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  1. Proposed changes for next season

    Well I'm also traumatized by Worlds this year, I had to watch 9999999999 yuzu videos to cleanse my brain. What happened in Worlds 2018 might be the future of mens fs, if they kept pursuing quads quads quads and abandon skating skills, I guess...you lose the quads, and then you have nothing? Not a fan of +5 goe rules either, imho they just give more room for subjective judgings. I guess the upcoming skaters with no strong fed backups just need to work really hard to "the hanyu level" ( to become so darn good that you still stand on the top even after they underscored you...) Polina and Liza Tuk's jumps are beautiful. I am not a fan of Russian choreo ( hello tanocopters, mimes, flutz, flooxels(??) but those two are great jumpers, I wish both of them good lucks the next season...under the new rules. Yuzu's 3A did not deserve +5 goe, it needs a new whole range of goe, +hanyu!
  2. Proposed changes for next season

    Didnt they put him below Vincent already? Worlds 2018 Sp? Couldnt stop tearing my hairs over that one.. No matter how many times the rule change doesnt matter, the problem is judging bias isnt it? The reason they add +5 goe was to encourage quality of jumps yet why only 6 bullets...*head scratches* No goe anymore for varied air positions/delayed rotations, I wept over that, I live for Yuzuru's rippons and Polina's delayed jumps... dont ISU realize how hard those are?? Yet in the same system, a quad telegraphed from miles away might get +4 or +5....
  3. Proposed changes for next season

    ISU dont really hide their evil plans now, dont they? So now perfectly executed easy quads cant win over a mediocre lutz? I love some lutzes but the way some skaters land it just make me cringe, i'd take javier and yuzuru's beautiful 4s anytime... These cheap goe candies plus judging bias, i just cant anymore. Until now I cant understand why Boyang's bigger jumps than Nathan never gets the same goe, so... And this rule change supposed to encourage quality? What quality Lol At least before Yuzu rose to top, Daisuke Patrick and Javier were very enjoyable to watch. I guess after Yuzu and Boyang retires I should just stick to ice shows and ladies fs...
  4. This or That (Yuzu Edition)

    I wept while answering the bonus question why are u doing dis to us
  5. Guess the New Programs! (and win nothing if you do)

    Here goes nothing! SP: Something like the Hall of Mountain King? Choreo by Jeff. I cant imagine how awesome the step sequence is going to slay... LP: Yuzu seems keen on introducing Japanese music to the world lately...Im guessing its going to be Japanese modern classical music? Like HNL but with more upbeat tempo EX: Its either he continues with the Swan dying/reborn theme ( White Legend - Requiem - Notte Stellata - ???Swan! ) or either he change it to Japanese Rock. I am a shallow fanyu who appreciates the low cut on swan costume very, very much. At least I pray to skating deities that one of his next costumes will highlight that insanely beautiful back. *runs away*
  6. Until the day the Jinx and curses surrounding Yuzu BREAKS!!!

    Figure skating grand slam, for example like Yuna Kim who has won every major competition lol ( 4CC, GPF ,Worlds, Olmpics ) I also wonder why 4Cc silver curse on Yuzu is so hard to break, I mean his fellow Japanese skaters seemed to have good lucks on 4CC Sorry Yuzu, I still laugh whenever the Italian uncles refer u as "the man, the legend, who has won everything except the four continents"
  7. General Skating Chat

    Wow the Asian Trophy is going to be held in ASEAN country? Quite close to my country Sadly the possibility of a wild yuzu appearing there seems to be zero..
  8. Until the day the Jinx and curses surrounding Yuzu BREAKS!!!

    New satellite de-lurking here It is quite strange that Yuzu claimed his only motivation now is 4Axel? If I were him I wouldnt retire before I get that 4CC gold, just so he could get that "grand slam" title 😂