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Media Day 2018

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16 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:


The story was posted an hour ago, and he was just getting ready to skate.

They need interviews too and stuff, so i think it'll take a bit more (UGH MEDIA DAY IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! AND I'M HERE SITTING IN MY DESKKK)

I really think that the earliest we can expect is either in an afternoon news thing (idk i find it unlikely, until now the announcements have been in the morning?) or tomorrow.


It's 5am in Japan and 4pm in Toronto. I think he won't be skating till very late in the evening, so if we hear anything today I think it should be in an hour or two (depending how long it takes to set up the impromptu press conference/statement giving)...

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Just now, Fay said:

So basically, we’re doomed to spend the night here. How exciting. 

Joseph, did you really want to reduce us to this? 

Don't you just hate timezones on days like this? :2:


And I just saw my horoscope is the worst today on TV Asahi... but it'd be good to take a walk in the park...

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Just now, Yuazz said:

Can't wait to see what's his plan this year... Tango SP? Chopin 4.0? R&J??  :laughing:or something we never expect.. 

Whatever it is.. I'm very excited to see whether his 4Lo is back or not yet


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