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  1. Satoko and Rika going to Worlds. Now let's see who gets the last spot.
  2. Yay, Mai! Book yourself that Worlds ticket
  3. No, she wasn't 15 on July 1st, so they can't send her. Russian Nationals has different rules, so they could have her there even last year because she was 14 by December and Alexandra wasn't yet.
  4. Despite her issues, Alina was still the highest placed Russian last year, so pretty sure they will send her. She's still most likely to help secure spots for next year.
  5. Yes, I think the 2A goes first. (I changed my original post a little to make it more clear. Didn't realize you had quoted it already )
  6. One thing is that Alexandra has one fewer jumping pass to fill, so she can put all her difficult triples together instead and doesn't have to jump an easier triple or a second 2A somewhere to fill up that last jumping pass. After two jumping passes she still hasn't used any of the triples and she can start doing them a lot without Zayaking. That quad with a fall gives her a large negative GOE and a -1, but still gives her some points. That only works with a skater like her, who can actually do things like 3Lz-3Lo and other difficult jumps in quick succession in the second half of her program.
  7. Alena and Anna have medals. Go Alexandra! And what a way for Anna to debut here.
  8. We're watching something special here.
  9. A definite medal for Anna and 3A is going to sweep the podium??
  10. So, Sofia is now fourth and Stanislava is second? I think they're going to send Stanislava again