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  1. She has won everything, so am glad for her that she takes a break.
  2. I might try level 3 in July. Maybe December next year. Cheer me on, please
  3. I hope Yuzuru will break Anna's world record of largest plushy received
  4. Anna showed her strength in the FP. I don't think this will be her final BV this season yet either
  5. People were saying Trusova wouldn't keep her quad for a year when she landed 1 underrotated one in Jgp Brisbane two years ago. And here she is. I wonder when ladies will be actually recognized for their technical strength without it having to be downplayed because it might not last.
  6. Japan Open: the two best scores from Team Europe were Trusova and Zagitova
  7. Sasha's quads are now up on Nathsn Chen's stories on Instagram
  8. Which of the six is the most difficult? You can discuss all or any of the disciplines you like.
  9. I wonder what Shcherbakova will do. To me, she's quite the dark horse, because she has high potentisl, but not Alina's PCS and reputation or Aleksandra's triple quad arsenal yet. The important word here is 'yet' as she has the potential to grow a lot more in tech and PCS.
  10. Yes, I hope so too. Proponents can start their own sport if they want it so much, without destroying figure skating.
  11. This season promises to be a very exciting year. The Olympic Champion became World Champion in the last season, while the Olympic silver medalist seems to be hitting her stride again. Of course, there is also Rika Kihira and Elizaveta Tuk, whose triple axels always make them a threat for the podium. With the entrance of young talents like the already famous Russian 3A and You Young into the mix, the battle for the medals is on. Who do you think will shine this season? Will ladies without quads still have a chance at the gold? This thread is meant for discussion of senior ladies during this season.
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