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  1. Vadrouille

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yes I agree with you about the taste of Nathalie Pechelat for her own costumes when she did competitions in Ice Dance. I remembered in Sochi Olympics her FD was about Egyptian Mommies and she wears a costume with white bandages like toilet papers. It was quite stunning as bad taste. And she thinks she has the right to dictate what a male skater must wear or can wear in competitions and exhibitions. I can not understand why she complained about the Swan costume of Yuzuru. It was amongst the best costumes ever. Now another French commentator Alban Preaubert(is it his name sorry if I don't get it right?) said that he does not like Yuzuru 's costume because it is blue (same colour as Johnny Weir 's costume in Otonal). Both of them seem very narrow mind to me. They talk only about the costume, not about the skating. Are they commenting like that too with skaters other than Yuzuru? I live in Canada, in Montreal Quebec where French language is our first and official language, before English. I listen more to English programs when there is skating broadcasted on TV, like on CBC or TSN rather than on French television. But our Canadian commentators both in French or in English always appreciate and compliment Yuzuru 's skating, even when Yuzuru competes against our own skater Patrick Chan. Kurt Browning, Carol Lane, PJ Kwong are all big fans of Yuzuru. Sorry for French fans of Yuzuru who have to listen to those two French commentators on TV.
  2. Vadrouille

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

    I am happy for you and all of us to be able to see Yuzuru skating live or on internet SP Otonal and FP Origin and win the gold medal. Otonal is the most beautiful Autumn (also it is Autumn right now in Canada). And maybe next time Origin will also be the most beautiful FP of the year. I hope you will be doing better and you will be at Grand Prix Final next month in Vancouver your hometown. Good health and you can go back home soon.
  3. Vadrouille

    2019 Four Continents Anaheim

    I think that Team Japan for World and Four Continents are the 3 medallists at Japan Championships in December 2018. So if Yuzuru is among the 3 medallists and if he wants to go to Four Continents, the Japanese Federation will be very happy to name him on the team. Among the skaters you have mentioned Shoma, Keiji and Daisuke, I think only Shoma is quite guaranteed to be named in the World team and Four Continents team for Japan because he will be a medallist. Same as for Yuzuru. The other two Keiji and Daisuke are not sure to be a medallist in Japan Championships, in my opinion. We will know in January 2019, after Japan Championships. I hope Yuzuru will go to Four Continents for the happiness of all his fans in America, in the US, Mexico, Canada etc...
  4. Vadrouille

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think that Roman Sadowsky was born in 1999 I believe. So he is 19 y.o. now. He is very tall and handsome. I think he is even taller than Nam Nguyen who is quite tall himself. Two years ago, at a competition Autumn Classics in Barrie, Nam at 17 years old was already taller than Yuzu. Roman and Nam are now training with the same coachs in Toronto. So Yuzuru feels like his younger brothers are growing up bigger and taller than himself. That is why he tried to stand on his toe picks during the victory ceremony in Autumn Classics in Oakville 2018.
  5. Vadrouille

    [2018] Japan Open (06.10)

    Yes if Oda returns to competitions AND if he skates like that at all others GP competitions , he may have the chance to win World Championships and Olympics medals, at least silver. But Japan Open is only one competition, even more show than regular competition, so I don't know if you can anticipate that he will always skate like that in SP and in LP. But joking aside, I don't think Oda is interested in returning to competitions. Why must he return? His life as professional skater suits him more. He has his family with wife and children. He can have other activities like skating in shows, coaching, commentator, doing shows and entertainment on TV and skating in Japan Open for as long as he wants. Japan Open will always invite him and Shoma for Team Japan for many years from now on. I think that he earns more money as professional. He does not have to train everyday like the younger skaters. IMO, There is not a reason to return to competitions.
  6. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    Hi AriColby I just called you at your number from USA. We speak to each other on the phone. So the problem of identity is solved. See you tomorrow afternoon at the arena when you arrive. Please drive carefully. Vadrouille
  7. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I want to buy one Saturday ticket. I will be at the arena Thursday morning at 9 :00 am. I will PM you. Thank you.
  8. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I don't have twitter. Can you tell her I will be very pleased to meet her at the arena and give her Friday ticket or wristband. Thank you. Vadrouille
  9. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I will be at the arena tomorrow Thursday to meet a person who agrees to sell me Ticket for Saturday, before the last minute sale of SC . If that does not work out, I will ask you for Saturday ticket. I will know tomorrow Thank you.
  10. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    My ticket for Friday is still available. The person who was interested has changed her plan. Please PM me if you are interested. I will be at the arena tomorrow Thursday to sell my ticket and give you the wristband. Same price: 35$. Thank you vadrouille
  11. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    SOLD I will have one extra ticket for Friday to sell at original value (35 $). I will be at the arena Thursday at the entrance to get my wristbands for all 3 days. Please PM me if interested to buy Friday ticket.
  12. I will have one extra ticket for Friday to sell. Please PM me if interested. I will be at the arena on Thursday to exchange the ticket. Thank you
  13. Vadrouille

    ACI Tickets Market

    I am interested to buy your tickets. I only need Saturday ticket, but I can buy you both tickets if you have your tickets. I don't understand what problem you have to retrieve the tickets when you buy on eventbrite . Usually they give you a receipt and the tickets that you print at home. Then when you present at the arena with those printed tickets and the receipt, you will obtain in exchange 2 wristbands one for each day. If you will be at the arena on Thursday or Friday, it will be easier to deliver the wristbands and get payment by cash. Please PM me and let me know if you want to sell tickets to me and your asking price. Good luck.
  14. Hello Are you going to ACI in two weeks time? Me too. Maybe we will see you there . ruruzest has set up a PM thread called ACI meeting up in the forum. Do you want to join us on the thread for meeting up ?
  15. Hello BrightonDogwoods

    Are you going to ACI in Oakland in 2 weeks? Me too.

    It's cool. We are going to meet maybe there.

    There is a group of fans who are going to Oakville.

    ruruzest has put up a blog on this forum for fans who will go to ACI to organize meeting up there at the arena.

    Do you want to join us in the blog?

    Please PM ruruzest so she will add you to the list.