribly ashamed!
  5. It means that he’s not jumping it but only signaling there is a jump there by making a landing gesture with his arms for example.
  6. I must say, I was already in love with Origin 1 because of the way it reminded me of a majestic phoenix: I loved the irregular collar which almost looked like as if Yuzu had been covered with an intricate pattern of feathers instead of a real outfit. It was so fit for him to be reborn, and the color scheme was stunning. However, although I was disappointed at first because he changed costume: I equally love this Origin 2 costume. It gives him a kind of gothic, dark vibe which I love. As you say, he looks sassy and majestic. Plus, the butterflies and flowers remind us of transformation: after being reborn, Yuzu will transform into this ideal form he's been chasing all along !
  7. I listened to this yesterday and I think the name you're missing is Voronov. Otherwise, cheers for the transcript
  8. Hello, I should be there on saturday only with a friend of mine who knows my love for Yuzu and is genuinely interested in seeing him for real too ^^ we will be travelling by car. Can I be added to the group? Thanks ! 😊
  9. Thank you for your translation ! and if it is not taking too much of your time I would be interested in the spoilers you might give us
  10. And I am unexpectedly moved by Patrick's words: he's grown up so much, and I actually understand where he is coming from. I remember not liking him at the time of Sochi Olympics because you could tell how gutted he was to have lost to Yuzu, and I felt that he lacked humility. But it must have been really tough for him: it took time for him to digest and understand everything that happened, because Yuzu bursted on the scene like a whirlwind at the time, and steadily became a threat while Patrick still believed he was untouchable. Now that he has made peace with all this, I'm glad he has a more positive outlook on it: like he was part of Yuzu's extraordinary journey and was one of the persons who gave him the incentive to become better and push himself. I remember Yuzu calling Patrick 'the sun' at the time, because he was this far away entity he had to catch up with no matter what.
  11. The programme that will always make me skip a bit is his Ballade SP at GPF 14: it was his 'rebirth' competition after the disastrous Cup of China, and he was the first one to skate, having managed to squeeze himself into the top 6 by the smallest of margins (always beating the odds...). There is this moment where he slows down on he ice during the programme and he looks so elegant and fragile at the same time it makes my heart stutter (1:55 in the linked video). And then there's the fall, and his laugh, because he doesn't care about the fall, he's just happy to be back. I love this fall, a bit like the one in RJ1 at WC 12, because it unleashed his power and passion of the ice. God I really love this programme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KERHD3glP_k
  12. Is it weird that I find him equally attractive as both a man and a woman ?
  13. Reading Yuzu's quotes right now, I can't help but feel a deep ache right in the middle of my heart and guts. I've had a very bad day today with a deep feeling of injustice simmering in me, and now I feel that once again, the universe is being really unkind and unfair towards this boy... It's like he's letting us peak at how much suffering and doubts he's been through, and it feels unimaginable. And yet I know he will come out stronger, because he always does and he keeps amazing me by doing so. At the same time, I'm really selfish and don't want him to break his body anymore: I feel that he's given so much already, he's earned the right to rest at last. But he wouldn't be complete and wouldn't have the drive to go forward which makes him who he is if he stopped now. I'm very conflicted right now, and simply hope that somehow he will be protected from further harm. I think his team has a very heavy responsibility and a very hard work ahead of them. I know I will see that 4A: but what will be the price of that? (Sorry for the depressing tone of this post, I don't have much time to actually write on this forum, and needed to vent bit).
  14. On the whole I'm very happy for Yuzu today (despite him not winning and being confirmed he's still on painkillers), but still, this is the happiest world silver medal I've known. His inner fighting spirit never ceases to amaze me, and I still feel that everything coming after Pyeonchang is a bonus. Actually, I am overjoyed he's being a two-time Olympic and World champion who is still posing a major threat to all these new kids who have two healthy ankles. I wish him to be healed enough to get rid of the painkillers and then fulfill his dream of doing a 4A on the big stage. Actually, him winning an ultimate world championship with this kind of jump would be the best possible outcome to end his career. I don't want to see him go as far as Beijing because I don't want him to get injured yet again. But whatever will be his choices, I'll support him 100%. Now go rest Yuzu, you so deserve it! And thank u again
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