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  1. I think 2-3 weeks is a lot. We know Yuzu is the kind of scheduling and has often managed to schedule all his obligations so they don't take more than a week max. (I do wish he'd also get to spend some time at home, with family, now that his home town isn't overrun with fans anymore. Although I am planning to go ti Sendai again tomorrow, for the souvenir shopping I couldn't do earlier, due to having to move around.) I am very curious if he'll be doing 24H TV this year... he's virtually a regular, but with Mao doing it... I'm sure Yuzu and his team are perfectly ok with him doing the show with Mao there, too, but I'm not sure Mao's team would have her on a show with Yuzu. He's the bigger star now and it's not good for marketing to give the chance for comparison. (Remember we always get ratings notices and they'll definitely compare ratings for Mao screen time and Yuzu screen time.) That said, I'll probably be watching the Sekkisei thing from the airport in Vienna, during my layover... still hoping someone will record it! (Also hoping I'll be having a Sekkisei product and Yuzu clearfile in my luggage at the time lol)
  2. Guys, this is obviously something they had filmed themselves, so it's not the greatest quality, but since I don't know if we got or will get a broadcast of it, here's the ensamble skaters program that opened the second half. It's really, really awesome! (Though I'm happy it's not from the Kobe show where Nodari dropped Elena at the end of their super scary swinging by the leg trick 😅) ETA: I'm happy everyone enjoyed the reports and if I really helped you feel like you were there, then all I can say is mission accomplished . It's always been a dream of mine to be able to write event reports where people who read them feel like they were actually there, so I guess with Yuzu's help I've made a dream come true lol It was an incredible experience and I fully recommend it. In light of the super expensive competition tickets, now I feel even more like saying screw the ISU, I'd rather spend money on ice shows, where I know the skaters get paid, too, rather than spend thousands of euros for competitions, and have the ISU pay skaters only pocket change (given the kind of expenses they all have). Though that being said, competition Yuzu is an entirely different creature from ice show Yuzu, so I don't think I can stay away from competitions altogether 😅 (Hence, ACI, I guess lol)
  3. FaOI Toyama Day 3 Yuzu opened up with 4T - pause to think "hmm what should I tag onto it today? Oh, I know!" - 3A. And apparently a high kick, but my brain shortcircuited so it did not register. He was very intense in the intro, but a bit more subdued in the opening, probably saving some energy. The roll today was really slow and he stayed on his back for a while, before reaching an arm up and finally getting up. He was super into it for the final choreo part, though. Mai did her new program again. It probably is La Gitana. I'm not sure how I feel about it. In Hero, I kept thinking how beautiful she was, but in this I just keep thinking how tiny she is. She's a doll, virtually. Deniss did Bloodstream. All clean, jumps working pretty well. In some ways, the other program is more memorable for some reason. Stephane was watching rink side. Satoko did her new Ex, which it turns out is choreographed by Stephane. Seems very appropriate. Stephane continued watching. Johnny's Love Story… I don't love it and nobody can look flattering in a skintight white costume. But the flowy wrap bit looks really nice during spins. Really, really nice. And the ending pose is superb. So… yeah, conflicted. Zhenya was very into Faith today. She seemed more passionate and intense than on previous days. Tatiana and Maxim's I Will Always Love you, beautiful again. Nobu's Ghost was great. The first jump is so dramatic and the spirals are awesome. Jeff beautiful as always. Rika's SP I liked better today. I still don't like the step sequence, it's very underwhelming for such an unusual song. But the rest seemed more in tune with the music. Liza… she gets the mood up, for sure. Not a program I'd probably intentionally look up again, but she definitely got the mood going. Alina's Carmen is probably the most frustrating program in the show for me. I LOVE Akiko's Danse Macabre, though the costume still bugs me. Stephane was great as usual. 