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  1. tournesols

    [2017] GP Skate Canada - Ladies SP & FS

    love rika's dress! and she's having a good day, yay
  2. tournesols

    General Yuzuru chat

    just gotta pop in real quick to say that the 4Lz is BEAUTIFUL and I'm very happy and excited we finally got to see him do the upgraded version of my favorite jump
  3. Keiji is a man after my own heart. I would love to see vegetable-hating Shoma and Yuhana on one some japanese talk show lol
  4. tournesols


    @ralucutzagy Yes, Akari Matsuoka's spins are jaw dropping! Perfectly centered and incredibly fast.
  5. well, i'm going to sleep. yesterday i got so excited about the WR i knocked myself out at 9 pm, woke up at 11, and finally went to bed for real at 4 am... only to be woken up by an earthquake alert at like 8 am... so i'm tired silver linings, though: i like the new costume better, even if it looks unfinished (it looks better constructed to me), he looked beautiful today and he's definitely not peaking too early
  6. let's be real, that's all everyone is gonna remember from this comp
  7. i'm calmer now and not too worried. i just hope he's healthy and not beating himself up. it's just the first competition!
  8. oh i wonder what could possibly mess with his timing on a 3a
  9. oh another canadian silver for his collection
  10. He had (almost, no wr) the same pattern in boston and he was definitely injured there
  11. i'm the farthest thing from a javier fan but omg i love this program. the "DON QUIJOTE" voiceover is hilarious