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SK were down with COVID 19 as well, Nikita got away with a slight form of it while Victoria had a more serious disease with considerable lung lesion. 
So how many does it make already? I lost count... Medvedeva, Kostornaya, Savosin, Aliev, Tiffani, Jonathan and some more.., 

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On 12/22/2020 at 1:20 PM, Fay said:

SK were down with COVID 19 as well, Nikita got away with a slight form of it while Victoria had a more serious disease with considerable lung lesion. 
So how many does it make already? I lost count... Medvedeva, Kostornaya, Savosin, Aliev, Tiffani, Jonathan and some more.., 

...that we know of aka are willing to admit it

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The final of the Russian Figure Skating Cup of the 2020/21 season should be moved from Veliky Novgorod to Moscow, it can receive the status of a qualifying tournament for the 2021 World Cup, a source familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti.

The competition is expected to be held in the presence of spectators.





The Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) intends to hold a team tournament in Moscow in February, a source familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti.

According to a source from RIA Novosti, the team tournament will probably be a competition in all four types of figure skating between two teams of approximately equal strength, made up of the country's best skaters based on the results of the December Russian championship and with the invitation of other leaders of the national team who could not start at the domestic championship.

The tournament will most likely be hosted by the Megasport Sports Palace in Moscow about a week after the Russian Championship among juniors, which will take place on February 1-5 in Krasnoyarsk.

Competitions in Moscow should be held in the presence of spectators.


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interview with Stepanova/Bukin

part about recovery


- How do you feel now?
Sasha: It's good now, thanks.
Vanya: Yes, we have already recovered.


- You joked at the press conference that you were unlucky and you were ill with covid at different times.
(guys laugh)
Sasha: Well, yes, we were really out of luck.


- How could this happen? You spend so much time together.
Sasha: At first I just caught a cold. There was bronchitis or something like that. Then she went out for a while, and then fell ill again, but with a covid. I don't know why it happened, but after I got sick, the coaches and Vanya fell ill. Three days after my return.

Vanya: Why this happened is still a mystery to us. It is very incomprehensible.


- How did you handle the disease?
Vanya: It was not very easy. I had palpable lung damage. The temperature was kept for a very long time, the dose of antibiotics was quite strong. But the hardest part is not how I got sick, but how I went back onto the ice. It was very strange and even a little scary. At this moment, you realize that not everything is overgrown there to the end, and you are afraid to do something wrong, so as not to lean back.

Sasha: At home you may be fine, but as soon as you go out on the ice, you immediately start coughing due to the cold air and the slightest load. Usually for us to drive a circle is nothing at all. And after an illness, the body perceives it as a serious threat and begins to react instantly. It scares. You think: "How am I going to skate now?"


- Have you been at home? Didn't it come to hospitalization?
Sasha and Vanya: No.

Vanya: Fortunately, it didn't come to that. At that moment, there was a large increase in the incidence and did not want to go to the hospital. I didn’t have extreme temperatures - in the region of 37.5 - 38. The only problem is that it lasted a long time. Sasha, on the contrary, was tall at first, but then she quickly disappeared.

asha: In my case, at first it looked like a common cold - the whole body began to ache. I came home from training and it was as if someone from the inside was breaking all my bones. A sluggish state. And then the temperature began to rise. The maximum was over 39. Immediately began to knock down and take antibiotics.

The state itself was unpleasant - you get to the kitchen, to the bathroom and you are already very tired. And you hear how you breathe. You understand that you look like an old man. It’s scary when you realize that you have to plow on ice in order to achieve results.


- Was it scary during your career?
Sasha: No. We understood that everything was in such conditions. Although at first it was heard that only our group was sick. Did you think what others are using that they did not get sick? But then it turned out that others also fell ill, but only later.


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Interview with Plushenko







Russian figure skating has long ceased to be just a sport, today the representatives of the "figurine" appear on the pages of the gossip column as often as in the sports news. A new direction for the development of this popularity was given by the scandal inflated in the networks after the publication of one of the trainers of the group Eteri Tutberidze - choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov, who invited the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko to a duel in order to resolve a conflict that lasted more than a month.


The situation began to heat up after several students of Eteri Tutberidze's group, including European champion Alena Kostornaya and Russian Rocket Alexandra Trusova, moved to the Angels of Plushenko Academy. At the moment, the situation has grown to an open confrontation. Plushenko spoke in an interview with TASS about his attitude to what was happening, and also explained the details of the disagreements with the Tutberidze school.


