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  1. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    Hi AriColby I just called you at your number from USA. We speak to each other on the phone. So the problem of identity is solved. See you tomorrow afternoon at the arena when you arrive. Please drive carefully. Vadrouille
  2. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I want to buy one Saturday ticket. I will be at the arena Thursday morning at 9 :00 am. I will PM you. Thank you.
  3. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I don't have twitter. Can you tell her I will be very pleased to meet her at the arena and give her Friday ticket or wristband. Thank you. Vadrouille
  4. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I will be at the arena tomorrow Thursday to meet a person who agrees to sell me Ticket for Saturday, before the last minute sale of SC . If that does not work out, I will ask you for Saturday ticket. I will know tomorrow Thank you.
  5. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    My ticket for Friday is still available. The person who was interested has changed her plan. Please PM me if you are interested. I will be at the arena tomorrow Thursday to sell my ticket and give you the wristband. Same price: 35$. Thank you vadrouille
  6. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    SOLD I will have one extra ticket for Friday to sell at original value (35 $). I will be at the arena Thursday at the entrance to get my wristbands for all 3 days. Please PM me if interested to buy Friday ticket.
  7. I will have one extra ticket for Friday to sell. Please PM me if interested. I will be at the arena on Thursday to exchange the ticket. Thank you
  8. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I am interested to buy your tickets. I only need Saturday ticket, but I can buy you both tickets if you have your tickets. I don't understand what problem you have to retrieve the tickets when you buy on eventbrite . Usually they give you a receipt and the tickets that you print at home. Then when you present at the arena with those printed tickets and the receipt, you will obtain in exchange 2 wristbands one for each day. If you will be at the arena on Thursday or Friday, it will be easier to deliver the wristbands and get payment by cash. Please PM me and let me know if you want to sell tickets to me and your asking price. Good luck.
  9. Hello Are you going to ACI in two weeks time? Me too. Maybe we will see you there . ruruzest has set up a PM thread called ACI meeting up in the forum. Do you want to join us on the thread for meeting up ?
  10. Hello BrightonDogwoods

    Are you going to ACI in Oakland in 2 weeks? Me too.

    It's cool. We are going to meet maybe there.

    There is a group of fans who are going to Oakville.

    ruruzest has put up a blog on this forum for fans who will go to ACI to organize meeting up there at the arena.

    Do you want to join us in the blog?

    Please PM ruruzest so she will add you to the list.


  11. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I send you PM. I am interested to buy 1 ticket for Saturday. Thank you vadrouille
  12. Vadrouille

    Media Day 2018

    Hello I am quite ignorant about the music of his FP. I know Nijinsky is the name of a famous Russian ballet dancer. Nijinsky is also the name of the free program of Pluschkenko skating to in 2006. But who is the composer of this music? Is he Tchaikovsky or someone else? I like to listen to the audio of this music of FP. For the SP, I always like Otonal music. The tune, the melody are just so beautiful. I remember Maria Buturskaya skating to Otonal longtime ago, before Weir skating to this music in 2006 Olympics. It will be exciting to see his new programs unveiled in Autumn Classics, and the unveiling of his costumes. I can't wait.
  13. I remember last year at ACI in Montreal, Men FP and victory ceremony finished at midnight, so I had to hurry to go catch the last bus to the metro station to return home (I live in Montreal). So this year I don't have to hurry to leave the arena to return to a b&b in Oakville, after men FP and victory ceremony. Also last year 2017 and in 2016 at ACI, there are also competitions for juniors in 4 disciplines, so there were a lot of skating non-stop during 3 days, with the first day Thursday only practice for seniors. By the way, I don't even have a ticket for Saturday, so I will be most of the time in Saturday, hanging around the rink. A friend who has visited the ice rink told me there is a restaurant/bar/coffee just next to the rink inside the Sixteen sports complex, maybe we can have a meet up there at the restaurant after the competitions? Like you, I will arrive in Oakville on Wednesday pm and will leave on Sunday morning too. I won't be able to go to Toronto and back to Oakville round trip for the afternoon/evening. Too much trouble, but it is doable. Good luck and have a good trip in Canada.
  14. I would like to buy a ticket for Saturday September 22 2018 for Autumn Classic in Oakville. I hope someone still has an extra ticket for Saturday to sell. Please PM me. If not, I hope I can still buy the ticket at the event on site. Thank you
  15. To respond to some persons asking about how to buy tickets and book hotels, I think that many posters here have given information how to buy the tickets and to book hotels, air b&b, apartments in Helsinki for GP Finland in Helsinki in November 2-4. so I just resume the information here for you. In general, I think that organizing ourselves to buying tickets and booking accommodation is the best way, we get better tickets, better deal for hotels. For buying tickets, you can buy directly on the website of Finland Skating Association starting on August 1st. If you want to buy the package of tickets and hotel accommodation, you can get information from Bjork & Bostrom, a Finnish agency. They offer tickets and accommodation, but of course, the prices are more expensive than if you can do it by yourself. You can contact: [email protected] Website: www.bjork-bostrom.fi Good luck to you all. vadrouille