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Poll - When/How did you become a fan of Yuzu?

When did you became a fan of Yuzuru?  

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Because of YOI tbh,sometimes I feel not welcomed because of this.Some harsh words towards the anime make me sad. I encountered some fans dissing yoi in my posts. I was wondering what they would react if I told them the truth.Anyway I love yuzu, I just ignore these ppl and move on

Oh, don't be sad. Many ppl discovered Yuzu through YOI. Good thing that you find him. What others say is not that important! :console:

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Because of YOI tbh,sometimes I feel not welcomed because of this.Some harsh words towards the anime make me sad. I encountered some fans dissing yoi in my posts. I was wondering what they would react if I told them the truth.Anyway I love yuzu, I just ignore these ppl and move on

Good for you :) there's no shame in becoming a fan because of an anime. I personally like yoi too but can understand why some fans find it annoying when ppl mention yoi all the time. I don't know if you saw when some yuzuru fans changed his Wikipedia page and put his name as Yuri Katsuki, but that's probably why most fans don't take kindly to comparisons with yoi and real life skating. Sorry for being off topic. But it's great learning how everyone became a fan of our dearly beloved citrus fruit

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Because of YOI tbh,sometimes I feel not welcomed because of this.Some harsh words towards the anime make me sad. I encountered some fans dissing yoi in my posts. I was wondering what they would react if I told them the truth.Anyway I love yuzu, I just ignore these ppl and move on

Oh, don't be sad. Many ppl discovered Yuzu through YOI. Good thing that you find him. What others say is not that important! :console:

True, just look at the numbers on the poll, I would bet a good part of the '2016/17 season" are people who discovered him through YOI, and I feel the YOI bashing from some FS fan is not mean spirited but (maybe?) frustration of seeing a fiction depict somehting they like without the accuracy they would want.

As long as fiction is seperated from reality and no amalgam are done (like this Yuzu is Yuuri thing) FS fans won't have a problem with people coming from the YOI wave

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Turned into hopeless fan in January 2017 (no Yoi related, though I later watched that too). Here is my personal descent to hell (or ascent to heaven?)


The first time I watched figure skating was Turin Olympics 2006 because...well, because they were home games :yes: .

I fell in love for Totmianina&Marinin’s RJ (that music was fated :love:) . I also noticed “the cute swiss guy who got silver”, “the Russian guy with a big nose who according to the commentators has wonderful step sequence and is pretty much the best out there (but he couldn’t win my heart over the cute swiss guy, sorry not sorry) and the japanese lady who did that cool thing with her back (layback InaBauer, definitely fate there too :bow: ). Yet for years I merely enjoyed watching FS occasionally (let’s say once a year when TV broadcasts an Ice show during Christmas :s_blush). I admired the whole concept of “dancing on the ice”, but I felt bored with most of the programs...


I completely skipped Vancouver (don't ask me how, I don't know :rofl2:) but someway I ended watching the whole Sochi women event (and all of the drama). Actually I did stumble by chance in men's LP and this Japanese guy with a ridiculous costume :wtf: (yep, fate :shock:) being introduced as the favourite for gold before the LP. I clearly remember turning off the tv with a scoff after the second fall.:embSwan:

Yeah, I know, karma is a bitch. :roll:


Years passed, and I downloaded a few FS performances (mainly Yuna Kim) because I wanted to show them to my family. Then I got curious and I wondered what the winners from Sochi were doing (I was still bitter at Yuna’s silver, I admit it) and so I re-discovered “the weird Japanese guy with the awful costume who fell a lot”.:rofl2:

I found his PW SP and even if at first I heartly disliked the music I was blown away by the sheer energy, speed and everything that makes PW special. I still marvel at how Yuzuru manages not to trip in his feet while launching in his huge jumps, contorting in his spins and flying on the ice (that step sequence looks still insane. By the way I have the same feeling about LGC: how on earth one cannot trip with all of THAT?). Then one video led to another and I ended watching all of Yuzuru Hanyu’s programs, and then I started searching for different commentaries, and then watching fan videos, then his interviews, documentaries, etc etc etc ...and here I am :drool: :whiteflag:


Now I feel the need to spread the Yuzu love all over the world. :grin: :s_yahoo :twisted:

It has been a long journey (and it’s only been four months :omg:). I’m gonna die next season. I was already shaken by 4CC, WC and WTT, I really have no idea how (if) I can survive a whole season (and the Olympic one!!!)