- Evgeni, the situation is out of the ordinary - a scuffle in figure skating, this is something new.


- Well, the situation happened on January 13, in celebration of the old New Year, perhaps the person was in the bar, perhaps he took too much. Maybe today his decision will change? In general, I treat this with irony.


- Do you know personally?


- No, I have a bad idea what kind of person he is - we did not meet, did not communicate. Very few people know him. Maybe in this way he wants to become more popular.


- Are you ready to fight?


- I am open, I like to fight, with pleasure. We can pair up in gloves, in full contact.


- Have you ever fought in your life?


- Experience is, this is a normal story for men. I can stand up for myself. I would even be interested. Just getting in shape.


- What is your weight now?


- 75 kg.


- We are waiting for the result of weighing your opponent.


- I would first check him for doping. You may need to connect RUSADA. Such statements can only be made by an inadequate person.


- All this is probably fun. But I am personally offended that such things happen in figure skating, a wonderful sport. Are you offended?


- I read a lot, I follow the comments - people have now become quite aggressive, anger has appeared. Everyone started to understand figure skating very abruptly, who glides how, who jumps how, who is worse, who is better. All at once became super-professionals, great trainers in one second.


I live in my own world - I built skating rinks, I do my own thing, I don't bother anyone. But the situation is really heating up. Now I am returning from the Moscow Cup with my athlete. By the way, the athlete Tutberidze Mark Lukin performed there. I really like him, a wonderful athlete, but today he skated worse than my skater Sornovsky. Yes, my athlete fell from a triple axel - he was given minus five, and rightly so. Mark falls from a quadruple toe loop onto his butt - they give him minus three. Why isn't he given the same rate as my athlete? Where, then, is logic and justice?


- This is how Zheleznyakov brought us to a conversation about the problems of figure skating.


- But if it so happens that the athletes of Tutberidze are already quite simple to skate. I'm not complaining, but then where are we all going? I urge coaches, referees - especially them - to treat other athletes adequately, professionally and ethically. If a person rips off a lot of elements, how does he manage to bring six points in plus? I am in shock. I don't see such loyalty to my school, to my athletes. So, whatever they do, they will lose? This is a specific pressure on my school - they are already drowning without hesitation. It turns out that we have no legal protection?

I took two printouts today after the rentals. I see - my athlete was imperfect. I see his rib on the flip - the athlete is given a minus, but the athlete Tutberidze's rib is simply not seen. And if they see, then they put pluses. Who will take it all apart? It's just that everyone was silent before. I'm not just talking about my guys. There are other athletes from CSKA, for example, and the same story is with them. But they are just silent. That is how it should be? But there is a limit to everything - this is already happening openly.


Take the championship of Russia in Chelyabinsk - for the disrupted rotation of Shcherbakova, which automatically goes to minus, there is a bonus of plus three points. And how much did they take for the rib on the flip from Trusova? We see everything and everything - we did not come from bobsleigh or luge sports, we have been doing this all our lives. And there is no need to deceive us. I call on coaches, referees, and the federation leadership to consider these things. If the game will be played with only one goal, let's leave one Tutberidze school. If we are not needed, tell us - go ride for other countries. And they will take it. But this, it seems to me, is also a wrong process. They found such a mechanism: "Be quiet, don't say anything, I know myself."


I am ready to lose with my athletes, if others are really head and shoulders above. But it is not necessary to artificially create the situation.


- On the other hand, you have a fairly favorable situation - everyone saw the beautiful houses in which your athletes settled, everyone sees what conditions you have on the ice.


 Yes, we have opportunities. But I myself earned this money, with my work, my long career - I skated four Olympics for a reason, and I did not take a penny from anyone, did not steal. Neither the state nor private investors. We did everything with my wife - we built a skating rink. And I didn't take any loans. Everything is built on honest money, on money earned by one's own labor. There is envy, it's true. But no one bothers you to skate four Olympics and be in the top - then you too can build all this. We plow, we work. But when we are simply removed, you need to turn to the management.

And I will do it. I have an appointment with the Minister of Sports, where I will discuss this issue. I will meet with representatives of the presidential administration in charge of sports. I will not speak for one of my schools. I am obliged to defend my athletes, we do not just go to trainings and work.


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