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  1. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the girl he was rumoured to marry was also affected, whether followed by the tabloids or by overzealous fans, I'm not sure, which is what made this particular thing worse. I'm guessing as long as it only affects himself, Yuzu can probably shrug off a lot of stuff, more or less easily, but when it starts affecting other people... There was also a press conference for one of the ice shows he did that January and he was asked about it (I remember someone saying it was actually Nobu who asked, to give him an opportunity to clear things up, but again, not sure; maybe I'll search for some of those videos later) and from the way he answered, it was obvious how upset he was about it. So yes, while I think he did try to add a funny twist to it, because it was definitely not the kid's fault, that's not the tone he usually uses when talking to kids. He's usually very soft and calm when talking to kids. But it was still entirely appropriate and that many people find it fun/funny shows he did manage with the light-hearted twist.
  2. The one with the kid asking when he'll marry was in 2016 and it actually always makes me cringe. It was right after tabloids ran a story that supposedly Yuzu was going to marry a former classmate and it seems the rumor spread so much even kids heard about it and asked him about it... or at least I think the timing of that question at that time is too on point to be a coincidence. Yuzu was really mad about that rumor and it upset him a lot, so any reminder of it is for me.
  3. I think one of the things that contributes to the Cricket Club's positive attitude towards' skaters' individuality - and individual goals, because not everyone has to be an Olympic Champion - is the fact that they have many skating programs, and not just train elite skaters. There are beginners, there are adults, there are seniors, there are people who just skate for fun or people who started skating later in life and it's unrealistic to expect they would reach the same level as the elite skaters. All of these skaters are coached by the same team that oversees the elite skaters, and they are all given proper attention and treated equally. That I think helps the coaching team better realize and understand how people are different and they have different levels and different standards. But it's not like "oh, you'll never win a gold medal in international competition, why am I wasting my time on you?". TCC is not a club for elite skaters, it's a club where elite skaters also train and I think that makes a huge difference. I'm not sure how many of the other top coaches in FS also train at these other levels (or at least at so many of them). I do sometimes think, though, that Yuzu and Javi have made TCC even better, as all the other skaters have learned from their camaraderie. I wonder if that existed to such an extent at TCC before them... Even if it had, they probably did take it to another level, and now we see Yuzu, Jason and Jun, who almost shared a podium together, being super friendly to each other. The Cricket Club Brothers saga continues, even if some of the characters have changed! (And those Cricket Club pictures at the Saitama Banquet were so incredibly precious!) That's also why, whenever I end up liking a new skater, I find myself wishing they would move to TCC I wouldn't mind if one day, TCC would oversee the coaching of all skaters... just imagine the quality of skating we'd get, too! (Although there are apparently skaters who aren't very compatible with the TCC attitude... I half wanted to buy Adam's book just because I was curious to see what - if anything - he had to say about TCC...)
  4. Oh, I know all of these. I guess Yuzu has just spoiled me, because he's always very open about how decisive he is, even putting it in words - without ever becoming arrogant. So I kind of expect someone with a similar attitude on the ice to have a similar attitude off the ice as well lol Hence, the gap I mentioned. For all that we sometimes joke about the gap between Yuzu whose glare could kill, before competitions and Yuzu the cutsey kitten rolling around on the ice, in all of his 'incarnations' Yuzu is very open and unapologetic about being very hungry to win - whether against rivals or himself. Maybe I actually appreciate that even more because it's not very in tune with Japanese culture - IMO, it's admirable, daring to be like that, although the hatred he all too often gets for it, is the price to pay, I guess - and that he's actually always been so. It's not like he's now a nation's beloved son, so he can get away with it. He's always been like this. Although I know it is unfair to expect others to be like this, too, especially ladies (given the way women are still expected to behave in Japanese culture).
