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  1. Deliverpooh

    [2019] World Championships - Men Free Skating

    I have no words. Except: I have no words.
  2. On the podium it look like Alina's dress was a mixture of Zhenya's and Elizabet's
  3. Deliverpooh

    Team Russia

    Congratulations to Alina and Evgenia with their medals. After a crazy two seasons, it was nice to see them share a major podium again.
  4. That's fine :). I think it's important to say that. I've said something like this about a year ago to a specific user and the tone of the discussion changed. Yuzuru Hanyu deserves a forum where people are respectful and friendly, even if they disagree.
  5. You're right. It's not just you. This used to be a place where people respectfully disagreed. Unfortunately, I see some new names who take out their anger here. Nothing wrong with new people but if you feel the need to become hostile towards users or skaters, ** might suit you better.
  6. This isn't about judges. This was about a hostile tone against Medvedeva 'stans'. Anger about the result shouldn't translate to hostility towards other users here, who might not agree.
  7. This used to be a friendly forum, where people were respectful. This in contrast to **, for instance, where there is often hostility. It's unfortunate that someone felt the need to post something like the above.