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  1. My mom and I are going to try and come too, Paris-Helsinki flight are not that out of reach, just have to figure out how to break to the rest of my family that we are ditching them during the holidays to see a 23 years old swan-troll. That would be our first time seeing Yuzuru live.
  2. Kagme

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well, I took me a tad more than a year of constant gushing, so it can happen to your relatives at any point
  3. Kagme

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Good grief, I have created a monster ! a few pages back I was telling that my Mom now called me at random to talk about him and that she woke up in the middle of the night to watch him skate... and now she is a fulled fledged fan ! She is talking animatedly to everybody about scoring problems and artistry and transitions, she can rant and rant about how Yuzuru is so above everybody else that it is ridiculous, she asked me for the link of every competition he was in and watching with different commentaries. Then she quotes her favorite to send them to me xD When she is bored or wake up randomly at 3 a.m, she is looking up competitions and videos about scoring or jumps technique. Right now I was giving her a link of the whole Olympic men fs and she answered « thanks, you the abominable daughter who converted me to the incomparable Yuzu ». I wouldn’t even be surprised if she started lurking here at some point she he also asked me when was his next competition, and I think she want to come with me, wherever it is, to see him
  4. Kagme

    General Skating Chat

    Hey guys, this is but I would like to know where I can rewatch all The Olympic performances ? Not juste Yuzu’s ?
  5. Does any of you know to what correspond the blue and red bracelets ? Is there a place you are supposed to get it ?
  6. Oh. Well thank you, there goes 300€
  7. Hello, before I launch myself in the answer google can provide for me, do any of you know how to try and get a refund ? I have an exam on the day I was supposed to leave and I can’t seem to be able to resell my tickets Thank you very much
  8. It took me almost a year of constant gushing and the OG for my family to finally become fan. Now my Mom and aunt call me at random to talk about him
  9. Hey guys, I have very good tickets for men sp and fs, plus gala (it was my birthday gift), and until the last minute I thought I could go, but I now have a final exam on the day of the sp, and the morning after the gala, so I could only go to the free if I wanted, and I can’t afford or ask my family for travel expense for just one event. I don’t know if here is the right place, but if any of you are interested by platinum ticket, mp me !
  10. Kagme

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have been talking about figure skating to my Mom for more than one year, and she has always thought it was pretty from afar but nothing else. But since she knew how important it was for me, she followed the Olympics with me, woke up at 5 am to watch Yuzuru even though we are in very different part of the country, she and I. And since then, we have been talking non stop about figure skating, and she’s suddenly sooo passionate ! She looked up the performance of others she woke up too late to watch and compared all of them to Yuzuru, saying he has a unique presence, he is the ultimate performer, and she was crying in the end. I have never seen her like that. And right when I am typing that, I received a text from her telling me that her guilty pleasure was watching old programs from him and Helsinki fs and concluded : This guy is the absolute Rock Star of Figure Skating. He really has a power to draw people to him. -edited to correct typo & grammar issues-
  11. Kagme

    Planet Hanyu Banner Contest!

    I have a soft spot for Parisienne Walkways... But I think it is because I love Paris just a tad too much
  12. Kagme

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    I am so turning this into a smilie Please do :rofl2: OMG so much judgment in one photo :rofl2: the more you look at it the better it get. Pooh is the only one who doesn't seem to be concerned
  13. What area of arts do you hope to specialize in? I'll probably choose Photography/ painting (I need to choose two areas obligatory next semester) but I hope to take as much drawing classes as I can since it's what I really enjoy the most. I really wanted to do visual art at one point ! But my mom said I had no talent in drawing and art things, so it was a no. But in the end, stuying marketing and media, I might cross that field a bit. I have some trouble to say what I really studied sometimes because I did a lot of litterature and philosophy in prépa (a kind of really intense course of two years after highschool in France) but also a lot of mathematic, some physics and engineer sciences. Then humanities and languages. A lot. And know buisness and marketing. So I have no deep knowledg in anything bbut just touched a little of everything. Sometimes I don't really know what I am doing with my life :')
  14. Kagme

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Wow, finaly caught up with the thread. I am soooo happy about FaoI :yay: I trust him to take care of himself sine his health seems to be really important for him now, and I can't wait the viewing :pbow: :pbow: Also, wow 100 in barely a week, and this is just the main thread !