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  1. I'm so in love with Waka's look! So fresh! So fierce! LOVE it! That illusion mesh is so well done!
  2. edited because I can't read apparently, lol, sorry
  3. Time to lose hair over Rika's senior debut
  4. Smultron

    Team Japan

    Aww, I'm glad some of you enjoyed Ohhh, yes, it was so good! But then I can't believe it took me so long to warm up to the blue one? It is gorgeous as well? Where were my eyes?
  5. Smultron

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    This thread is bad for my health
  6. Smultron

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    Never underestimate Mr. Hanyu and his Calculations tm
  7. Smultron

    Team Japan

    I have Kaeryth's blessing now, so here you go (I'm so sorry if you hate the song, I blame Lombardia for putting it into my head ) Not that it's anything new, but Waka's Lutz is HUGE (one of the things that really impressed me when I saw her live, those combos are I'm soooo excited about ACI and her new programs
  8. Smultron

    When will Yuzu land 4A

  9. Smultron

    Team Japan

    *whispers* Is it allowed to selfishly share a music video edit I made when I got too overwhelmed about Waka? Or do we have some other place for that?
  10. Well, logically I know it's a good place to be and yet, haha (Although, still mad we never got the choice to get anything lower from the beginning ) (*jealous*)
  11. I had nightmares all night about my 11th row being so high the rink was the size of a raisin, talk about trauma
  12. Smultron

    [2018] JGP Richmond (12.09 - 15.09)

    Ohh waking up to good news I'm so happy for Tarakanova, look at those gorgeous jumps, she still has it all (*tears up*) And she skated so well with a completely new program? Woah.
  13. Smultron

    [2018] CS Lombardia Trophy (12.09-16.09)

    Popping in to say that I'm in looooooove with Shoma's SP. In shows the crossovers were bothering me a little, but I really didn't mind them today, so many exciting sharp choreo details Kazuki was pretty wonderful, too bad about the combo... I wish Misha's choreo was less repetitive though, the outstretched hands - too much of that... But he is selling the whole thing better already, I'd say. Ahhh, hope he has a good season Dimaaaa. Why the fall ( also what's up with all that drama mid-program, let me guess who choreographed that ) And Matteo has improved so much! What a smooth skate, really enjoyed his SP today
  14. Oh, thanks, I'll be less anxious now