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  1. just gotta pop in real quick to say that the 4Lz is BEAUTIFUL and I'm very happy and excited we finally got to see him do the upgraded version of my favorite jump
  2. Keiji is a man after my own heart. I would love to see vegetable-hating Shoma and Yuhana on one some japanese talk show lol
  3. @ralucutzagy Yes, Akari Matsuoka's spins are jaw dropping! Perfectly centered and incredibly fast.
  4. Since I have little faith in the judges as it is, this idea of an "Artistic Program" just seems to me like a prime opportunity for politicking and for them to give medals to whoever they want, regardless of actual performance.
  5. Can you imagine? He would be even more of a meme than he is now We would need a dedicated Yuzu cam for his reactions
  6. They look like baby birds following their mother /)u(\ this is too cute. The parents in the back look delighted too haha he fills out the Hana ni Nare costume now aah (though when I first saw the pictures I just thought "oh cool old pictures I hadn't seen"... he really doesn't age)
  7. It's gonna take me forever to catch up with this thread /o\ Would I have liked to see new programs? Yes. But honestly, I have rewatched both Seimei and Chopin so many times already and I still haven't grown tired of them. They're superb programs. Anyway, I'm happy to watch him skate to anything he loves. (I had already resolved to sit through POTO 2.0 every competition without complaining, if necessary. Only for you zuzu, only for you) Also his jumps look BEAUTIFUL.
  8. I'm at school and I keep checking this and every time I see the new number of pages I have a mini heart attack
  9. If this was the case it would have happened years ago I think we, the fans, are the ones who are going to end up vomiting them out of our ears, sadly
  10. I don't want a reminder of that awful season either, now that you've mentioned it. I hope you're right
  11. I was under the impression that there was still a lot of time left before the Yuzu season started (w the announcement of his fs) but I just checked the calendar and LOL no I've come to terms with him repeating everything but POTO, because I hate the music and every time I hear it it doesn't leave my head for days... Of course, now that I've said that, that's what he'll probably use, sorry everyone /o\ also, OT but yesterday I saw a pooh dressed like a bee in one of those claw machine games. If I didn't know there's no chance of me seeing him live I probably would have
  12. here's a full report of jun hwan's injuries http://fyeahcjh.tumblr.com/post/163623990257/피겨-차준환-31일-정밀검진아시아트로피-출전-포기 apparently he aggravated previous injuries by training the quads, the pain must have been really bad bc it says he couldn't stand after the fs I'm worried for him, I hope he takes it easy
  13. Satoko's back! :') it's still early but I hope there's no big troubles with her jumps did she perform Wings To Fly too? Because that's the planets' step sequence in the video
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