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  1. I hope that for next season, after the Covid-19, Yuzuru will finally choose to skate to 2 new programs, SP and FP. I am sad that he chooses to repeat programs quite often, especially for the last few years since 2017 and 2018. He is the star of the sport of Figure Skating, so people looks at him more closely and find out he skates to the same music many times. For Short programs, since the year 2012, how many SP did he has skate to? Étude for one year 2012, then Parisian Walkway for 2 seasons ( 2013, 2014), then Ballade Chopin for 3 seasons (2015, 2016 and Olympic 2018), Let's go Crazy Prince for one season (2017), finally Otonal SP and Origin FP for almost 2 seasons 2018 and 2019, except when he was so disappointed after not so good results in GPF 2019 and Japan National 2019 that he came back to Ballad and Seimei again for 4 Continents and possibly for World 2019 if it was not cancelled. I think that is not a tactic that will bring him good scores and good support from the judges. For the fans, I just want to see him skate to new musics. Just hope that he will let his coaches, his chorégraphers to suggest or bring him some new musics. How many time left before he retired? So please give us new musics and new programs.
  2. What is it? A poll from USFS? But why is Kazuki vs Yuzuru? Where are other skaters especially US skaters to vote for? I think there must be some other names to vote for besides Kazuki and Yuzuru.
  3. Yes that's what I got as answer since I called Evenko today Monday March 16, asking for my refund of my all events ticket. They said that they have processed my refund since Friday March 13. They have deposited my refund in full amount as the amount of my purchase in my credit card account. If there is a delay, it depends on the bank to register my refund on my credit card. It may take up to 5 or 10 days, before the refund appears on my credit card account. So strange isn't it. My credit card is Canadian, from National Bank of Canada. I will wait patiently for my refund.
  4. I bought an all events tickets P3 or P4, for 1085$ including fees of service and taxes. I did not receive the refund yet on my credit card. I check with my credit card, no refund deposit yet. I am in Montreal, Canada. Do I have to call Evenko or wait for more days? Thank you for your reply.
  5. I am going to World 2020 in Montreal. I don't know if the schedule for practice and for competitions is available on the website of Skate Canada. Do you know if Skate Canada has released the schedule from Monday March 16 to Sunday March 22? It seemed to me that the first 2 days, Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17 , are scheduled for practices only, the competitions will start on Wednesday March 18, is it right? Thank you for answering my questions.
  6. In Four Continents 2017, Yuzuru made a mistake in SP, but he won FS where he landed quad lutz, I believe. But the gap scores in SP was more than the more points he gained in FS, so Nathan won the gold medal with one or two points more in total, not much points difference. I also remember Yuzuru won a silver medal 2 more times, one in Four Continents 2011, the second time in Four Continents 2013, and of course the third silver medal in Four Continents 2017.
  7. @ Rockstaryuzu Today Friday we have a big snow storm in Montreal, so no mail distribution. I did not receive my physical all events ticket delivered by regular mail yet. Do you receive yours?
  8. I don't watch American TV, I don't watch NChen programs on YouTube, so I am not aware of Weir comments on NChen the King or his opinion about NC will steal the quadAxel from Yuzuru. For me, maybe it's only a joke or wishful thinking of Johnny. I dare Nathan to train the quadAxel. He will get injured or this training will not help him to keep his consistency, his biggest ammunition and the great excuse for the judges to give him candies in GOE and PCS. Anyway, NChen does not need quadAxel to win every competition. He will win everything with the love of the judges. Also, I don't give much importance to the notion of "tribute " to Yuzuru 's choice of skating to Otonal and Origin. Maybe he simply like the music, it reminded him of the memories of seeing Weir and Pluschinko skating to it when he was young.
  9. You know PCS 48.40 is good for Yuzuru or everyone else in skating today. Only The Chosen One of ISU judges can go beyond 49 or 50 PCS. You all know his name. I am sorry I am bad. But that anger and frustration make me so mad.
  10. Hi Do you receive your all events ticket by regular mail? I am anxious. I am still waiting for my all events ticket by regular mail. I am from Montreal, not far away from Centre Bell. Please keep in touch. Thank you
  11. Me too, still waiting for my all-events ticket ordered since June 2019, to be delivered by regular mail. I checked my mail box every day. What can I do to complain to ISU because they are "the production" who take care of sending out tickets by electronic or by mail?
  12. I agree with you. In my opinion, Yuzuru considered his ideal of skating as a complete package with artistic, athletic sides of skating, also expressing the music. So maybe this requires more difficulties than simply one side of skating ,like athletic skating with 5 or 6 quads in a program.These days, the judges prefer athletic skating, like Chen, so they give him all the candies, high BV, GOE +5 for all his jumps, PCS maximum 9.9 or 10. Nobody can beat scores like that. So for me, Yuzuru can skate to any programs he likes and give him confidence, make him happy. I don't hope for a win against Chen. Just enjoy Yuzuru 's skating. Hope he is healthy and happy.
  13. I am a big fan of Yuzuru. For me, it is sad that he changed his programs to go back to his old programs at Four Continents next week, with the hope for better scores and win. With no Chen, Uno, Zhou in Four Continents, he has every chance to win it with his present programs Otonal and Origin. He does not need to go back to old programs. If the epidemic Coronavirus and all the limitations for travelling from China, We don't even know if Team China will arrive in Seoul next week for Four Continents. I think that for winning the next Worlds in Montreal in March 2020, whatever programs Yuzuru will be skating to, he can not win against Chen and all the judges. When both Chen and Yuzuru are 100%, Chen will win with a good margin, let's say 5 to 10 points in Total scores, because of his BV, GOE and PCS that he received from the judges, be it unfair or not. That is the way the judges want it.In case Yuzuru makes mistakes like in SP and FS like in GPF, the gap in Total scores will be bigger, like what happened at GPF. I don't hope for a change in the judges mentality for now, today or March 2020.
  14. I have ordered a physical all-event ticket to be delivered at home by regular mail. So I expect it will take a while to arrive yet, maybe in one week. But I understand that the all-event ticket includes everything, from practices to competitions and the gala, everyday from March 16 to March 22. Do I understand correctly? Do I need to buy single-day practice tickets also? Thank you to have your explanation.
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