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  1. OonsieHui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm like, yay! But also slightly kind of rolling my eyes at how he changed his tune when he found out it's a tribute to him
  2. OonsieHui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well tbh it's difficult to compare since new system. That said, even comparing scores within this season it's still lol.
  3. OonsieHui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    1) it's finally been confirmed ... I've been stalking this thread waiting for this announcement.... I'm feeling so mixed right now. P.s. sorry for disappearing. Real life got hard and crazy but also watching Yuzu on crutches broke me for a little while again. 2) I'm not sure why nathan/shoma fans are happy. Sure their favs are more likely to win, but just like last year's WC and GPF, there's going to be that talk of "robbing an empty house"/"yeah but if Yuzuru had been there...."
  4. How long more till Yuzu? I can't stream, I'm only able to check this thread intermittently...and I'm dying if worry here!!
  5. I'm so glad he's considering lowering the BV to prioritize his safety / health! Honestly the Yuzu for a few years ago probably wouldn't have. I'm so proud of him! (although awww there goes two WRs, but I will take a safe healthy Yuzu over any number of WR every single time!!)
  6. Nah... with the way judging is looking for those three (Yuzu, Nathan, Shoma) when they finally meet in GPF I actually think it's not going to be as straightforward as that. Yuzu slips up even a bit and it's not unfathomable that one of the other two takes the crown. Whether they will deserve it or not is an entirely different matter, but the three of them are kind of making this little cluster up at the top of the men's field right now.
  7. Lol new system to prevent such high scores whatttt??? ISU: so this change will help Yuzu: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
  8. Been frantically updated this thread in between work and HELL YEAH
  9. Now THAT is what I call capitalising on star power lmao
  10. Well, I don't doubt that he wasn't feeling well, but just some reassurance that he definitely didn't catch the actual flu. As in the influenza flu type flu which floors you. A cold maybe, but the timing just doesn't fit for a full blown flu. So that's much less worrying in regards to time off ice and how he'll be feeling now.
  11. OonsieHui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well yeah but those have been like FaOI or other Japan ice shows, not so much as a guest of their personal ice shows right?
  12. Normally our first hint is fan accounts +/- photos of the crowd waiting for him at the airport lol
  13. OonsieHui

    When will Yuzu land 4A

    Okay. Scenario. Yuzu for some weird reason bombs the SP. Or at least isn't happy with his score, or feels threatened for first place. At the same time Dimitri lands Nessie in practice. Yuzu, who's already kyushi and deliberating all his options for YOLOing his way to victory, suddenly decides that Nessie is a risk worth taking. BAM HISTORY MADE. (Please don't kill me... )
  14. OonsieHui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Something just occured to me. There's a possible unfortunate side effect to Yuzu's stardom. He will always be the star of any ice show he is in. Which is great for us, but does mean that if it's another skaters ice show (rather than a general ice show, if that makes sense) he might inevitably pull the spotlight away from the "main skater", which in itself would be unfortunate, but that risk may also mean there are some skaters who might avoid inviting him for that very reason....
  15. Ya know, I know times are different now, and the level and extent of competition is different now, but whenever I think about her record of 10 (FREAKING TEN!!) World Champion titles, I'm mindblown. But thanks for the video, I'll watch it later!