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  1. Excuse me, I did not understand the question about deal or sponsorship between Kinoshita and Yuzuru. Is it an advertising deal of Kinoshita and Yuzuru? If I remember well, Kinoshita was a sponsor of Daisuke and Shoma. Is it a done deal or only rumour? Thank you for any explanation.
  2. I bought my ticket today, when they open the sale a little after 10:00 am. I choose to buy by phone, so I can talk to the lady on the phone and ask her for the best seat available in Level P3 or P4. She did offer me Section 118 Row F in the P3 price , or in the same Section 118 in Row T for the P4 price. Finally, I took the P4 Level, in Row T. I hope it is a good decision, less expensive anyway. Even if the price is very unfriendly for the fans, World 2020 is in my hometown, about 30 minutes by bus from my home. So I will save money for hotel and travel. I can not miss the opportunity to watch Yuzuru live in competitions again.
  3. OMG Yuzuru is present in my bedroom too, not in pictures on the wall, but in books, magazines, in many clear Lotte files sent to me by my good Japanese friend. I don't know if he will feel more assured, or less traumatized, knowing that he is also loved by many male and females of the ages of his parents or grandparents, like you and me. When my daughter went to visit Japan, she knew what I want as presents. She asked her Japanese friend where to buy books and magazines of Yuzuru and bring me his books and magazines. I remember when I went to GPF in Marseille, I have met many ladies with theirs daughters who are also fans of Yuzuru . Last year at Autumn Classics in Oakville, I went to eat in a restaurant with some ladies, including a Japanese ladie from Japan. She made us all laughing when she told us stories how her daughter aged 40 years old reacted. Because she always watches TV or videos of Yuzuru , so her daughter said : Oh mamie, you watch Yuzuru again!
  4. That what I would do too. I live in Montreal, about 30 minutes by bus or by metro from home to Centre Bell in downtown. I can not miss the opportunity to watch Yuzuru live in competitions. Even if I don't know what I will have to do in March 2020. I will buy the all event ticket in P3 or in P4 level. They are good seats enough for me. They are still in Lower Level, or lower bowl, right? I just want to be in the same building when Yuzuru is competing.
  5. Me too, I will wait until GP assignments before buying tickets for Skate Canada International in Kelowna, B.C. Kelowna is in BC, but quite far from Vancouver, so maybe I can't get direct flights from Montreal. For me ACI in Oakville, Ont is easier to go, direct flight to Toronto only takes less than 1 hour from Montreal. Last year I bought the tickets for SC Int in Montreal before the announcement of GP assignment. So I got Shoma instead of Yuzuru. Not that I don't like Shoma. But he is not Yuzu. And I go to competitions only for Yuzu. For me, it was not a happy experience. I found 3 or 4 days were very long days. I missed about haft the time during the competitions. For World 2020 which il will be in Montreal, my hometown, I hope Yuzuru will be there. I can not miss the opportunity to see him live in competitions in my hometown, so I have to buy tickets. I wished I can buy only tickets for singles men and ladies. All-events tickets for 7 days watching skating is too much time spent in the arena. So I am not ready to buy tickets yet at the beginning of June.
  6. Are you sure it is an old blue bathrobe ? I first thought it was kind of long sweater or something like that. If it is an old blue bathrobe, he is the only one who could look good in an old blue bathrobe over T-shirt and jeans. The least I can say is his taste for clothing is not very expensive. Or he does not care very much for fashion.
  7. Sorry I am an older fan. Me too, I am one of those rowdy aunties. I yelled very loud when I see Yuzuru on the ice, in contrary to my usual self very quiet and calm. Yuzuru makes us a complete person other than our usual self. For the prices of all-event tickets of Montreal comparing to other recent Worlds, I remember the all-event ticket at World in Boston 2016 costed me about 1000$US, with exchange rate from dollars US$ To dollars Canadian$ = it means it costed me in dollars Canadian 1600$. I bought the package tickets and hotel with Dash Tour. I got a seat at Level Balcony 1 or 2, very high up to the ceiling. I also went to World in Helsinki in 2017, I bought the package all-event ticket plus hotel with a Finnish tour. Only the ticket costed me around 1000 €. I got a very good seat in the lower level, not near the ice, but in the row maybe 10 to 15. If you take into account the exchange rate of Euros versus Canadian dollars, it is about the same as the exchange rate of USdollars versus Canadian dollars. So the ticket of Helsinki costed me also 1600$ dollars Canadian, the same amount of Canadian dollars as the tickets of Boston. So I think that the price of the ticket of Montreal, category P3 for the end of 100 L or 200L, at 1300$ dollars Canadian is not so expensive, compared to the tickets of Boston or the tickets of Helsinki, if you are considering the exchange rate between US dollars and Euros versus poor Canadian dollars. You pay less in Montreal than comparing to Boston and Helsinki. And you still get the seats at Lower level, not on the Balcony like in Boston. There are also other categories of tickets P4 and P5. The tickets of category P4 cost around 1035 $ dollars Canadian. The tickets of category P5 cost around 850 $ dollars Canadian. I think it is a bargain for US fans and Fans from European countries with Euros. I hope it sounds more encouraging to fans in US and Europe.