2 2As and a 3T-2T-2T combination in his first program. Plushenko ended his program on his back again, then started doing sit-ups and then push-ups. Everyone was laughing. Scott and Tessa are just amazing. I love them a lot and love this program! The second half started with Elladj and the ensemble skaters again. They were awesome as usual! Kaori did her shinobi program again. I would have preferred Sister Act, actually, but the warrior image really works for Kaori. Javi did Malaguena again. With a beautiful 3A. I cried lol Toshi with Satoko is just so beautiful. If they haven't already, they have to show that! It'd be a crime against humanity to never show that (or Tegami with Akiko). Between the two programs, Toshi did an MC, talking about how his heart was full (of emotion). And he led us into a Yuzu call, 5 times. We also screamed a lot and for a moment it felt more like an X Japan concert than an ice show lol All those things Toshi screamed (screaming from the stomach and don't leave anything behind and so on are his usual lines at X concerts lol At least we didn't get "abarenbou shogun de ikeyo!" lol) I cried again during Tegami. I'm not even sure why, but that song and program gets to me so hard, despite being fairly upbeat. Then Johnny came with his Fuego and it was fun time again. There are many things in this program that I don't think anyone but Johnny could ever pull off. So it's definitely a very Johnny program. Zhenya was wonderful again in her Russian program. Nobucruise had a gunfight battle with CEO Makabe yesterday… Today CEO Makabe kept shooting Nobu and Nobu kept bowing to him LOL. Also at the end, instead of bowing, Nobu shoots each of the four sides of the audience and the audience pretend to be shot and it's hilarious. Then he rolls down the ramp backstage. Liza's new program is… interesting. I prefer it to shallow, but the music cut bugs me lol though it's part of what makes it different. It seems to fit her better, though. Rika's The Greatest was also nicer today. Maxim and Tatiana's second program… I mean it's beautiful and the song should get to me, but it doesn't. I don't know why. Luca and Anna however, are incredible! I love this B&W program like crazy! Alina's Bad Guy is a million times better than Carmen. It fits her so much better. There are still moments where she focuses on jumps and loses any connection with the music, but it's overall still better than Carmen. Stephane is exquisite and so good at getting the crowd to respond! I also love the percussion part of that song to bits, and what he did with it. Scott & Tessa beautiful again for Never Enough and I was already getting emotional again. Then came Masquerade. It was controlled but intense. So intense today, he put everything in it. I didn't even use my binoculars, I could see and feel that smoldering look from where I was just fine. The 3A was gorgeous, the 3F so easy and the delayed axel exquisite. The hydroblade was a bit longer than Friday I think, and there was moment where he and Toshi were face to face again, but it was shorter. He threw the glove with a lot of strength, then collapsed to his knees and leaned forward to rest his forehead against the ice. Everyone on their feet clapping and crying. He stayed like that for a bit, then got up, a bit wobbly and actually ripped off the other glove, too, before bowing. Though bowing this time was just mask on and bow the head. Then as he applauded Toshi, Toshi opened his arms and Yuzu went to him and they hugged and it was beautiful. They also did the little bowing dance, still. Then Yuzu left and Toshi gave a deep bow then left as well. And the musical producer started playing on the piano and it was Masquerade, the piano version, but so soft and melancholy that I just started crying and I think most people did. And that went on for a minute or two and just crying and then Yuzu came and everyone screamed and Mayuko came and I went wtf? through the tears, but then Yuzu got into Origin position and my brain had another misfire because for a moment I couldn't comprehend and then it hit me and everyone just screamed so hard and he did the opening and step sequence with live violin, but I can't honestly give you details because I was crying so hard by then and screaming and then he finished and the audience just blew up again, applauding and crying, screaming… as he left again, I turned to the lady next to me and we kind of fell into each other's arms, both crying so hard… I've never hugged a total stranger like that before, but it such a natural reaction… The organizers actually gave the crowd some moments to recover before they started the finale. Highlights… Javi dancing a bit with Kaori this time - she was far more receptive to his good time seeking than Satoko lol Yuzu did his PW lunge, then just sort of bowed before spinning. He seemed exhausted and rightfully so. Not many jump attempts today. I think what Zhenya jumped was sal, but I'm not sure if she actually did 4 rotations. I think Alina landed her attempts and Rika, too? I don't remember. Then it was Yuzu… I had slight doubts if it was flip, because the steps were far less clear or he was more hesitant. But the first was a pop and the second a fall. After he fell he lay there for a moment and I thought he might throw another tantrum, but he just got on his knees and apologized. And yes, Plush was giving him a lot of tips and instructions. Then Yuzu sent the rest of the skaters to the aside to get proper cheers and then they all rushed back to him and had a lovely group hug! (Alina was late for it lol) Then Yuzu gave high fives (Javi only got high fives today). He bowed to Plush and they hugged. He twirled Anna. And he also hugged with Johnny. Also, Nodari offered him a quick lift so they did that - Pyeongchang style, but it was really brief. Oh, he also hugged Elladj and Phillip, I think. And then it was arigatou gozaimashita and it was over...
