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  1. aliyuzu

    If It Wasn't for Yuzuru, I'd Never Have....

    Adding to this lovely thread!! Yuzu has gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration. I've recently (I guess it's almost 2yrs now) moved across the ocean to Germany for my husband's job, where we didn't know anyone or speak the language. We got here in January when the days are super short, dark and gloomy. Yuzu's work ethic was what got me out of bed and to German classes, especially on those days where I just wanted to hide in the covers. This January, around the time the Olympics, I got a job offer for a position that I felt was WAYYY out of my league. I told myself, welp if they think I can do it, then I can. I'm sure yuzuru wouldn't back down from a challenge. Ugh, so now whenever I'm struggling at work, I also ask myself WWYHD. The bonus of living in Europe is that we get to go to see him compete live! I never thought I would go to an ice skating event either.
  2. I feel like such a dedicated working parent. Picking short program time to pump! Haha
  3. I feel that the post was super misleading and vague. Everyone stayed for the whole men's event. It definitely didn't empty after yuzu skated. I stayed for pairs and it was really empty, but I don't see how this is yuzu fans fault in any way.
  4. Do you just use your Sunday ticket to get in for practice? Or do you need the all event ticket?
  5. Bringing the whole family to see yuzu today. Wish us luck with the little one!!
  6. aliyuzu

    Grand Prix Helsinki Tickets Market

    Hi, Looking for 3 tickets that are all next to each other on the lower level. PM if you have any tickets available for sale!
  7. aliyuzu

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI


    i start maternity leave today, just in time to catch yuzu and all his ice shows! yay
  8. aliyuzu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    awwww so wam and fuzzy. now im preparing myself for hanyu withdrawal...
  9. aliyuzu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    uh-no, its 1:30-4am for me. i hope someone records it!! preetty pleassee!
  10. aliyuzu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    there is sooo much new content and i have a big exam next fridayyy that i'm trying to study for. i tried to impose a yuzu detox but i can't stop thinking about his ankle and thus i'm here again. do we have any news? i'm guessing hes not going to worlds?
  11. aliyuzu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    prayers and wishes sent to yuzu. off to take some much needed sleep before FS!!
  12. aliyuzu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I can't help but feel like a proud mama already. And all he did was show up.