  5. I agree that him going to TCC was probably the best decision of his life. Brian, Tracy and Ghislain and everyone else there are just perfect for Yuzu. Then again, I think they're perfect for a lot of skaters. They did so wonderfully with Javi, helping him reach potential that I'm not sure how many people saw was there, and I think you can see it with Jason and Evgenia as well, skating wise, but also attitude wise. TCC isn't just a training place, it's also a sort of home away from home for skaters, where they are treasured and nurtured and always pushed to become the best version of themselves they can be and encouraged to make their own decisions. I do sometimes wonder how Yuzu would have developed if he'd stayed in Sendai, but I'm not sure Ice Rink Sendai and Nanami-sensei had the resources to take him to the next level. But I also agree that in general, coaches who are too domineering and uncaring of the skaters' personality are bad for the skater, while at the same time coaches who aren't strict enough and who coddle aren't good either. I often find myself thinking that Boyang and Misha and possibly Roman might need slightly stricter coaches. Admittedly, I don't know anything about their actual relationships with their coaches, but in the KnC, there's a slight feeling of them being coddles when things don't go right. I know a lot of people have issues with how Brian reacts when his skaters have bad skates - he received a lot of criticism for his "I don't know what to say" to Evgenia this season - but I prefer that. It's honest, it's matter of fact and afterwards it will probably become: "Ok, that obviously didn't work. Let's think about what we should do next." Which is infinitely better than a "Oh, you poor thing! Just rest for now and you'll see, everything will be alright!" sort of thing. Finding a balance between too strict and too coddling is probably the hard thing to do for coaches and I'm not entirely sure how many coaches have managed to find it. But TCC have for sure, IMO. That said, I don't think Yuzu would work well with either of those extremes. He'd butt heads badly with a domineering coach. Some people joke about Yuzu and Eteri, but I'm 100% sure they'd be at each other's throats in 3 days. Or Yuzu would drive her so crazy she'd kick him out after 3 days. Similarly, with a coddling coach, he wouldn't feel challenged and would probably either go crazy doing whatever he wants, or simply decide he needs something else. As for his personality, I think he has always been very strong and opinionated. Even saying, as a child, that he wants to win two Olympic Gold medals. His personality I think is generally more assertive than your regular Japanese person, although I think he makes up for it in politeness (or perhaps his parents have educated him such, to make sure his politeness counters his assertive personality). But that assertiveness is something many of his haters pick up on, too. I believe there's also quite a contrast between the way Yuzu speaks about wanting to win and what winning - and losing - means to him and the way other skaters speak. I think Yuzu's attitude is perfect and I also think it's essential to achieve this level of success and overcome all the obstacles he's overcome. I also wonder now if this is one reason I'm not fully warmed up to Rika - and other Japanese skaters. Rika seems so meek in interviews, her voice is so soft and her words so polite and even when she loses she's smiling and projects an "oh, well, I'll just have to do better next time" attitude, but then she goes out there and her skating says something else and the gap confuses me lol I will always cheer for the Japanese skaters, but I admit it feels like something is missing when I can't feel that burning passion for victory - or for bettering oneself - that is so obvious in Yuzu everytime his skates touch the ice. Even in ice shows and exhibitions, you can feel his passion for doing the very best that he can, and I don't really get that as much from most of the other Japanese skaters. But that's perhaps because they're more typically Japanese and not so demonstrative with their feelings... (and wow, this turned out rambly... sorry )
  6. Maybe no skincare is Yuzu's skincare lol I don't use much in the way of skincare products either. I use a light peeling or moisturizer if it feels necessary and last Summer I did use a Sekkisei UV protection lotion, but to be honest, most times when I use stuff like this, I end up breaking out in zits. I also rarely use makeup and never foundation or powder or so. So I think my skin just isn't used to the chemicals of skincare products. As such, I think it generally looks better without any, though not as perfect as Yuzu's and it has ups and downs (there are days where it gets fat and days when it gets dry, but most of the time it's quite ok, I think... or at least I'm ok with it lol). But if Yuzu never really uses much either, that's possibly why his skin looks so good. People put too much stuff on their faces nowadays, I think...
