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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I am very sad for Yuzuru and for all of us his fans. I can't describe what I feel, so sudden when this accident arrives, with the consequences of his injury and withdraws from NHK. But why JSF took all banners down I don't understand. All banners of all skaters, or only banners of Yuzuru were taken down? They don't like him ? They don't want him on their team? I want to be positive. I pray for his recovery, for his health.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I hope Yuzuru will skate well with 2 beautiful programs and win the gold medal. Also Yuzuru is in good health, strong all the way to win at the Olympics in February.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Me too. I am too nervous to watch live on stream. I follow the results then watch YouTube. The only times I watch live are when I am there in the arena. But such live is much better than YouTube. I pray for his health, good conditions and skate well, two beautiful programs. And win every competition he enters.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    @Geo1 I like your report very much Geo1. You really describe what It was the interaction between Yuzuru and his fans that night. Thank you. Yuzuru must feel less sad that night and proud for the love and support of all his fans. I hope that someone in his entourage told him that all of us his fans feel lucky to be there to see him skate. All the banners hanged around the ice were for him. All the women (and at least one man) young and old were going crazy for him. We feel so elated to see him smile at us when acknowledging our love and support.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    And I love that Elizabeth wears the same model of skates revolution 99 like the ones of Yuzuru. I think that he has a big influence amongst other skaters, male or female. A lot of skaters now wear those skates, especially the men skaters in US, in Canada. Michal Ge wears them, Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon etc..I dare to say that he has more admirers and fans around the world than the number of his fans in Japan. Even in Japan, his fans will travel around the world to see him skate. Many of his fans in Japan has bought the tickets for Skate Canada this year 2017 before the announcement of GP, so they are now stuck with the tickets that nobody want to buy. They travel 10 000 kms, spent thousands of dollars only to see him, not for any other skater.
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Well I would not wish for Yuzuru to get invited some day or some years down the road to fill the spot for retired skater/or guest in Japan Open. He skated in senior since 2011, he has won many gold medals including Olympic and World gold medals, more than any Japanese skater or any skater in the world. Well the organizers of this fake event never invited him to skate in Japan Open. They don't want him for whatever reasons only them know about, or they don't want to say why. It is not about the money, not about the popularity of the skaters. Maybe it is pure jealousy or whatever. They don't need him, they don't want him there at their own event. Yuzuru does not need them either. He can go to any B competition in Canada, in China, in Finland, in US anywhere and make us his fans happy to see him skate. It is the dream of hundreds or thousands of his fans. The JO organisators invited only those skaters they like for years after years. We could assume that JO next year will have the same skaters again like this year or the years before. I don't understand, I don't care anymore. Just out of curiosity.
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I must say that I don't agree with the stylist's taste. You have the most handsome man in figure skating, then you made him wear an old granny cardigan, like an old man. Please take out the cardigan.
  8. My message for Yuzuru at ACI in Montreal: Good health. Good luck. Have the gold medal at Olympics. Love you Yuzuru.
  9. Yes during 3 days Thursday 21/9, Friday 22/9 and Saturday 23/9 of practice and competitions, you can stay in the rinks to watch practice and competitions all day long, from the start or opening in the early morning until the end in the evening, from 8:00am to 11:00 pm non stop. You don't have to vacate the rink or the venue between competitions. Don't forget that there are 2 rinks reserved for Autumn Classic, rink 2 for practice and rink 4 for competitions. There are also at least 2 others rinks number #1 and # 3 inside Sportsplexe where there is others activities skating or hockey's games for other groups. So if you want to not miss to see anything from your favourite skaters, you can go back and forth between those 2 rinks. You can also keep your seat in rink 4 all day if you have a friend who sit next to you and you leave a sweater on your seat when you go out of the rink 4 for lunch or coffee break. Just keep your wristband on your arm safely for entrance of the rinks. For bringing foods inside the rink to eat while watching the competitions, if I remember well from last year, there is no problem at all. You can bring your own foods and water, you can buy foods in the Sportsplexe, at the restaurant Podium just next to the rink 4. Even you can go out of Sportsplexe to have lunch at a restaurant nearby. There is a small shopping mall just next to the arena where there are fast food restaurants like Subway, Tim Horten etc...There is no search of your bag to find foods or water at the entrance. Hope to see you at Sportsplexe soon. Good trip . Travel safely. Bienvenue in Montreal.
