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  1. Prayer circle for JSF to sell all-event pass to foreigners too In NHK all event passes are only avalaible to Japanese fans who buy e-tix, for paper tickets only individual day pass are avalaible. Guess we can wait until NHK foreigners ticket sale are up tho, if they always use the same system. Now im jealous at fanyus in the other comps thread...at least it will be the battle of fast-clicking and internet speed to buy tickets, not having headaches over the quantity of tickets sold for foreigners So two days for practice sessions only? Thanks for the info!
  2. Okay, now its time to save money and living off cup ramen until March comes...
  3. アリーナ / Arena 14,000円 / 14,000Yen スタンドSS / Stand SS 12,000円 / 12,000Yen スタンドS / Stand S 10,000円 / 10,000Yen スタンドA / Stand A 5,000円 / 5,000Yen My friend said that usually worlds ticket are more expensive tho
  4. Oh well...for NHK there seemed to be paper tickets too, but they're going to sell it once per month until 11 November. Maybe paper tickets are easier to use? You dont have to drag the mobile and the owner... If they are going to sell Worlds paper tickets the same way like NHK maybe the sales are going to be up until February
  5. Well, since NHK Trophy website already released info about Japanese tickets sale ( Unfortunately sales info for foreigner is still TBA ). Maybe they're going to use the same system for Worlds? I decided to read some conditions about the tickets. Unfortunately the e-tickets conditions are like this: 転売を目的としたチケット購入は固く禁止いたします。万が一転売が判明した場合、対象席のチケット所持者は入場をお断りする場合がございます。また入場後に転売が判明した場合も、ご退場いただく場合がございます Resale of e-tix are strictly prohibited, you can be denied entry/asked to leave the hall if found out. E-tix are sent through mobile app too so how are we going to buy from the Japanese? I've got several friends in Japan who are willing to enter lottery for me, but if the conditions are like those how am going to use that if they succeeded thru lottery hell? Jsf why are u difficult like this...
  6. Tsubakindy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru's Mannequin Ah, it must be this one? Left picture is male normal mannequin, and right picture is mannequin made of Yuzuru's body size. His body does have beautiful proportions, look at that waist to hip ratio *drowns in envy and nosebleed*
  7. Tsubakindy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Ah yes, how could I forgot....he did mention he wants to try a quint besides the 4a I Might join Brian in the hair loss department tho, better invest on those hair-loss preventing tonic soon...
  8. Tsubakindy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I Dont actually mind who lands the 4A first, whether its Dmitriev(spell?), Keegan, or Yuzuru. It is a monster jump, challenging human physics and they would have to land stable 3As first. I Doubt Brian with all of his experience will let a growing 13-year old boy do it? I believe that if Yuzu landed 4a someday it would be beautiful tho, our boi is a perfectionist all the way! ( the kuyashi power is also there to fan our Axel overlord ) I Would bet on 4lo coming back at Gpf and then perhaps 4lz at worlds 2019? Yuzu's 4lz, when landed beautifully at practice...I could watch it all day As for 4a, well maybe Gpf next year? Someone can snatch my wig and others will land them before him I'll pray that they land it with positive Goe.
  9. I see. So the info for foreign sales will be up on the Worlds website, I guess?
  10. They just love to torture us Late ticket sale, and then the lottery system! No wonder even the Japanese ppl themself said its easier to watch Yuzu outside the country than in Japan... Thanks, i'll keep my watch when the time comes! *hugs* Normally how do foreigners without japanese phone number even buy the tickets... ( I chose to blackmail several Japanese friends ) I can survive w/ cup noodles for worlds, its too bad I cant to to europe/north america comps without selling my organs first,at least Japan is more affordable...
  11. I also want to know what month they usually start selling...
  12. Tsubakindy

    Team USA

    Banana Overlord, what are u doing? Now I cant look at 1000 en money the same way again! Nate has fab curls. Plz dont cut it again
  13. Tsubakindy

    General Skating Chat

    Landed jump automatically get +2? Wow, then all of Yuzu's cleanly landed jump must get +5 then -__- My brain hurts...no wonder Nam's 4S got almost +4 goe the other day if they're starting with +2....I cant anymore
  14. Tsubakindy

    Junior Skaters of 2018/19 season

    Ah, the Japanese girls junior assignments havent come out yet? I am excited this season for Nana Araki. She is my new fav jr lady. Really love some of her jumps, her lutz are awesome!
  15. Tsubakindy

    General Skating Chat

    Im preparing myself for a wild ride this season. Wont be surprised for +4 and +5 being thrown at quad flip and quad lutz for just being landed I thought+4 and +5 are reserved for something special like Yuzu's triple axel...what are we heading into? A season with judges who are confused with new judging system?