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  1. Wasn't that Junhwan's thing first? Then Yuzu did it in Pyeongchang to copy him? Either way, that looks really fun lol I wonder if they have Fun Fridays or so. Like Brian once telling that story about how everyone started learning hydroblading and they got Yuzu into it, too lol
  2. Personally I think if Yuzu's team were to approach Prince' management, they could probably find common ground, but it's more complicated when it comes to publishing dvds. Plus the DVD isn't really produced by Yuzu and his team, so it wasn't them who had to do the negotiating. Given that the DVD/Blu-ray are expensive enough already, it was probably just the better and easier solution to leave LGC out. (But here's to hoping we might see it again some day, even so!)
  3. Oh, Zhenya is going! Awesome! I was sure she wasn't lol. And Gabby will be nice to see, too! Also happy about Olivia and Adrian, I really liked them last year! (Javi needs to become a Spanish Fed official and accompany Spanish skaters to competitions So Yuzu vs Jun again at ACI lol With Keegan and Kevin probably up there, too. And Zhenya vs Rika, maybe, though Bradie will likely have something to say, too (she did beat Zhenya last year). Should be nice! And of course, the true star confirmed: the Pumpkin King lol
  4. I find it so weird that not all of TCC will be there... It's right in their backyard, so why? I guess it's feds who decide who goes where, in the end?
  5. Time of Evolution DVD & Blu-ray out on September 25th But the video isn't working?
  6. That would be awesome! The first DVD was more than just a collection of his programs, too, there were interesting interview bits and behind the scenes footage! Including those family videos of baby Yuzu's early competitions!
  7. I'm not sure if it's the same one, but there was an ojiichan obaachan bathclin add last year or so as well. But it didn't receive many reactions then, I think... or at least I didn't see it mentioned much at that time.
  8. I'm thinking Flamenco on Ice might have been a bit of a helping hand from Yuzu (though that's just my speculation). I don't think he'll do ROI until after he retires, because it's in the middle of the season. Although this year the ROI dates at least don't overlap with Yuzu competitions lol But also, I don't think Javi really needs Yuzu's help in Spain. Spanish people are more likely to know Javi or know Yuzu through Javi anyway. They're more likely to care more about Javi than Yuzu, too. Yuzu's presence would only raise the profile internationally and maybe get some Japanese and foreign fans flocking there, but ROI sells pretty well and it's more of a family venture in Spain. I wouldn't be surprised if Yuzu might help with Flamenco on Ice next year, but then again, if he appears in the show, he'll overshadow Javi by default. So maybe not... Maybe he'll give his support in other ways, but not participate, except maybe just once at some point, as special guest or so. I'd love him to, but if he does, I'm sure it'll be very carefully thought out. Oh and Yuzu and Yuna... Sochi Olympic Gala, I think might be the only time, though that's not really an ice show. It's not 100% sure Yuna will continue appearing in ROI, though. It would be nice... Planning to go to the Madrid shows this year, so it'd be amazing to see her.
  9. Exactly. I'm not that familiar with what Raf has said, but my impression ever since Worlds is that Nathan is very close to maxing out. They've pumped up his PCS to the point that even if he works on artistry, there's not much more he can win there. And he's almost maxed out technically, too. Which, IMO is very stupid, considering how early in career he is. The only things he can do to improve on this is quad-quad combinations or quints, really... Meanwhile, Yuzu can, potentially, get a big BV boost. Of course, it won't be easy to go clean with all the stuff he wants to do, but if anyone can do it, it's him and if he manages it all, it will be beyond glorious.
  10. I'm actually not that pessimistic. I believe that if Yuzu manages to gain all the technical advantages he aims for and polish everything to his standards, I still don't think anyone can touch him. And that's not just blind belief. Yes, Nathan did not bring his full arsenal to Saitama and he gets candy and even higher GOE than Yuzu these days. But what Nathan did not have in Saitama was 4S and 4Lo, IIRC. Both of those aren't really worth that many points. Yuzu didn't have 4Lz and 4F, even leaving aside 4A. And his 4Lo wasn't great and the 4S badly betrayed him both times. And the difference between them was still just 20 points. And we know most of those would have been made up by a clean Otonal. So, a clean possibly underscored Yuzu with a clean and overscored Nathan are about the same level. And that's a Nathan with 4Lz, 4T and 4F and a Yuzu with 4Lo, 4S and 4T. If Yuzu adds 4F and 4Lz and Nathan brings back 4Lo and 4S, assuming they still hold back Yuzu's GOE, they'd probably still be similar-ish. Truth is, they can't lowball Yuzu TOO much, especially if he's clean. So a clean Yuzu should still get at least +3 GOE on any jump. But Yuzu also plans to bring 4A and even if it's not as big BV wise as it used to be, it's still an extra quad. On top of that, Yuzu has clean 3As and he will work on everything else, too. And I also think that, like with the Olympics, if he starts his program with clean jumps, the judges will be more willing to run with him. Politics is all good, but judges are still human and I think they'd enjoy being part of a 'historical' performance. A clean 4A for Yuzu would be a great opening to incredible scores. I think they would give it to him. It's 4A after all. The bigger question, IMO, is how long his body will hold up and whether he'll manage to achieve these ideal levels of technicality and performance before his body gives up. I think Yuzu will only call it quits when he will know that he cannot physically keep up anymore. Until then, he'll keep trying, despite any hardships. I guess it is also possible he might at some point conclude that it's not worth it anymore. But that seems out of character for me, IMO. I think it's far more likely he'll continue until he concludes he physically no longer has the ability to win anymore.