My poor heart... :cry: :crybaby:

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It's so interesting to read everyone's stories :space: I first heard of Yuzu during the Sochi olympics, I have vague memories of watching Parisienne Walkways (maybe on TV?) and finding out that he won. At the time I was a super casual watcher of figure skating so I didn't get hooked right away, but randomly in the beginning of 2016 I was like "I wonder how that Japanese guy is doing?" So I looked him up on Youtube and the first videos that came up were from the 2015 GPF. After that the rest is history :smile: I started watching more and more videos after that and the first competition I watched live on TV was worlds 2016 (I cried after the FP though :cry: ). I wish I became a fan earlier but I'm glad I rediscovered him in time to continue to follow him in competition c: He is such a wonderful person, both on and off the ice. The more I learn about him the more my love for him grows! He's also inspired me to take Japanese and skating lessons which are both thoroughly enjoyable, so I'm thankful to him for helping enrich my life as well.


Also as an interesting side note, years before I started following Yuzu my girlfriend gave me a Winnie the Pooh plushie from Disneyworld. Now that I've become a fan, I always squeeze it every time I watch him compete! Can't help but think that I was meant to become a Yuzu fan :smile:

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I follow figure skating since Nagano Olympics (love winter sports). For many years just watched Olympics, Worlds and Europeans mostly cheering for sportsmen from my country. I think I always enjoyed men's the most since epic Plushenko/Yagudin battle, also liked Lambiel, Takahashi and others. But never thought I would follow to another country just to watch FS competition or wake up in the middle of the night to stress about SC))

And then season 2011-2012 came and I think my TV just started to show GP series around that time (or maybe a year before I don't remember) that's how I saw young Romeo at 2011 CoC for the first time :love: I was impressed by his musicality, flexibility and beautiful spins and then I saw his cute face in kiss and cry :devil: Was lucky enough to visit FS at CoR that season and was completely swept away during Nice 2012. Already found some info about Yuzu by that time but not so many. After that I think I love him more and more every season cuz he is just that amazing :pbow: not only as figure skater but also as a person :space:

I also was at the GPF 2015, GPF 2016 and in Helsinki - that's the memories I'll never forget (especially Helsinki FS - never felt such an energy and emotions from the audience before at the sporting event).

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hello everyone! i started watching FS after YOI as well. i wanted to see what real figure skating looked liked so i started out googling patrick chan (for some reason i remembered his name) & olympics, found out that he was the silver medalist, and HAD to know who got the gold. one video after another and now i'm hooked. i even got my husband to join in on the fandom. :yay: :yay:

:hachimaki: :space:


ps. i've never been on a forum before but these yuzusticker are awesome!!

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I checked season 2015/16 as it's during that season I got really involved into watching figure skating (and yes, because of Yuzu). But I saw his Sochi SP for sure and PotO (I'm a fan of the musical), though they didn't make me stay up to date with skating (I had major fandom interests at that time). And in my country figure skating isn't transmitted by TV (like, at all; I live in Europe if anyone wonders), so if you want to watch fs you first have to find where and how to watch it)

I don't know what changed during 2015/16 season, but I finally got into watching figure skating - and here I am)


Figure skating per se I like since my childhood as my mother was watching it (there were TV-transmissions then).

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I've shared my story before *cough* but let's do it again lol. Once upon a time I knew nothing about figure skating... I've vaguely heard of Yuna Kim and Johnny Weir but I don't really know what they do.


