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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I admit, from the way the question was asked, I expected him to say he admired Yuzu, but he focused more on the mixed feelings. I always wonder how it must be to share the Ice with Yuzu, if you're not one of his fans... (I do chuckle a bit at "I won decisively". If he really said that, then his and Yuzu's definitions of winning decisively don't even belong in the same Universe with how different they are...)
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Don't give me a heart attack, please. (Yeah, as if he'd ever come here...) Regarding all the doom and gloom... I get it, and if I started thinking about ifs, I'd be panicking, too. But for me, the bottomline hasn't changed. Even if he doesn't do nats or any other competition before the Olympics, I know he can win. Didn't we just agree he's the GOAT - or goat - a few pages back? Whether he will or not, I think is still mostly a mental issue. If he manages to focus - and Brian manages to make him really trust his training - then he'll wipe the floor with everyone. And I'm not sure how many competitions he does before that, or even how many hours of practice he puts in, will matter THAT much. Of course, those would help a lot by way of giving him confidence, but at the end of the day, whether he wins or not will depend only on those 3 minutes + 4 and a half minutes for the SP and FS. So from that POV, nothing has changed. We also have to remember Helsinki happened two weeks after an asthma attack that left him unable to practice with the music on - admittedly, we don't know for how long, but my impression is asthma attacks, especially if they're bad, take days to recover from. And yet, he did superbly. (And, yes, the SP, too. His mistakes were very small and took very little away from the performance, but were sadly very costly). So, really, the sky's the limit. It just sucks his path has to be so difficult. Also, regarding Brian and Tracy preferring Javi, I think there was a time when Brian said Javi was more likely to get gold, but it was when Javi was at the top, around when he got his titles, I think. Another thing they've said is Javi is their biggest success story, because of where he was when he went there and how far he's gotten since then. For that same reason, Javi's championships were perhaps a bit sweeter, and a Javi OGM would be as well. But I refuse to think any of them ever thought "I wish Javi would win over Yuzu." Also, that Javi has openly said he wants a medal at the Olympics and the color matters less, I think they all know who the OGM favorite is. It's true Brian has said Javi is more relaxed - compared to Yuzu's intensity - and that's why he competes better. Though to this day, I'm not sure really what that means, because Yuzu's results are still better. But yes, Brian isn't a fan of Yuzu's intensity, so he might feel Javi might have a slight upper hand. However, I believe Brian when he says he doesn't do favorites - and I'm sure it's not easy, either - and I also doubt anyone can honestly say that if both were perfect, Javi would win. His choice not to go for the higher BV options means he can only count on mistakes by the others. Which of course, doesn't mean he has no chance - as we've seen, he's beaten Yuzu, Shoma and Nathan this year - but if both are perfect, Yuzu is still top. And I doubt they don't know that. So, I don't think we have anything to worry about on that front. My biggest concern, TCC-related is still communication and language barriers. Although I'm sure it has gotten much better.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    This makes me think @WinForPooh could be right... either that, or the press conference was about something else and she got a question about Yuzu and wasn't prepared for it. Because, surely, JSF can afford a phone call to Toronto to get a more proper update... But to do a press conference on his condition having just a LINE message is pretty...
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    To be honest, right now, I'd rather he doesn't go to Nationals, and instead gets himself an off-season in the middle of the season, to get his August perfection back by February. Yes, lack of in-competition practice could be an issue, but if he manages to go laser-sharp in concentration, that shouldn't matter so much. Of course, that's a big if. But it could be something else to work on until he get back to ice training. Also, in a way, I'd rather he remained a wild card until the Olympics and took his time preparing, both physically and mentally. If he doesn't go to Nationals, nobody will know what to expect and I think that'd be good in terms of pressure and expectations, especially if Nathan and Shoma do well in Nationals.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    There have, actually, been a few skaters referring to him as "legend" in SNS posts, IIRC. And, of course, then there's Space Pooh
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Wow, that is awesome... (I'll also possibly spend quite some time closely studying pictures of that, to see if my message might be there, too ) And I missed out on the birthday celebrations, but I really love the banner!
