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  1. Thank you for your translation ! and if it is not taking too much of your time I would be interested in the spoilers you might give us
  2. And I am unexpectedly moved by Patrick's words: he's grown up so much, and I actually understand where he is coming from. I remember not liking him at the time of Sochi Olympics because you could tell how gutted he was to have lost to Yuzu, and I felt that he lacked humility. But it must have been really tough for him: it took time for him to digest and understand everything that happened, because Yuzu bursted on the scene like a whirlwind at the time, and steadily became a threat while Patrick still believed he was untouchable. Now that he has made peace with all this, I'm glad he has a more positive outlook on it: like he was part of Yuzu's extraordinary journey and was one of the persons who gave him the incentive to become better and push himself. I remember Yuzu calling Patrick 'the sun' at the time, because he was this far away entity he had to catch up with no matter what.
  3. The programme that will always make me skip a bit is his Ballade SP at GPF 14: it was his 'rebirth' competition after the disastrous Cup of China, and he was the first one to skate, having managed to squeeze himself into the top 6 by the smallest of margins (always beating the odds...). There is this moment where he slows down on he ice during the programme and he looks so elegant and fragile at the same time it makes my heart stutter (1:55 in the linked video). And then there's the fall, and his laugh, because he doesn't care about the fall, he's just happy to be back. I love this fall, a bit like the one in RJ1 at WC 12, because it unleashed his power and passion of the ice. God I really love this programme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KERHD3glP_k
  4. Is it weird that I find him equally attractive as both a man and a woman ?
  5. Reading Yuzu's quotes right now, I can't help but feel a deep ache right in the middle of my heart and guts. I've had a very bad day today with a deep feeling of injustice simmering in me, and now I feel that once again, the universe is being really unkind and unfair towards this boy... It's like he's letting us peak at how much suffering and doubts he's been through, and it feels unimaginable. And yet I know he will come out stronger, because he always does and he keeps amazing me by doing so. At the same time, I'm really selfish and don't want him to break his body anymore: I feel that he's given so much already, he's earned the right to rest at last. But he wouldn't be complete and wouldn't have the drive to go forward which makes him who he is if he stopped now. I'm very conflicted right now, and simply hope that somehow he will be protected from further harm. I think his team has a very heavy responsibility and a very hard work ahead of them. I know I will see that 4A: but what will be the price of that? (Sorry for the depressing tone of this post, I don't have much time to actually write on this forum, and needed to vent bit).
  6. On the whole I'm very happy for Yuzu today (despite him not winning and being confirmed he's still on painkillers), but still, this is the happiest world silver medal I've known. His inner fighting spirit never ceases to amaze me, and I still feel that everything coming after Pyeonchang is a bonus. Actually, I am overjoyed he's being a two-time Olympic and World champion who is still posing a major threat to all these new kids who have two healthy ankles. I wish him to be healed enough to get rid of the painkillers and then fulfill his dream of doing a 4A on the big stage. Actually, him winning an ultimate world championship with this kind of jump would be the best possible outcome to end his career. I don't want to see him go as far as Beijing because I don't want him to get injured yet again. But whatever will be his choices, I'll support him 100%. Now go rest Yuzu, you so deserve it! And thank u again
  7. Hi, I haven't had the time to follow everything closely at all, and haven't even watched Yuzu's SP programme yet, as I want to watch everything once the competition is over, but I would say this: the mistake in the SP brings me back to Worlds 2014 and 2017, with pretty much the same scenario. Sure Yuzu has a lot of ground to make up and Nathan seems very solid, but I know how these kinds of situations where Yuzu has his back against the wall can fuel him. So stop being sad, and simply believe in his capability to make miracles happen. Sure he's in been injured and is most probably not completely recovered yet, so I don't expect him to set a record or anything, but I simply enjoy every second I can see Yuzu on the ice while this could have ended after Pyeonchang. Whatever the final result, I simply wish he'll be able to give his all and be satisfied with what he will produce. But all he needs right now is a lot of positive energies coming from all of us
  8. To me Ballade in GPF 14 is one of the programmes I'm most emotionally attached to, because I remember how relieved I felt once he'd finished it (that accident in China had made quite an impression one me). He looked so calm and simply happy at the end, that, no matter he fell, it was just magical. I remember thinking he looked like he was floating on the ice, looking light and evanescent, yet so strong. As for LGC at GPF 16, it still remains to me one of his most memorable performances: I think even the save of the loop at the beginning is part of the show actually
  9. Oh my god I'm laughing so much right now. These captions translated in my language gives a very weird romantic vibe to the whole thing (like 'the romantic silhouette' or 'oh my god is it filmed? or 'Keegan is in between us'...). Anyway, this both gave me a good laugh and made me kind of nostalgic!
  10. Dear Yuzuru, Happy Birthday to you! I send you a bit of my strength and warmth, and wish you all the very best. I thank you for reminding me that nothing is impossible, as long as we work hard to achieve it. Love from France - Terrapin
  11. 15. For the way he is not afraid of simply being himself: stubborn and charming, hard-working and a dork, a child and a man, sometimes too intense and yet so open and generous, strong and vulnerable, thankful and proud... so famous, and yet so true to himself.
  12. Yes, that's the one comment that rubbed me the wrong way. But I think he just doesn't 'get' Yuzu, (and didn't do his homework properly of course ^^)
  13. I wasn't too sure of who the commentator was, but yeah, I agree with you on this one ^^
  14. As I said, French people like to complain a lot ^^ and are sometimes a bit too conformist in their view (I remember that one time where I caught up Yuzu on TV during the gala where he was performing Notte Stellata: I was actually quite surprised at the female commentator who was shocked at Yuzu's costume - probably because it was a bit too 'feminine' by her standards). So I think here the problem might be that Yuzu's style of clothing might be a bit too 'flamboyant' ? i.e, a bit too 'Weiresque' ^^. Of course I don't want to create stereotypes, but I must say, for having lived in other countries than my own, there is a lack in freedom in French people's style of clothing that you don't find in other countries. That's how I somehow perceived this remark. However, I think in any case Alban Préaubert (the commentator) didn't necessarily understand the extent to which this programme was a real tribute here, and not simply Yuzu drawing a lot from Johnny because of a lack of inspiration, or worse, personality, as he seemed to imply.
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