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  1. Guys, does anybody have a link to Yuzu's skate? I looked on Youtube and there was only one in very bad quality. Did everything else get deleted?
  2. Well... That did not go too well But I guess at least the anti-jinxing technic worked and Yuzu got his gold, yay yay yay guess we all jinxed Kaori
  3. Sorry, I accidentally added you to the wrong chat (I can't read these days apparently) Hope someone else can guide you to the right one
  4. Look at this CUTIE I have missed Boyang so much
  5. AAAAAAhhhhh HE is there Those gold travel bags though, this boy!!!
  6. So we are getting the arrival photos SOON, oh dear lord
  7. That spreadsheet is perfect for identifying the most superstitious satellites
  8. *incoherent screaming and wheezing intensifies*
  9. I may or may not have skipped Yuzu entirely following my anti-jinxing technic (why did I have to predict Zhenya for gold last week )