  7. Team Russia

    I admit, I'm not even fully familiar with the case, but, regarding athletes competing as OAR, would their federations support that? I wonder if it's 100% their choice with no potential repercussions. I agree, clean athletes fighting harder would be a better kind of 'boycott', but I wonder if that's realistically possible. I don't think athletes anywhere are completely independent. They might be free to make their choices, but not without possible consequences. And even if federations did say "suit yourselves", how would they be seen by the Russian people? It's not an easy decision, I think... Either way it sucks... (and I'm not even a fan of any of the Russian athletes)
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    The banner was after the withdrawing from NHK, organized by gladi. As far as I know, it was sent to TCC and she said she'll post a picture after it arrives there, or so. I think. @CupidsBow already explained how it works, one-upping in terms of making the most impressive and most likely to get his attention projects. (For example, with Yuzu, if TCC took and posted a picture with the banner, fans with some other project might get jealous. Or vice-versa.) I hope I'm too cynical, and that it won't happen, though. So far the Yuzu fandom seems quite peaceful...
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    I remember reading something about the ISU claiming copyright for everything filmed at ISU events, including fan footage (although, technically, video is strictly forbidden; I don't remember if pictures are, too), but I don't actually remember where that was. Japan I mentioned because aside from ISU events, most other footage online is from JP media, with only the occasional non-JP media. Anyway, the point is non-copyrighted footage is minimal, because Yuzu doesn't really appear in public if it's not at ISU events or in magazines/TV. As for one-upping, honestly, all the get well soon and birthday projects that popped up these days feel a bit like that already... though maybe it's just because of the withdrawal symptoms and my not being in the fandom last year. But seriously, there were how many different projects? (That said, I liked the banner and the map ones the most, too, because they were the most supportive and original, without crossing boundaries. Though I didn't actually send a message for the banner lol The two NHK letters were overkill already...) But yes, nowhere near those KPop horror stories and hopefully it'll never get even a teeny tiny bit close. I think it'd be cool if they hung up the banner for his birthday and threw him a little party then... Or at least take a picture of him with it and then he can quickly fold it and hide it away lol
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    The problem isn't so much about taking them down - and somehow I don't see people selling ad space as being particularly copyright conscious. But we also have to remember ISU claims the rights to every footage that is taken during ISU events. And everything else is either printed or online media. Non-copyrighted stuff would be just stuff like him posing for fans outside of venues, or those pictures taken with him at TCC or so. With Japanese copyright laws being extremely strict, we inevitably break them now and then, but my answer was more in reaction to the headphones or Pooh would be copyright infringement. Admittedly, it'd be copyright infringement more obvious and easily recognizable to the Canadian authorities, but, technically, just about anything would be copyright infringement ^_^; As for the other, I guess like @SparkleSalad, I'm really big on privacy. I'm also a fan of an artist who used to be an idol and was somewhat open about hating the intensity of the attention he got (admittedly, there are some disturbing rumors out there of how crazy it gets for idols), and he even wrote a song about how he felt about the attention and such. Also, personally, I have experienced unwanted attention, though nowhere near stalking level, and I hated it so much. A panel like that outside my work place, by someone I don't even know, would creep the hell out of me. Good intentions or not. To some level, he's used to it, but not in Toronto. Or not as much. Of course, the address of TCC is hardly a top secret, but still... I don't know. For example, all the ad panels in Sendai for the exhibition might have also been embarrassing for him - if he used the Subway, which he probably didn't - but that was official and different and something else. Even if it'd been fan made, he probably would have found it cute or so - albeit, still embarrassing to some level; or I'm just projecting. But in Toronto... (Though actually, I also felt super awkward at Ice Rink Sendai and even walking through Sendai. Because my only reason for being there was it was where Yuzu's story had started - and it wasn't open to visitors back then - so I felt a bit like a stalker. Especially since he was in Sendai, then. I actually skipped visiting the home town of one of my favorite musicians, because there wasn't anything to visit there and again, I felt like a stalker, although I had previously wanted to see the place he'd grown up in, as a way of getting to know him better. As I said, I am likely overthinking everything. I'm about as good at that as Yuzu :P)
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Actually, any picture of Yuzu's face that isn't taken by the fan outside of a competition, with his permission, is also copyrighted or privacy infringement ^_^; Actually, in this case, fanart would have worked well... (though that's tricky, too)
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I think in Japan, or even elsewhere would have been fine and fun. But that it's right next to the place where he feels safe and safely away from that kind of attention is what bugs me. And I understand what you mean re: fanart, I mentioned it, too, though it was more of an afterthought. I probably don't fully understand, because I don't do it myself, but somewhat, I do. I just think it's better if it's about skating. like, fanart of him skating. (I have in my head the image of a fanart of just his smiling face from Asaichi, that was nice, indeed, but...) Anyway, I don't necessarily mean focused on the stuff he likes, but just to think more about him. And of course, his favorite thing is skating, which brings me back to fanart of his skating being ok, especially if it's full body (by my standards, which might not be worth much lol).