  7. It's not the first time media - especially Western media - make it sound like Yuzu was affected by the tsunami and it bothers me every time. His story is plenty dramatic as it is, with the ground shaking hard enough he couldn't stand, crawling out of the rink on all fours, the rink feeling like it might collapse, although it didn't, but it did get badly damaged, his home being damaged, which is why he had to be in the evacuation center for 4 days, before moving elsewhere (probably a temporary home, then living without electricity, gas, water etc. The tsunami did strike Sendai, but the outer parts of it, nearer the coast, I think, and the devastation was incredible, but it didn't reach the inner parts of the city, like where Ice Rink Sendai is. Simply checking a map, you can see Ice Rink Sendai is really far from the coast. That said, whenever I see "barely had time to evacuate the building" I wonder if they might discuss the ceiling... I think I remember in an interview with Takeshi Honda, he pointed out where he'd been on the ice by saying he was under the part where there was a chunk of the ceiling missing. Which always made me wonder if that chunk fell during the earthquake, because that would really make it a true near miss... It doesn't take a tsunami for the whole experience to have felt like near death, tbh.
  8. It was a mistake on the translator's part. Yuzu said he did think, in the past, about doing programs like Winter and Don Quixote - implying they'd be tributes, and I don't know if any other skaters Yuzu looks up to, other than Javi, have done programs related to Don Quixote - and while for Winter, he clearly said he thought of it as a child, Don Quixote was left somewhat vague - it might have been also as a child, or a more recent thing. But either way, he made it clear these thoughts were in the past. The translator did say in the future, though, and that was perhaps the biggest mistake in that press conference. Personally, I doubt he will be doing any tributes again any time soon, considering how Otonal and Origin went.
  9. I defeated it I guess I have somewhat obscure tastes But it's cool they have much Yuzu
  10. I think if Yuzu has truly reached the second stage of his post-Oly zen, where he focuses more on perfecting his brand of skating, while also improving the technical, increasing the technical, but giving himself time to do it properly, as opposed to trying to achieve it asap and win everything in the process, too, because he now trusts that his perfected skating + increased technical will be enough to win and if it won't, then it's really not in his hands anymore, so whatever, then there's a chance he will continue indefinitely, because there will always be new challenges, small things he can challenge, then perfect, new programs to try and perfect, beyond just this quad, that quad and those quads. He could experiment with different jump entries, different transitions, different spins, rearranging elements, plus challenging different types of music. If he's ready to accept not winning everything and ready to give himself time to reach his ideals of perfection, then he'll probably continue until he becomes out of ideas. Which would actually be really fun, because it wouldn't be impossible for that to end up outliving the current jumping beans. Plus we'd see mastery at work for a longer time. However, his nature is competitive, so it could be that the first time he achieves a performance he is fully satisfied with and doesn't win might be the day he says "ok, I'm out of here, this isn't worth it". Although that doesn't really sound like him. As it is, I have no idea what he's thinking right now. We'll just have to wait and see lol
  11. The reporter obviously wasn't very savvy then, since Yuzu isn't Yuma's idol lol I thought it was a pretty moment, though, given that Yuzu has just given up two tribute programs and it's probably still a bit of a sore subject for him... (And please tell me it's not as sad as Yagudin being Jason's favorite skater from childhood... )
  12. 13/14 should count, too, because he didn't do 4cc, but he did olys, which is more demanding lol
  13. He is incredible. I admit, I was a bit worried about his mental state going into this. I can't even imagine how hard the end of 2019 must have been for him, how painful those results, and then again how hard it must have been to give up on Otonal and Origin. Both programs meant a lot to him, so I can imagine it must have been an extremely hard decision to take. Him being down would have been totally understandable - if not ideal, going into a competition. But instead, he seems to have attained a revised version of his "Zen mentality" from after the Olympics. He seems to have remembered what's most important to him after all - skating as himself, in his way, by his standards. And he seems to have decided that THAT is actually more important than winning. That it's not worth sacrificing any of that for the sake of winning. Unlike the previous zen phase, though, he still does want to win. But he wants to find a way to win while still staying true to himself. The fact that he's not so adamant about 4A anymore. The way he's like: "I want to do it, I feel like I'm almost there with landing it, but I can't say 100% that I'll do it, but that's fine." There's no feeling of urgency in his actions and decisions, I think. And all this points me towards him not considering retirement at the end of this season after all. I think he might have reached a point where skating as himself, and doing his best by his standards, truly