  4. Sadly, Fuji has a bad rep for broadcasting shows... Sendai was by local TV and Fuji as well... But fingers crossed they'll know better this time!
  5. I was only going to do some highlights, but ended up taking pictures of the whole pamphlet 😅
  6. Sorry, everyone, Yuzu broke my brain. I had to go out and walk in the rain for about an hour to recover. Now a shower, food, then I might be able to start writing a review...
  7. It wasn't just Origin but the way it came about. He fell to his knees at the end of Masquerade, then after bowing and leaving, the musical director started playing Masquerade piano version for a minute or two and we were already crying. Then Yuzu came out again and the violinist and we were cryig harder and then he got into the Origin position and everyone just screamed and sobbed throughout the whole thing. I'm still crying
  8. The crowd was officially obliterated
  9. To be fair, the costume was more red than pink. And yes, Javi wore the purple one, just like Yuzu, and looked great in it! @mercedes @Shimmering As for the flip, yesterday there was definitely a tight three turn, then I get a looser three turn, then take off. On the first attempt I actually didn't see the toe pick - maybe angle, maybe I blinked - and I was all ??? again. But for the other two attempts, it was clearer. No idea about edge, but considering he's been focused on lutz for weeks, maybe it's not strange his body naturally went for a lutz edge...
  10. Maxim also wore the red/pink one
  11. And that's it for my 4am rant.
  12. A very accurate depiction of the tantrum lol
  13. I think I'm going to cry so hard tomorrow! lol I can't believe it's over... I really hope it gives me the strength to work hard this Summer, so I can take time off again in September for ACI! (And I admit, I really want new programs for the costume unveiling and prigram first outing excitement 😅)
  14. OK, part 2 highlights now that I'm in pajamas in bed 😅 Elladj & Ensemble skaters = awesome! Kaori did the shinobi program again Javi Malaguena! I cried lol (I wanted to see Black Betty and Malaguena so badly and now I saw both!) He also landed all his jumps, though I think it was all triples, including a lovely 3A. Toshi with Satoko and Akiko = gorgeous. Cried some more Between them, people were calling Toshi's name and he's like "Rather than my name, there's another name you want to call, right? Ok, just three times!" and he led us as we called out Yuzu's name three times lol Johnny was super fun again! Zhenya a bit more intense in the Russian program, too. Liza did a new program (or at least different from the other shows that I know of). Rika did The Greatest again. Nobucruise was awesome. Luca & Anna awesome B&W. Maxim & Tatiana lovely. Alina fun with bad guy. Stephane killer! Scott & Tessa beautiful! Crystal Memories choreo changes resulted in repositioning some elements - I expected Y spiral in front of me and it was on the opposite side. Delayed axel was right in front of me, 3Lo on the other side, and then for that moment where before Yuzu paused in front of the short side crowd, arms stretched out and sang "Crystal Memories", now he was at the opposite side, facing Toshi, both with arms stretched out singing to each other. It was beautiful and I think Toshi didn't know. Afterwards he covered his mouth and was staring at Yuzu. People said he was crying, but I couldn't see from where I was. Then they tried to out-bow and out-kneel each other again. Then the finale was crazy... they did the regular jump battle, then Yuzu tried his first 4F and fell, then tried again and popped. Then gave up, they did another lap, did the pictures, then the girls started it again. Zhenya, Alina, Rika, Liza... I didn't catch all the attempts but Rika and Liza both tried 3As multiple times lol. Alina then did a series of 2As which was kind of funny as she basically doing them in a circle with small steps between and could have probably continued like that for a while longer, so in the end, as the girls wouldn't leave, Yuzu went for another try. And he was really close, but he slipped and fell and then was like kicking his legs and punching the ice and throwing a little tantrum and was incredibly adorable. At the end as he arigatou gozaimashita (and initially he'd gone really by the entrance, but fans behind the stage shouted to him and he realized they couldn't see him, so he moved to the edge of the rink lol) he was bouncing again. He also spent a long time waving and apparently trying to look at each and every face in the crowd. (He also threw some kisses to my area, but they went further to my right lol)
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