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    I honestly don't get fans, sometimes... like, I understand wanting to show your support and let him know he is loved across the globe, but put yourself in his shoes, ffs. Canada is the one place where he can just be himself, without being a megastar, where he can actually walk down the street and just be a normal 22 year old. And in this safe world, he suddenly finds a billboard with his name and face on it. Like... seriously? If it were me, it'd be far more cringe-worthy and like a slap in the face, than "aww, that's so sweet!". Admittedly, I also don't fully get fans who send him tons of fanart - or well, if it's of him skating, that might still work, because it references his art, but when it's just off-ice, non-skating stuff... - when he's said he finds it embarrassing to look at his own face so much. And I know I definitely would, too. Drawing them is of course no problem, it's the sending to him I don't really get. But at least those he can give to his family, who probably appreciate them more and it sends a message about him inspiring people in their own art form. So I can understand it a bit and he's said he understands it, too. But I'd still rather send him stuff that means something to him rather than stuff that mean something to me. (Or at least try to balance it out.) Or maybe I've just got hangups because I've been accused of bothering a musician I admired, by someone, in a spiteful argument and that hit harder than all the other stuff she shot at me So now I'm extra careful and overanalyze my interactions with those whose fan I am ^_^; (I actually still feel a bit bad about my own letters at NHK and feel a bit like I overdid it, but... I'll never know, I guess.) My point is, he'll never say anything - I'm still a bit surprised he said what he said about fanart - because it'd be rude and he'd seem ungrateful, and of course, he appreciates the intentions. Which is why I think it's up to each fan to control him/herself and support him in ways that he can fully and honestly appreciate, and not feel like "well, I do appreciate the intention...".
  14. I think jetlag depends from person to person, so it's hard to say... admittedly, I'm also not sure if I've ever been really jetlagged... tired from travel, yes, but was it actual jetlag... When I arrive somewhere - Japan usually, as that's my main long distance trip - I'm energized out of necessity. Airport procedures, navigating my way to the hotel etc. Then I usually keep busy until it's night and I'm usually tired enough to sleep at a normal local hour. I force myself to keep to local hours, too. But those are kind of standard advice ^_^; For me, being on my own and having to handle all the details is enough to keep me alert, and if that continues throughout the trip, then I simply don't have time to crash. When I return home, I usually fall apart, because I don't have to do that anymore and I let my guard down ^^; (I've also experienced 3 hour flights to Brussels that left me completely drained - with just one hour time difference. But again, my parents were in Brussels then, so again, guards down.) It might also be West vs East I guess... I've been to the US once, but I was already sick with a cold, so I don't think it's very representative. Your trip is insane, by normal standards, I guess, but I've had times when 27 hours elapsed between leaving hotel room and arriving home, so I'm not really one to say. Insane is also relative, really ^_^. The question is whether it's worth it to you. I think waiting until he's confirmed is probably the safest and then take it from there.
  15. I learned Italian as a kid watching Sailor Moon on Italian TV channels (before it made it to ours). Somehow I feel I've come full circle... (Needless to say I only remember enough to generally get by and understand others. If I try speaking it'll probably come out as a FrenSpanish mix, with sprinkles of English and Japanese, because why not... When I was in Rome a few years ago, I got used to minimal speaking after a few days... but then I had to go home )