  8. Sorry to try to give very late an answer to the question "Who is the blond lady in this video with Jackie of rocker skating.?" She is Andrea Joyce a sports reporter for NBC Sports Television. She works on figure skating competitions, so she is quite familiar with skating stars as is Yuzuru. She seems to admire Yuzuru very much, not only as a champion, but as a legend who has many fans around the world. Not only he is dominating his sport for many years, like Fererer or Serena in tennis, but nobody is the subject of love and obsession for him like Yuzuru. Jackie said Yuzuru is a rock star.
  9. Thank you yuzuangel. But this place has only one or two beds and they are all booked up already for the same dates from 10-14 September 2019. I checked my previous addresses on booking.com where I stayed last year for ACI, they are all booked already for the same dates in September 2019. And those Homestays have many rooms each, but they are also not available on the dates of ACI 10-14 September 2019. Many hotels in Oakville are booked already. What happens in Oakville? We are not sure if Yuzuru will be there in ACI yet.
  10. Can you give us the address please. Last year I found one Airbnb but quite far from the arena. Is it the same arena like last year? Thank you.
  11. Happy Birthday to Michaelis. I hope your health is staying good for many years. I understand your thinking. I am your age too. It's funny that Yuzuru has fans from all ages. Your post on the situation that faced Yuzuru in his pursuit of skating and winning in future competitions makes me very worried. In light of what happened with the results and the judging at World 2019, I don't see how Yuzuru can win in the future against Nathan Chen. For the judges, a clean Nathan with 4-quad will win over a clean Yuzuru with 4-quad because: 1) Base value of Nathan is higher, 2) The judges will give Nathan more GOE than Yuzuru 3) Even Nathan got the same PCS as Yuzuru for now, maybe in the future Nathan will get more PCS than Yuzuru if he keeps winning competitions, 4) Yuzuru wants to increase his Base value by training and adding others quads including quad axel, quad lutz, quad flip in competitions. But his body, his past and present injuries and his age- now he is 24 compared to Nathan 19- all are making this decision very difficult to realise. He has only 1 or 2 or 3 years to do this. Is it enough time to get all those quads? What can happen to his body? More injuries? 5) Even if Yuzuru try to increase his Base value, does he will get the preference of the judges to give him GOE or PCS competitively compared to Nathan? In the end, I don't believe that is a winning battle. I hope that Yuzuru will think of his health first. His health is the priority. He can not train and win competitions if he is not in good health or he is injured. I pray for his health. Please no more injuries. Sorry for my long post and sad feelings.
  12. I know you mean this as a fantasy, a dream, an imagination, not really a reality to happen. I understand that you are talking about a hypothetical scenario just for fun. So I add my thoughts about this discussion. No offence even If I have to disagree with this scenario. Sorry to disagree. I love Yuzuru, but I love also he keeps his ankle, his health as a priority, not planning to have a SP with maximum score 130 points. In fact, I hope he never again get injuries while practicing to land 4Lutz, 4A, 4Lo. Those are only jumps, impossible jumps without sustaining injuries. I prefer to see him skating beautifully, without falling or injured, with joy in his skating. No need to win every competition. No need to have maximum score. By the way, I hope no skater will try to do this, even Nathan Chen, Boyang, Shoma, anyone. Even if I am not a fan of those skaters,I don't want them to get injured. I want them to skate as long as they want.So we can enjoy their skating without worrying for them being injured all the time.
  13. Hi Nicole or LittleLottie I read the article on Japan Times about fans and you at Helsinki GP 2018. I am very happy for you to be able to go to see Yuzuru in Helsinki. I too hope to see Yuzuru again next year in 2019 in Canada. He has participated in Skate Canada many times, in Autumn Classics at least 3 or 4 times already. I was lucky to be able to see him skate many times in Canada since World in 2013 at Skate Canada and at Autumn Classics. World 2020 , not 2019 sorry, will be in Montreal my hometown, Canada. World 2019 in March 2019 will be in Saitama, Japan. I hope he will get well, heal his ankle and return to competition soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I edit to correct the error.
  14. I am very sad it is confirmed now that Yuzuru is still injured and he has to WD from Japan Nationals. I am only worried for his ankle. I know this is very sad for him to miss Japan Nationals 2018 again for the third year, a competition he wants to participate the most. i don't care what the haters say about him or his WD, even if he is in good health and skate at Nationals, they still are the haters and say what ever their sick mind want to say. We can do nothing about it. In the future, I hope Yuzuru will restrain himself in training, no quad axel or quad loop. I prefer he still skate and compete in good health than being injured. I pray for Yuzuru's good health and happiness in new year 2019.
  15. Really Yuzuru is back in Toronto right now? I am so happy to know he is back to his second home in Canada. He is very loved here in Canada. Happy Birthday to you dear Yuzuru. I hope someone show him the big birthday card that his fans put for him in the bus stop in front of the Cricket Club.
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