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Who have you tried to convert to a Hanyu fan?


Who have you tried to convert to a Hanyu fan?  

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Unfortunately, I don't know any Fanyu in person ... My husband was a casual Plushy fan, he don't watch FS actually, he's more interested in other sports like soccer and tennis ... My niece, tho, who made me some banners with Yuzu for the banner contest last year, she likes him but likes Javi more, watches FS casually so ... Is just me ...

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Tbf I've stopped trying beyond gushing over Yuzu in my insta stories in hopes someone will catch on.


Also I just realized I know a person who says Yuzu is his fave male skater but we usually talk more generally about FS (and he often argues Yuzu isn't that overwhelmingly great which makes me avoid talking about Yuzu with him usually) so I didn't put him in the Yuzu fan category in my mind and forgot him during the poll. Oh well.

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I am obviously terrible at making people interested in things I like. I have been trying to get my sisters interested for over a year now and it didn't work :sigh:. To be fair they were trying to make me a Marvel fan for four year and that didn't work either :laughing:


I did convince my friend to follow the Olympics by gushing nonstop about Yuzu, and when I met her afterwards I found that she did not watch the men and is now a huge Medvedeva fan :1:

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I didn't convert anyone yet. When watching competitions, reading news about Yuzu i end up talking to my laptop screen, since I don't have anyone to talk about Yuzu in person with. I have a friend who's interested in Kpop and since i let her show me stuff, share her excitement, though i'm not a Kpop fan at all she started watching a bit of FS and mostly Yuzu. Recently she said she's trying to watch more stuff with Yuzu so i hope she will grow to love him just like i do. I'm trying stay back so i don't scare her off with all the Yuzu and general FS info load so when we meet i'm casually bringing up Yuzu and FS. :peekapooh:


Edit: When at work or generally in the city and there's a competition, with Yuzu, at that time i'm always watching so end up talking to my phone screen, smiling and jumping.

Usually it's a good thing when i'm in public transport as people tend to stay away from the "crazy" person so i have a lot of space :xD:

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I turned my mom into a fan and my godmom isn't a fan fan (she's just not into skating all that much) but she likes to know when he does well, mainly for my sake. She gets why I like him.  Like they wanted updates during his injury and everything. And when I got back and showed my dad some of video of Yuzu he could see right away why he is next level.  He isn't a skating fan but he grew up watching it because his mom, my grandmom (God rest her soul) was a very big fan.  So he can spot quality.  He also really liked Yuzu's free skate music.  He felt like Yuzu was doing martial arts on ice.  

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I think is harder to convert someone into a fan of any male skater since skating is seen more as a ladies sports, like how female gymnastics is more popular than its male category. I used to think like that and only watch videos casually of Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan etc but they never got my attention. I was not really even excited about male skating at sochi and was only in for the ladies primarly, that is obviously until I saw Yuzu. 

I can say I turned my sister into a fan since I have not stop talking about him for the past four years so she knows his story and programs (her faves are seimei and poto), she even watched some events with me in the past. She thinks that while every skater works hard Yuzuru just seems to really work harder and he has a passion for skating that shows every time he steps on the ice. My parents also know him and respect him but they both prefer to watch the ladies. Some of my friends know I like him but they are not interested in the sport lol.

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Not really. I converted my mom into a casual fan, but she's not nearly as dedicated as I am. She likes Yuzu best, but also really likes Javi and Jason. She didn't like any of the top American skaters, though. Well. She did say Adam had really nice... um... muscles... And I showed Yuzu to a co-worker. She's not going to become a fan, but she loved watching him at Olys, and said "His name is so beautiful" and "He's like a prince!" So I'm not doing too badly at converting people, I guess. My best friend loves Yuzu as well, but she doesn't follow the sport as much as I do and she has to ask me a bunch of technical questions whenever we watch because she can't recognize the jumps, other than 3A. And of course, all the skaters my age at the local rink love him, so no need to try there. 

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I've tried to convert my:

- Mum 

- Friends

- Boyfriend 


Looking at everyone else's comments I assume the success rate with Mums is the highest haha. I have also managed to semi-convert my mum. She has always acknowledged his skills ever since finding out about him, but it was only during this Olympic season that she actually started cheering on for him n stuff. We watched his FP live together and she was super happy when he won. She even says she wants a son just like him LOL. 


My friends however....not much success. They are well aware that I am a Yuzu fan and points it out to me whenever my phone lock screen is of him. I often talk about him to them but they only interested in Japanese idols and Kpop stars:2: (not that there is anything wrong with those fandoms). 


And finally my BF...I think he does acknowledge him as a talented figure skater as he has mentioned how impressive Yuzu is during Sochi considering his age back then, but he has the tendency to become salty about everything I obsess over so no he is not a fan and will most likely never will be :/ 

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tried to convert: my boyfriend, 2 of my best friends and a cousin.


result: my boyfriend and one best friend are now big fan of Yuzu. the other best friend and cousin not so much, but they highly appreciate and respect yuzu, so it is enough for me.


i couldn't be happier my beloved boyfriend is now yuzu's big fan. it's not that hard to convert him because art and music are pretty much inside him (an architect, interior designer, illustrator, occasional painter and a violinist). eventhough he doesn't know anything about figure skating, he could feel and see yuzu is the personification of art and grit. my boyfriend is so calm and compose, and has more faith in yuzu in any circumstances. i remember i was feeling down when yuzu lost to Javi in 2015 and 2016, my boyfriend said "he will win again. yuzu is happy for javi, so we should accept the result with open heart." when yuzu came 5th in SP during Helsinki 2017, he said "you are the one who said yuzu always come with a miracle. so believe in him. there will be a miracle." then during this Olympics, when i was nervous few days before the SP, he said, "He will win. I am so sure." Seriously....I love my man <3 He also bought me several Poohs already :dancingpooh:


My best friend, on the other hand, is a yuzu fangirl :biggrin: (she loves shoma also). Of course, we fangirl together, enough said :laughing: She is working in japan now, so she has unlimited access to yuzu magazines and news. she already sent few magazines to me. too bad, she couldn't go to the ice shows because the tickets are expensive for her and getting one is not easy.


anyway, i'm bless to be able to share yuzu's journey with my beloved ones. 

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19 hours ago, Kagme said:

It took me almost a year of constant gushing and the OG for my family to finally become fan. Now my Mom and aunt call me at random to talk about him :LOL:


That's so inspiring! And, @Serafine, your boyfriend is so so cool! My husband is also the calm type. A bit too calm to be a fanyu, but he would watch all of yuzu's performances with me, so I'm content with that.


Surprisingly I almost managed to convert my dad. It didn't take much - we watched PW together, and my dad was blown away. We got interrupted and his visit was short. But I feel that I have a great chance next time.


I'm now encouraged - I'm going to try my mum next (maybe my mother-in-law too).


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