  11. Because I just had my Ice Jewels handy (had it with me at work on Friday, hoping I'd finally have time to read, but nope), I think I might have found the part that hints at recycling, so I typed it up: Unless my Japanese has gotten worse, they ask him about parts he likes, so he says every movement feels necessary for that sound and for the program as a whole. Then he says that for both of them he still wants (present, not past) to change stuff, add/remove movements, choreo, that he wants to perform it like he does when not doing any jumps, but he's far from achieving that. Which does seem to hint at unfinished business. Then again, LGC was unfinished business, too... I think maybe only Chopin and Seimei and maybe Parisan feel totally finished lol Maybe H&L, too. So, I don't know. But it's the "I want"vs. "I wanted" in his words here that makes it seem likely. Hey, this is the same guy jumping a 4T-3A that doesn't get properly rewarded BV-wise just because
  12. So... while regular people train 4A in harness, Yuzu has already upgraded to 5s... I guess when the ISU proved to him he needed more jumps to beat the 'quad king' he concluded 4Lz, 4F and 4A weren't enough, so he's moving on to the next level... (and no, I'm not taking it too seriously, but hey, quints are just a half a rotation more than 4A and he has said the other quads are easier to rotate than A, hence 4A is difficult, but maybe then 5T would be about as difficult a step from 4T as 4A is from 3A...) Everything else they say makes sense, I guess. Repeating both programs makes sense. He is very comfortable with Otonal, and maybe he could do 4Lo instead of 4S in it, for an upgrade. And Origin was meant for 4A. And deciding after this season if he goes for Beijing or not also makes sense. He'll have a better understanding of where he stands, both compared to the competition and health wise, as well as motivation wise. Personally I expect him to continue another season, because even if he manages to add all quads, I'm not sure he'd also manage to polish them as desired this season. But then it'll be Olympic Season after that. In the same time, I can't see him deciding to go to Beijing without properly preparing for it for at least two seasons. So it makes sense. But we'll see. TSL is TSL after all...
  13. There was an earthquake in Tohoku tonight, 6.2 Richter and fairly surface, so it seems the shaking was pretty bad, but seems there have been no injuries or worse reported. Hopefully it'll stay so and everyone in the area is safe. There's no tsunami warning. There will be a press conference with more info at 9pm JPT. I was just thinking about the earthquake I experienced in Japan, the other day... And there have been so many earthquakes lately... scary >_< (Selfishly, I'm happy Yuzu is in Toronto... I feel vaguely traumatized from my very mild experience, I cannot even begin to imagine how he feels... if he could live a long happy life and never experience an earthquake again, I'd be happy...)
  14. I don't think the Moulin Rouge version was meant to be sung beautifully. It's supposed to be dark and gritty and uncomfortable, IMO. I know it's largely disliked by FS fans due to overuse, but I thought it worked quite well in the movie. No idea if the one who sung it does have a musical career or if he usually sounds like that, though lol But having a good voice isn't always a necessity to being a successful and popular singer nowadays, anyway lol For Yuzu, I sometimes think I can hear him sing in the Kouhaku Hana ha saku as well, but that could be just my imagination. However, he is holding the microphone to his own mouth only (others are holding theirs so more people can sing), so it could be one of the voices that are louder is his...
  15. He looks so happy and calm and comfortable that I can't find it in me to worry about programs - recycled or not - layouts - 4Lz, 4F or 4A - and so on. He knows what he's doing and he's looking like that... I'm just excited now! (Also, TCC team is so beautiful, always, in any configuration... they really feel like a family I kind of wish Matteo would move there, too, I'm sure Javi would put in a good word for him... If he hasn't already, even just for this stint ^_^)
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