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  1. I’ve listened to the podcast too : it was nice hearing people describe what it feels like seeing Yuzu skate for the first time or seeing him live: I love how they tried to put this feeling into words and emphasized how in the end there is no word for it. Hearing Brendan’s impressions was interesting too. I think in the whole it conveyed the whole Yuzu phenomenon pretty well and it didn’t overdo it on promotion for the 4CC.
  2. Sure, I agree with you and didn't want to belittle Wilson's work, but something always bothered me with his choreographies for ND and R&J2 : they didn't work as well as Nanami's and the others. There is something very elegant, regal and powerful in Shae's choreographies that you don't find in ND and R&J2 (I'm talking mainly about Shae because she's been in charge of Yuzu's FS choreographies for a few years now). I think it is also partly due to Yuzu's youth as I think he needed a bit more experience to be able to pull them off the way it was intended (which is why his EX programmes choreographed by Wilson work very well indeed). But overall, ND and R&J2's choreographies are not as memorable as his other FS to me : there is something more generic and less sharp about them. But of course, this is my personal point of view.
  3. Thank you so much for putting this together: it was a real joy to watch, and it shows how much Yuzu's skating doesn't need jumps in order to be enthralling, this is sheer art on ice. I like how we can see how he's evolved from a passionate, rough-edged youth to a controlled master. And it also emphasizes how much better fitted to him Shae's choreographies are compared to Wilson's.
  4. I think first and foremost that Yuzuru is genuine when he criticizes himself : I think it comes partially from the Japanese culture (I remember when I took Japanese lessons at uni when I was told that Japanese people never boasted about being good at something and were always very humble about their achievements : it is so engrained in the language and the culture that it becomes almost automatic (of course Japanese people on this forum can correct me if I’m wrong but that’s the perception I have). And for second, Yuzuru is such a perfectionist that he always sees the areas where he could do better and never satisfies himself with what he can already do. It is both admirable and sometimes maddening because of course we can see his many qualities with our own eyes, but that’s who he is and what makes him great. It also explains why he repeats his programmes : he wants to create masterpieces, works of art, not simply skate for skating sake. But, as you say, people who are not acquainted with his work ethic and mindset might end up not understanding him...
  5. I must say, I’ve never been into H&L that much... of course the WC17 is a masterpiece of perfection but the whole programme is kinda boring to me (please don’t throw stones at me for saying that ! ) I’ve seen it live too and had the same impression (although Yuzu’s expression was soft and lovely). I discovered Yuzu with R&J2 and was struck by his elegance first. Then PW and especially R&J1 at WC12 sealed the deal. When I want to show others why I admire Yuzu so much I send R&J1 at WC12, PW at Oly, Seimei in NHK15 (which is still my favorite version of this programme), LGC from GPF16 and Ballade in Pyeonchang and people get it ! They’re usually very impressed, although nobody has become an hardcore fan like I am ^^
  6. Just found this : article in Russian Translation on twitter Can people speaking Russian here confirm the translation ? Thanks
  7. True but Yuzu has always been genuine and open about that : I remember when he would talk about Patrick in similar terms and comparing him to the sun ☀️ ^^ I think he needs to express these thoughts and obsessions out loud : it helps him put some kind of reality on it. And he’s definitely not afraid of Nathan knowing : on the contrary I think he wants him to know he’s watching him closely and analyzing everything. That’s how he learns anyway : he’s very visual.
  8. Well, I don’t recall Adam Rippon’s name having made it to the list of this year’s Google search... anyway, let them talk...
  9. stunning ! This boy has definitely become a man !
  10. Merry Christmas to all of you ! And thank you for making this place so lively and full of resources !
  11. That's a great idea ! Here's mine Dear Yuzu, I've found out about you on February 15th 2014, the day after your free skate in Sochi, and fell in love with your skating right away. Actually the first skate I saw was your flawed Romeo and Juliet 2, but what I loved about you from the start was both your capacity to create beauty on the ice, as well as getting up and soldiering on every time you fell. That's what I still love and admire about you. You are such a unique, beautiful and strong person and athlete, and yet you are not perfect: you have your own weaknesses and limits, but you have this extraordinary capacity to use them in order to overcome them, and in this sense, you are a role model to me. I have had the chance to see you live twice: at GPF Marseille in 2016 and GPF Torino this year. Every time I lived the free skate with you and was touched by your dedication on the ice. You have transcended this sport to make it pure art, so much so that every time I see you skate, something sings in my heart. It also feels like every time you hurt or you ache on the ice, I do too to some degree: maybe because it feels like you give so much of yourself that you create a connection with those who are touched by your skating. Thank you so much for being the person that you are, with so much dedication, humility and integrity, and for what you've been giving us through all these years. Don't forget that the most important thing is being true to yourself and your ideals, but also being healthy and happy, and that we will be supporting you through the highs and lows. With much love and respect, Terrapin
  12. To quote Javi : ‘you will always be the champion in my heart ! ‘
  13. I could feel this coming... God Yuzu has been looking extremely tired since the beginning of this comp: I think he gave his all in the SP and was simply too spent to go through a programme as demanding as the FS which is a different beast. I really wish he takes a good rest now and stop blaming himself for being weak. He’s extremely strong: he came out today and put up a fight ! I’m sure I’ll see him reborn from the ashes at Worlds : frustration always helps him bounce back at some point.
  14. I'm really glad Yuzu pulled through today, and that this lay out seems to work out for him. I'm still not at rest though: he's got bags so deep under his eyes... I wish he could nap for at least a week to fully recuperate. I'm praying for him to be able to put out a performance he will be satisfied with in the free !
  15. Actually, I had never heard about this manga / anime before: of course when I used the word 'hilarious', I was referring mainly to Matsuoka's reactions and general way of being (this guy is so fired up all the time, he's unreal !). And I love his interactions with Yuzu so much: I feel like Yuzu can really open himself up with him and even joke around. Now that I've seen the scene you've just sent me the link to, I understand why you would feel uneasy (I myself was very emotional, although I never knew about this character before), and somewhat, it is so fitting Yuzu's mentality: he'd rather give his all and metaphorically die on stage rather than giving up. I am conscious that we are reaching the end of Yuzu's career and I am feeling bittersweet about it: I can't wait for him to be relieved from all this pressure (from the others and himself), but at the same time, I think he wishes to leave with a bang, in a very Yuzu-dramatic way. And I think he's also trying to tell us that he's reaching his ultimate limits, but that he wouldn't be himself if he didn't want to overcome this impossible wall rising yet again in front of him. It's do or die for him. And I admire him so much for this !
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