  10. Hello @kiches I love your pins. May I ask for one pin when I meet you at the rink of ACI in Montreal. Hello @ Xen For the question about the temperature in the rink side, especially if you take a seat in the first row, near the ice, the temperature is near 0 degre C, like when you are skating on the ice, but you will feel more cold because you are just seating on a wood bench, you don't skate, you don't move. So you have to be prepared to wear warm clothing when you are inside the rink watching skating. For me I always have my winter coat when I go to the rink for watching skating. The best solution is to have some layers, so you can take out one layer if it is warm. The temperature outside the rink is different. Right now, the weather in Montreal in September is very nice, around 20 degrees C. We still wear summer clothing to go outside on the streets, maybe with a pull or vest in case we need another layer. Hope to see you there at the venue Sportsplexe in Montreal.
  11. General Skating Chat

    I think that the skaters who can jump both quad lutz and quad flips are supposed to benefit from those changes, for example Nathan Chen, Uno. Even if their technic on those jumps are not good, they will do 2 quad lutz and 2 quad flips in LP and get good GOE +3 or +5. Other skaters like Hanyu or Boyang Jin will not benefit from those changes, because Hanyu does not do quad lutz or quad flip yet, Hanyu does quad toe, sal and loop, and Jin does not do quad flip but he does quad lutz, toe and sal. I believe that when and if those changes are taking place , in 2022 or after 2022, most of the skaters who are active today will be retired already, especially Yuzuru, so it does not affect him very much. So I don't care very much about figure skating anymore. Just my little ideas about that.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    Thank you @ Mastyaeva for sharing your feelings and your emotions with us. I read the whole document you have written. It is very good reading and I have the same feelings as yours. I was there in Helsinki for the whole week too. It was such an extraordinary experience to witness a miracle and the legendary performances of Yuzuru in both programs, Let's go crazy and Hope&Legacy. In two weeks, we can see Yuzuru again at Autumn Classic International in Montreal, my hometown. I hope you could be there with us who are going. If not, you can watch him on streaming . I will think about you and hoping to give energy and support to Yuzuru like you have done in Helsinki.
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    May I ask you about the interview of Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson and the choreographers Shayleen, David Wilson. What did they say about the programs SP and FP? What is the part of David Wilson in the programs Or he only does the Ex The Swan like last year? I try to read those 100 pages since yesterday, but I may miss this information. Thank you very much. I like both programs. I agree with his choices.
  14. Just read in Planet Hanyu that Javi will go to Autumn Classic to debut his season with Yuzuru. So we can see them debuting both their programs SP and FP. And to see their new costumes. Oh my I thought that it will be quiet like last year, with Yuzuru the only world medalist participating to the competition. I hope Patrick will come too. I am getting more nervous now. The tickets are sold out. Do you think Skate Canada will put more tickets on sale on their website? Or at least they offer more tickets for sale at the venue during the competition in September 20 ?
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    Me too, I have asked my Japanese friend to buy for me both books I and II. I got only book II, because book I is sold out. I do not read Japanese, but no problem for me to look at the beautiful photos. I received a lot of gifts from Japanese fans of Yuzuru during our meetings together at various competitions, many transparent files with photos of Yuzuru, some magazines. They are happy that even I am not Japanese, I have Japan flags small and large, to cheer for Yuzuru. I have also received 3 beautiful banners in silk painting Yuzuru in his costumes of SP Let's go crazy, of FP Hope and Legacy, and of the Ex The Swan, from a Yuzuru's fan, an artist from China. They are all very precious for me.