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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I have been talking about figure skating to my Mom for more than one year, and she has always thought it was pretty from afar but nothing else. But since she knew how important it was for me, she followed the Olympics with me, woke up at 5 am to watch Yuzuru even though we are in very different part of the country, she and I. And since then, we have been talking non stop about figure skating, and she’s suddenly sooo passionate ! She looked up the performance of others she woke up too late to watch and compared all of them to Yuzuru, saying he has a unique presence, he is the ultimate performer, and she was crying in the end. I have never seen her like that. And right when I am typing that, I received a text from her telling me that her guilty pleasure was watching old programs from him and Helsinki fs and concluded : This guy is the absolute Rock Star of Figure Skating. He really has a power to draw people to him. -edited to correct typo & grammar issues-
  2. [TV Broadcast] HYOEN 2017 ーBasaraー

    I just got in the begening that there was a new birth, and then something about a new country that was discovered.
  3. Planet Hanyu Banner Contest!

    I have a soft spot for Parisienne Walkways... But I think it is because I love Paris just a tad too much
  4. Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

    I am so turning this into a smilie Please do :rofl2: OMG so much judgment in one photo :rofl2: the more you look at it the better it get. Pooh is the only one who doesn't seem to be concerned
  5. What area of arts do you hope to specialize in? I'll probably choose Photography/ painting (I need to choose two areas obligatory next semester) but I hope to take as much drawing classes as I can since it's what I really enjoy the most. I really wanted to do visual art at one point ! But my mom said I had no talent in drawing and art things, so it was a no. But in the end, stuying marketing and media, I might cross that field a bit. I have some trouble to say what I really studied sometimes because I did a lot of litterature and philosophy in prépa (a kind of really intense course of two years after highschool in France) but also a lot of mathematic, some physics and engineer sciences. Then humanities and languages. A lot. And know buisness and marketing. So I have no deep knowledg in anything bbut just touched a little of everything. Sometimes I don't really know what I am doing with my life :')
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Wow, finaly caught up with the thread. I am soooo happy about FaoI :yay: I trust him to take care of himself sine his health seems to be really important for him now, and I can't wait the viewing :pbow: :pbow: Also, wow 100 in barely a week, and this is just the main thread !
  7. I aspire to possess that persevering mindset one day! I do watch anime too (lol) and some phrases do stick in my head after a couple of times hearing them. They're mostly unusable irl though :rofl2: Oh, how I can relate :rofl2: before begining to be serious about it, except basic words, the only sentence I could say was akuma no shitsuji desu (Sorry, I don't have my japanese keyboard, so it will be romanji) from Kuroshitsuji, and when exactly in life do you have the opportunity of saying 'I am a butler of hell' :rofl2:
  8. omg i agree! i wanna learn different languages but it's like "omg i wish i had infinite time!!!" and also, all you people who speak 10000000000000 languages! how do you do it? i envy people who can absorb languages like a sponge! i know how important maths is but i have never had talent in it ... numbers are confusing for me... i struggle with math, really struggle with it ... my struggles in math were LEGENDARY in high school :cry: i drove all my math teachers crazy because no matter how many times they try to explain, i still have trouble understanding it it made the people in my class annoyed because they wanted to move on quickly and they didn't like that the teacher took so much time explaining to me... the people in my class used to laugh at me because every time we get test papers handed back i'm always the last one... i had to hide my test papers and reports because people would wave it around and laugh :cry: even now years later, i can do basic high school math and that's about it... *SIGH* Wow... That is... on another scale of immature, young people together can really be the most kind of unnecessarily cruel
  9. omg it is officially time for me to contemplate my life choices rn :cry: :rofl2: and good luck with arabic, Kagme. I read that it's in the top 5 most difficult-to-learn languages :bow: (just looking at its alphabet and my patience has already deflated) :rofl2: Well I am still stuying and pretty much dedicate my life to it (when I am not watchin Yuzuru's program for the umpteenth time) because my class are very easy right know, so I don't have that much credit Yeah I saw it was among the most difficult to learn but well, I am not one to back off in front of a challenge, and there is a certain form of elation in learning a new alphabet, just being able to read something in a different alphabet, even if don't really understand feels like a game, or cracking a code :yay: EDIT : and since at a time most of the Russian aristocraty spoke French there are a lot of words that resemble french and I can understand more easily. As for Japanese, well there are only a certain amount of animes you can watch before begnining to unerstand the language and pick up some thing, so it made easier too
  10. *sigh* i feel envy for people who can speak many languages too! i love to learn languages but it's veeeeery sloooooow progress for me! :cry: :cry: :cry: Yes, Japanese is like my number one goal too, but it's sooooo hard (and i have no time, and no stamina, and no patience :rofl2: ). But there are so many other interesting languages, one life wouldn't be enough! Even though I study economics and marketing right now I did humanities, mathematics and languages before and I have un undying passion for foreign languages :love: I feel I will never have the time to learn everything I want to >< I am already jugling with Russian and Japanese right know and I am waiting to have a bit ma mastery of those before tackling somehting else like Arabic or Korean since I already have French, English and basic Spanish understanding (it helps that it very close to french most of the times)
  11. The Meme Thread

    Where does that gif come from ? I can see NHK but which year ? If anyone know, thanks :space: NHK 2015 :space: From min. 06:35: Thank you ! :D Also, Wow, the toxic edit was perfect !
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I had the weirdest dream today where there was a curse on the whole planet and the only cure was to solve a giant sudoku on the ice (like, each case of a classic sudoku was another sudoku) and instead of numbers, there were jumps name, and to resolve it one had to carve the letters with skates then jump it. And since there was a 4A, everybody just turned to Yuzu with Princess Leïa face in Star Wars and "Yuzuru Hanyu... You are our only hope" And Yuzuru was "Okay, I will do it, that's mine to resolve" :hachimaki: And the rules to resolve it were so complicated that everybody else just gave up and only our neird Yuzu was still stuying it. But then he said there was something very important he needed to do before trying... And that was to hug someone. Then it was pretty much chaos because everybody wanted to give him the hug :rofl2: What followed is church classified But in the end he managed to save the world by solving the giant sudoku and doing 4A after 4A
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    I think I remember him saying that he wanted to try other thing and that he was interested in other sports beside figure skating. (And we can come back to Yuzu doin Kyudo, that would be pleasing to the eye) And I love that french saying, it can aswer a lot of ridiculous hypothesis
  14. Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    Ça fera parti de son entraînement off-ice cette année :') entre deux 4A il se fera des interview fictive en anglais sur lesquelles il gardera des notes sur ce qu'il peut améliorer J'avais commencé le japonais par goût pour la langue et je n'avais pas de pression sur la vitesse à laquelle mon niveau devait monter, mais avec toutes ces interview, émission sur lui et son éloquence ça me donne très envie de progresser plus rapidement, ne serait-ce que pour saisir plus que le sens général de la discussion. Je fais la même chose ! J'ai rarement écouté autant de japonais en si peu de temps, ça a une influence très positive sur ma compréhension oral étant donné que j'apprenais surtout à l'écrit
  15. The Meme Thread

    Where does that gif come from ? I can see NHK but which year ? If anyone know, thanks :space: