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  1. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Happy birthday Yuzu! May you rise and shine again
  2. Hello, since the date is now fast approaching, I'm just reminding people here that my tickets are stil available. I will be at the show too so we can of course meet up with whoever might be interested in purchasing these seats. See you (maybe) around !
  3. Terrapin

    GPF Cheer Project

    Dear Yuzuru, Happy Birthday to you! I send you a bit of my strength and warmth, and wish you all the very best. I thank you for reminding me that nothing is impossible, as long as we work hard to achieve it. Love from France - Terrapin
  4. Terrapin

    100 (and counting!) Reasons To Love Yuzuru Hanyu

    15. For the way he is not afraid of simply being himself: stubborn and charming, hard-working and a dork, a child and a man, sometimes too intense and yet so open and generous, strong and vulnerable, thankful and proud... so famous, and yet so true to himself.
  5. I remember him asking for his autograph and saying « what? I’m his fan! ». Well it’s very heart-warming to see that despite training one of his direct competitors, he is not afraid of openly admiring him this way. His words are my thought exactly
  6. I have to say, the thought flickered in my mind too... And maybe it is the universe's way to stop Yuzu from literally winning everything. Just think about all the victories he could have had with a less fragile physical structure, two healthy ankles and no asthma... But at the same time, Yuzu wouldn't be who he is without all these trials... he's learned to always be stronger than the pain, and he is still learning how to make the best of what he has... Truly an extraordinary person. After all these years following him, my admiration still knows no bounds!
  7. I've just listened to the French commentary and I don't even know why I bothered... I was utterly shocked at what they said: no personality? Ego trip ?? Lack of transitions ??? Saving energy just to do the jumps ???? I think they reached new levels of WT*
  8. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yes, that's the one comment that rubbed me the wrong way. But I think he just doesn't 'get' Yuzu, (and didn't do his homework properly of course ^^)
  9. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I wasn't too sure of who the commentator was, but yeah, I agree with you on this one ^^
  10. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    As I said, French people like to complain a lot ^^ and are sometimes a bit too conformist in their view (I remember that one time where I caught up Yuzu on TV during the gala where he was performing Notte Stellata: I was actually quite surprised at the female commentator who was shocked at Yuzu's costume - probably because it was a bit too 'feminine' by her standards). So I think here the problem might be that Yuzu's style of clothing might be a bit too 'flamboyant' ? i.e, a bit too 'Weiresque' ^^. Of course I don't want to create stereotypes, but I must say, for having lived in other countries than my own, there is a lack in freedom in French people's style of clothing that you don't find in other countries. That's how I somehow perceived this remark. However, I think in any case Alban Préaubert (the commentator) didn't necessarily understand the extent to which this programme was a real tribute here, and not simply Yuzu drawing a lot from Johnny because of a lack of inspiration, or worse, personality, as he seemed to imply.
  11. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think people are becoming more critical now that he is a two-time OGM, but yeah, Yuzu always made it clear that one of his major inspirations was Johnny Weir. He really likes the androgynous beauty and sparkles and has always worn these kinds of apparels. But Yuzuru has definitely made this style his own (the biellman, the inna bauer, the more introspective aspects of his performances etc belong to him, as well as being tributes to other persons who inspire him). Plus, I've always found it funny that his other hero should be Plushenko whose style is so different from Weir's. There is a quiet kind of power in Yuzuru' skating which could be more linked to Plushenko's style. And anyway, these two programmes this year are explicitely dedicated to these two skaters, so of course there 's bound to be some similarities with them.
  12. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thank you for this French version: I don't hear them very often. To sum up for those who don't understand French: the girl and the guy both agree that this programme was very well skated and are both very complimentary of his salchow. The guy emphasizes the fact that the transitions are complex, especially the entry into the triple axel. However, he doesn't like the costume: he thinks it is too similar to the one Johnny Weir wore and thinks Yuzuru should try and find his own style. The girl told him it was probably a tribute to Weir but he wasn't satisfied anyway. Then he said that the step sequence was a bit lacking and that it should be more complex. I found he was a tad harsh and was very French about it ^^(we like complaining ;))
  13. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, I do truly believe that there are deep meanings in most of the programmes Yuzu has been skating so far, especially the ones he skated as a grown up and into which he put so much in himself, simply because this guy overthinks everything. And it is also because he puts his heart and soul in everything he does (and skate) that they feel so special to so many people. This is also what sets him apart in the figure skating world (isn't he the guy who wrote a very long letter to Wilson so that he would agree to choreograph R&J2, which would incidently be connected to R1J1?, the one who absolutely wanted to skate to POTO to show a more powerful side to his skating and who said goodbye to the phantom on his last performance? the one who went to see Mansai Nomura so that he would perfectly understand the character of Seimei but also what 'wa' is and how you should perform it? the one who skated on Requiem in such a way that one commentator truly felt the suffering he was embodying and so on...) So I don't think our analysis are as far-fetched as they may seem at first ^^
  14. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I love Max reaction so much: he was like 'please can you take over and comment instead of me because I am actually speechless' and then started gushing and just couldn't stop himself
  15. Terrapin

    General Yuzuru Chat

    To me Origin means different things that are all connected: It is Yuzu's origins, hence the tribute to Plushenko who himself did a tribute to Nijinsky. It is the origin of the universe in Japanese mythology, hence the idea of Yuzu being a 'demon creator', in the sense that he is able to literally create a universe through his skating. I think it also acknowledges somehow the fact that Yuzu has reached a kind of mythical status thanks to his journey and achievements. All in all, I agree that it can be more difficult to grasp because it may seem more abstract as a concept, but I think you need to see Otonal and Origin as a diptych: Otonal is more emotional while Origin is more abstract, Otonal is softer while Origin is fiercer, Otonal is the androgynous beauty while Origin is the more assertive/ masculine one etc but in the end, both combined, they actually embody what Yuzu is as a whole.