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  1. I can pronounce her name, and I am just a figure skating fan. He's her coach and calls her the Korean as if she's an opponent in a boxing match. Also, interesting how many American commentators only talk about things like right of way and the bullying allegations go unmentioned. The whole thing very much reminds me of a situation where a bullied person gets silenced, because their issues are inconvenient to a teacher and the rest of a class.
  2. If you start calling your students 'the Korean', then l don't think there is much point in her staying there. Didn't he also say he hadid trouble communicating with Marin? Maybe she wasn't the issue there. Am honestly disgusted by the whole thing. How often hasn't bullying been raised as a problem to be taken seriously? I guess not by a seizable part of the North American skating community.
  3. On the podium it look like Alina's dress was a mixture of Zhenya's and Elizabet's
  4. Congratulations to Alina and Evgenia with their medals. After a crazy two seasons, it was nice to see them share a major podium again.
  5. That's fine :). I think it's important to say that. I've said something like this about a year ago to a specific user and the tone of the discussion changed. Yuzuru Hanyu deserves a forum where people are respectful and friendly, even if they disagree.
  6. You're right. It's not just you. This used to be a place where people respectfully disagreed. Unfortunately, I see some new names who take out their anger here. Nothing wrong with new people but if you feel the need to become hostile towards users or skaters, ** might suit you better.
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