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  1. @Lunna and @SparkleSalad Thanks for the confirmation, I asked because in NHK Trophy entrance i saw some people exchange papers w/ tickets while i was shooed in, i guess they are the all-event ticket buyers then😂
  2. I have questions about paper tickets. In NHK i used e tickets and they dont check my id, in the case of paper tickets they need you to exchange it on the venue right? Do they check ids for those? All my jpn friends who entered the lottery are guys and have...masculine names
  3. Ah, so sad to see many heartbroken posts here... But the distribution of tickets are really horrible, 5 round for Japanese ppl and only 1 round for foreigners, cant we protest to ISU or something
  4. Idk about this since Lawson monopolizes the ticket sale in Japan but oh well ..
  5. Since so only a few people won here and in twitter i only saw ppl got the ladies event, i wonder how many seats from thousands are allocated for foreigners? The Saitama Arena has big seating capabilities...
  6. I lost on both my account. So theres only the last japanese lottery rip
  7. Hi, i chose to pay with paypal when I applied and when I won they send me an email to complete my payment. If u dont pay within 1x24 hours ( or 2x24 hr? I forgot sorry) you are going to lose the tickets
  8. Why are the men still dying does NHK do not satisfy Skating God enough
  9. I watched it on Asahi tv and they showed some interesting Yuzu warmups...but why are there so many CMs in between..
  10. Hello, I dont think you can pass the ticket purchased from emtg to other mobile phone? The employee in the arena didnt check my id but emtg app itself requires you to verify your number and the current phone you're using, the only way to download the tix was through the app too one week before the comp. Unless your friend bring ur phone with the phone number registered to emtg she cant get in the arena
  11. Im pretty sure half of Stanislava's jumps are urs and they're not even called....
  12. Boyang son ur relationship with the boards has to change
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