One day in late January 2017, I flew to another city for work and visited a friend living there - she'd recently became a fan and she showed me Yuzuru's performances and interviews non-stop for 2 days. I thought that he skates beautifully, has a wonderful personality and a very intriguing story, but I never expected to fell down this pit so quickly! But on the flight back home I couldn't stop thinking about Chopin 2.0 and Seimei.... once I arrived I started asking my friend for more! more! more! Now I'm stuck and can't escape from Planet Hanyu :yay:

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¡Hello! I'm Cristal from Argentina, a country where figure skating isn't even practiced as a sport, there are rinks in the south of our country but people go skating for fun or as a tourism activity...But my mather is a huge fan of Plushenko so I liked figure skating since I was a child. When my family finally got an internet connection I began doing a research of many of my interests, one of them, figure skating. I came across this video of the free program of a 15 old boy who just won the World Junior Championship and...I don't know...I just saw something very special in him. I saw him on 2009 on some videos but I mostly focused on Plushenko because I wasn't invested in Juniors field yet. That was the point I became a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu. He's...different. There's a light in him. It broke my heart and thoughts with worry when I knew about the 2011 earthquake. I worried about Japan entirely and its people, of course. But there was the thought of him being from the most destroyed city as well. I almost never missed a competition since then, the ones I couldn't watch because of school, but followed result by result live via twitter. I was 12 years old when he became my hero. My first great role model. I feel like I grew up with him, thus he have a giant section of my heart. I cried many times with him, mostly of happiness. He's such an incredible image of strenght and perseverance. I chose him as my inspiration and greatest admiration. I would chose him a million times again. And I feel proud of being here, with him (In the distance) almost from the beginning, and it warms my heart to see so many people loves him. He deserve that, he deserve all that love and to achieve everything he proposes to himself. Because he fights for it. Really hope to see him performing live sometime in my life. It's a life goal for me.

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I am also one of those people who first watched YOI. While I was browsing through the YOI tag on tumblr, I found a couple of posts about Yuzuru, there was also one about Javi and somehow I remembered Patrick's name even though I didn't watch Sochi Olympics. So, anyway, those posts (thanks to everyone who posted them in the YOI tag) made me know something about figure skaters so I knew those three names when I watched GPF16. I only watched the free skate. So there was Shoma, who landed pretty much everything, then there was Adam who struggled a lot, then Nathan (I didn't understand a lot of things about FS so I really liked both him and Shoma during that competition, ah, what a time). Then there was Yuzu. From tumblr I knew that he was an amazing skater, so I expected a clean skate and, well, that didn't happen. Somehow at this point I was already rooting for him (I probably have watched his Sochi SP by this time, but I don't remember tbh), so I was really worried whether he's going to win. Then, well, Javier and Patrick didn't do so hot. Yuzuru won, I was really happy for him, and since then I started watching his performances, got into figure skating and completely stopped caring about YOI.

This is also why H&L will always be a special program for me - because it was the first one I saw.

Also it's funny how during this competition I liked those who delivered clean performances and now when I think about what those clean performances consist of... well, I don't like them all that much now.

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I feel so bad and weird that I became a fan of Yuzu because of CoC 2014 accident. I saw the picture of Yuzu with head bandage in the Japanese article and I was familiar with his face (I saw him before when he won Sochi). Even though I only follow Japanese music fandom but at that time suddenly my twitter timeline exploded with that new , so I'm curious and I wanted to know what happened. Google translate didn't help so I tried to find any forum or group about him and joined it. Found out what happened, who is he, surprised at how great is he. Then my first competition was NHK 2014 which made me soo devastated because he didn't get on the podium OMG. Only to find out that it's not big deal he's still qualified to GPF lol, and I continued to watch GPF 2015 until now. Once you know Yuzu you can't go back so here I am. I may be not a fan of figure skating, but I'm a fan of Yuzuru Hanyu :)

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I was persuaded by my daughter to watch "Yuri On Ice". I was curious what two Japanese skaters are the prototype of Yuri? When I read, I watched Yuzuru skating - I'm just done! There's no day from now on, so I don't spend time with my laptop, phone or tablet. Most of the time it takes Yuzu. My daughter has already forgotten that she's waiting for another YOI season, but I'm crazy about this wonderful phenomenon - Yuzuru! Earlier I forgot many years of skating. I didn't watch anything, because in my country skating is almost dead.


I am grateful to my daughter for showing me YOI :love:

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I think most YOI fans who got into figure skating became hanyu fans hhh that's great

I discoreved hanyu when I caught a glimpse of the last minute of his POTO during the 2015 worlds on French tv and I was mesmerized, he already had such a presence, I hadn't watched any figure skating in a long time and the 2010 Oympics podium made me hate the sport hh, I think hanyu is the only skater who has the power and magnetism that plushenko had :bow:

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