is more important than the scores he's given. On the other hand, it's easier to stay true to such a mindframe when you're still winning, despite scoring issues. If he lost, the kuyashii might become super strong again and drown out the zen, but hopefully not. Bottom line for me is that while some of his comments and decisions felt like maybe he was actually getting ready to call it a day, his latest comments feel more like he's considering this a new beginning and still feels he has more to give to the FS world and is planning to stay for as long as that still feels true. But then another interview might come out tomorrow that might feel like the opposite again lol. But there really doesn't seem to be much urgency in him and there's no way he'd retire and leave things unfinished. He'd feel some urgency to accomplish some more stuff before retiring, I think... maybe... While I get your point and focusing on 4A would make some sense, I'm not sure Yuzu thinks like that. To him, even his 2 OGMs are a thing of the past. Precisely because he's won everything, it's natural to keep on winning. Just because he's won everything in the past doesn't mean anything for the future, only that if he's really that good, he should be able to rightfully keep on winning. Some such thing. My current thought is that he might work in incorporating 4A, when it's ready, in the total package of HIS brand of figure skating. So as to increase the technical, but without sacrificing the rest. I think he did lose sight of that a bit with Origin, especially, but also Otonal, when he pushed the combination back into the second half. Probably not at all helped that he couldn't properly grasp the spiritual side of the programs, as it wasn't really him. Now, he seems to want to keep the spirit intact, focus on what he wants to express and increase the technical around that. Probably more gradually than with Origin, too, though 4S-3A-3F-spin sequence isn't really gradual by normal standards lol It won't be easy and it might take time, but it's what, to me, it seems he might be into doing right now. Rather than just land 4A and adios. But I could be entirely wrong lol
  14. LOL Pairs skaters just like him I'm always a bit curious how he became friends - or at least friendlier than with others - with some of the skaters he most interacts with... Among the guys, it generally makes sense. Same with Team Japan. He spends enough time with them, that they just start bonding a bit. But I do get curious about others, like Michael and Kristen - he hugged both of them at SCI, and him hugging her really surprised me, given how he usually tends to stay away from ladies - or Madison, whom he's often friendly with. Wenjing and Cong also make sense, because they've known each other since junior days. Either way, I'm happy he has skaters he gets along well with and who seem to watch his antics fondly and at times even participate lol He truly is lovable, but it would also be easy for some of them to become envious and mean, given his popularity. But I guess they know the real Yuzu, the human Yuzu much better than we do, even without interacting much. In my experience, Yuzu's costumes are always sparklier and more mindblowing in person lol. And even more so when he's wearing them. I saw H&L costume at an exhibition and even though it was my favorite up to then, it didn't impress me THAT much displayed as it was. The colors were beautiful but that was about it. I was far more impressed by White Legend then lol But I'm sure if I saw Yuzu skating H&L in H&L costume, I'd probably die a little, as I became a fan watching H&L.
  15. I was so surprised at the comment I listened again just to check the verb tense lol He didn't actually seem very thrilled about the question in general. To me at least. For a future ROI appearance, rather than a tribute to Javi I'd prefer a duo with Javi
  16. if I'm not mistaken, what he actually said was that he has thought about doing Winter... and also Don Quixote. But he used past tense, while the translator translated it as possible future. I think he's done with tributes for a while, tbh. Otonal and Origin were a painful enough lesson that tributes are complicated
  17. The banquet is in the schedule and probably everyone there will be checked like they were for the event, so I'm not sure it'd make much of a difference... but who knows lol And I think I liked Jun's Ex better than his FS...
  18. We're going to see Yuzu doing Vogue! lol We're missing the Lilah and Lewis! lol
  19. '17 COR was the only one I remembered too lol Probably because I've only watched 2015 WTT a handful of times lol But '17 COR was a live "Wow!" moment lol Yuzu popping into triples is a miracle...
  20. Ah, I see. That makes more sense than him suddenly learning to pop to triples lol As lovely as that would be.
  21. On top of that, they still have gala afterwards, too, and the time between FS and gala will probably be taken up, in good part, by media obligations. Maybe there won't be an opening, so he'll have another hour + to rest before it's his turn, but still. And while it's 'just' gala, we know Yuzu will want to do a good skate there, too. Crazy schedule.
  22. Thank you for this. You're right, from this pov and in better quality, they do look more like actual pops. But it does seem like he wasn't overly bothered... doesn't seem to have the Saitama loop mad energy. I wonder at the 3Lz... if he's at a point where he can actually pop the quad into a triple if something doesn't feel right...
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