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  1. ahhh i'd love to see his costumes up close ;___;
  2. ohh i see international shipping can be such a pain sometimes, i hope they'll figure it out one day ><
  3. thank you! i'm sorry to hear about your gloves ): there aren't any phone numbers listed from the shipping company or anything?
  4. several of the magazines i ordered on amazon japan shipped and two days ago they had already arrived in a facility in my town, but then when i checked again yesterday for some reason they were in korea (i live in the US)??? whyyyyy i was hoping it was a tracking number error or something but i still haven't gotten the package yet and now i'm worried ):
  5. ;_____; I LOVE ICE JEWELS PHOTOBOOKS but i just bought 3 magazines like a week ago, this is so bad for my wallet
  6. i love all these outfits!! btw did they give yuzu a new suit jacket since he came back to japan? i feel like his sleeves are no longer extremely short in his recent interviews
  7. omg.... i forgot how good misha's chinese is seeing the three of them do a spiral together would be amazing :')
  8. The part about Yuzu starts at 11:14!
  9. This article by the Washington Post is a nice read!
  10. i really hope yuzu can get some rest and that his ankle can heal completely ): when it comes time for him to retire, i wish that it could be on his own terms, not because of an injury >< it just doesn't feel right if things were to end this way...
  11. guys... i get so emotional every time i think about how much yuzu had to overcome to get to this second OGM. he's been through so many ups and downs and to think that he fought through everything and persevered and was able to achieve his dream... how is he even real?? yuzu is such an incredible human being and my heart is so full of happiness for him and thank you so much to everyone on this wonderful planet, idk how i could have gone through the past two days without you!! let's continue to cheer for yuzu together! c: as for his ankle... i do hope that it's not so bad that he can't go to worlds, but if he has to miss it then so be it. he should take as much time as he needs to heal fully.
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