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  1. awww how much I've missed this girl and her gypsy dance when will bb get the scores she deserves?...
  2. I'm so worried about Marin I hope she is healthy? But if she has no motivation it's quite bad too
  3. oh god, Marin bb, what happened
  4. nooooooo MUTE MR alert
  5. oh no, that fall looked scary
  6. I was like "PLEASE DON'T CATCH A COLD"
  7. Random Thought Theater

    I knooooow.... I've been living this dream since April and to have it crushed like this by the circumstances is very hard to accept... And of course all the money spent on it with the approach of "this is the only chance, YOLO" Oh well. Yuzu has his OGM. He is happy Let's think about that
  8. Btw, Marin did a live stream with Waka earlier today, they are so precious Wakaba was drawing "Road to dream" on the sand
  9. Also, I hope Adam shows up and takes us to the club He's on the Worlds team, right? Seeing the lutz should be something And Yuzu loves it so much And that ina bauer with beautiful hands...
  10. Random Thought Theater

    Hey, who knows where he might decide to go in the future... There should always be hope I'm low key depressed too
  11. No, too expensive But his Tiger/Dragon short has really grown on me, soooo, that should be nice yay
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I've done exactly nothing today I'm literally moving to another country in 3 days and should be packing but .... oh well... life of a fanyu