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  1. Too bad for Liza Tukk. With the young stars ladies like Trusova, Aliona, Anna, Alina, she will never go to World or Europe again in Team Russia. So she musk say her admiration for Nathan on Facebook Twitter.
  2. I will go to World in Montreal to support Yuzuru. But I will not watch Nathan skate. I will get out to drink a coffee when it is his turn. I don't want to hate the judges and their favourite Nathan to the extent not good for my health. Happy Birthday Yuzuru.
  3. Excuse me Ghislain I don't know the reason of your late arrival at the competition. I don't have any right to feel bad about you, but I am sad for this to happen to Yuzuru. Even if the missed combo 4toe+3toe is only an accident, not your fault, but I feel very sad for Yuzuru. He did not received the support of all his coaches when he needed the most.
  4. Any news from Ghislain or from Brian Orser and Tracy? I can understand that Ghislain is right now in a situation that he can not make it to Torino for FS tomorrow. But I do hope that he make the efforts to talk to Yuzuru, to Brian and Tracy and asking them to go to Torino. Even they can not be considered as a coach for Yuzuru standing at the board, or sitting in the K&C. It doesn't matter. It is their duty to stand there for Yuzuru. I hope that Yuzuru will have a beautiful free program and stay healthy after this competition.
  5. I don't understand what happened with the 3 coaches. Where is Ghislain? Is he still stuck somewhere in Canada or somewhere in Europe, trying to take a plane to Torino? What happened with Brian Orser or Tracy Wilson staying in Canada? They can come to Torino, even only to support him, but not as a designated coach? Is this the reason why they don't fill they have an obligation to be with Yuzuru, because he has preferred to designate Ghislain as his coach in Torino?
  6. I am worried. I don't want to speculate, but why Brian Orser can't go to GPF in case Ghislain can't go because of some reason beyond his possibilities to make it. In case Ghislain can make it to Torino, then Brian can go back to Canada. Hope for the best. Yuzuru in good condition, stay healthy and skate two beautiful programs. And he will will the gold medal.
  7. So according to this source, Yuzuru is supposed to have only one coach, this is Brian Coach, not Author Coach , by rules of GPF this year. Who is Author Coach, not Ghislain? But Brian or Ghislain can not be there, and the SP is tomorrow, in less than 10 hours time. There is no snow storm in Toronto right now. Well, is there a reason for this? Suddently, no Brian, no Ghislain, no Tracy. I am worried.
  8. Good trip to everyone who are so lucky to be able to travel to Torino to support Yuzuru. I wish you all to have nice trip, scream very loud and throw lot of Pooh on the ice, and sing Happy Birthday to Yuzuru. I hope we can watch live streaming in Canada , not geoblocked, on ISU channel or on CBC channel. I don't have vpn. I rewatched TSN fluff and competitions SP, FP of Yuzuru on YouTube. In the interview of Yuzuru after SP, the interviewer asked Yuzuru his impressions after his SP, is he happy with the results etc... He said that yes he is happy, with so much fan girls, so many Poohs bears on the ice. So he acknowledged he has many fan girls. I think he has also many fanboys too. I know a Japanese lady, friend of mine in Japan. She is on her way to fly to Torino. She missed NHK Trophy because she got no tickets, also she must go to hospital. Now she is better and her doctor said she can go to Torino. She said that it is very difficult in Japan to buy tickets for competitions NHK Trophy, Japan Nationals, maybe because lot of Chinese fans try to buy tickets on lottery for themselves too. She is happy that Yuzuru has many fans outside Japan too. She got only J.Nat for Ladies, not for Men. So happy for all the fans who are going to Torino. Good luck for all. Good health and pray for the gold medal.
  9. I am from Montreal, Canada. May I ask a question for the live streaming. Do we have live streaming of ISU and of CBC also? I don't have vpn. I would love to be able to watch live stream from ISU or fromCBC without vpn. Thank you.
  10. Yes I agree with you. JMedia considered Yuzuru and other Japanese athletes just like a machine or a racing horse. They always talk about scores, why don't you break World Record, your competitors are better than you....They never say nice things about him. They don't know that other journalists and commentators (like Rod Black of TSN in Canada, the one on the broadcast of Skate Canada recently with Tracy Wilson) talk about Yuzuru with respect, admiration, love, rock star. I think they took him for granted, no respect, no love. They say bad things about him, they go as far as writing about fake news, alternative truths. It is too bad Yuzuru can not change nationality. He is proud of Japan, but not with their journalists. We Canadians will adopt him anytime. We are so proud that Yuzuru lives in Canada most of the time for training and competitions. He spent less time in Japan, so hopefully he is not so exposed to the bad mentality of JMedia. I am sorry to have negative comments about JMedia.
  11. Excuse me, I am in minority here. But my prayers are that Yuzuru stay in good health, NO INJURY, No practice of new jumps like 4Lutz, 4Axel. I don't care about Nathan winning with 5 or 6 quads. I just want to see Yuzuru in good health, no injury, so he will go to GPF, to Worlds 2020. I don't care about Nathan winning or not winning. Life is not just about winning. Good health must be most important to Yuzuru, to everybody.
  12. Thank you. so I have to wait to watch video on YouTube later. I have tried some links like Chinese link qqq and Russian link. But they don't work either. I watch on iPad. I don't have VPN.
  13. Please give me a link to watch from Montreal, Canada. The stream live of ISU on YouTube does not work for me. geo block for Canada? Thank you
  14. I did not watch TSL, but I am curious to know what they mean by saying "Hanyu is screwed" ? Do they mean that Yuzuru is now screwed by the judges who will call his quads under rotated, justified or not, to lower his TES , GOE and also PCS, because for the judges more TES = more PCS. Or they mean "screwed" as to say that Yuzuru is now weakened, not as good as their American favorites like Nathan and Vincent? Either way, It is their opinion, they always say bad things about Yuzuru and many other skaters who are not their favourites. Thank you for your explanations.
  15. Wow The Japanese fashion always surprise me for its imagination. When I watch some videos of Japanese television shows, the artists, skaters, hosts, presentators...always dressed in such crazy manner we don't see in others countries. But for a photo for commercials, how can they think to put a person so beautiful in such monstrosity ? But the person himself, in this case Yuzuru with his good taste and elegance, or his mother, can not tell the photograph the costume is so ugly he does not want to put on? For me it looks like a nightmare, the costume, the photo, the makeup, the face, the body, the lighting, everything. They can make a beautiful person looks ugly.
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