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  1. wingman

    Guess the New Programs! (and win nothing if you do)

    Bumping this thread since August is getting close! Jazz for SP would be my guess. FS... hmmm..MMM.mmm... something serious. Maybe a violin classics. I don't think Yuzu would go and do two funky programs in one shot.
  2. wingman

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sorry for adding to the alcohol story, but my dad's case is an extreme example and kind of funny so I cannot not share. My dad is allergic to all forms: rubbing alcohol (the kind you use in hospitals), drinking ones, etc. Even fermented grapes give him itches. The funny thing is that he's a doctor himself, so during his surgery rotation as a medical student, he could only sit outside the operating room and watch. (He's not allowed to go in because of all the alcohol they use for disinfectant!). Generally hospital rotations were very tough for him, with a lot of rashes, hives and itches all over. I'm proud that he managed to graduate (though his only option was to do research). On business trips, my dad would take "sips" (like, letting the alcohol touch his lips), but otherwise I've never seen him drink any. So some people have it quite bad. Yuzu sounds like he's close to this camp.
  3. wingman

    General Yuzuru Chat

    How far do torch runners have to run? With the crowd surrounding him the torch might not get very far... Jack must have seen the beer line to use "all eyes were on Yuzu...". I wonder if the joke came from BO himself
  4. wingman

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Omg Jack... how long is he intending to do this Today's Yuzu thing? I am sure he lurks here.
  5. wingman

    Random Thought Theater

    @Tee It varies wildly from one job to another. My tips would be: * read the job description and mentally prepare a blurb (30 seconds) to sell yourself *according to the ad* Be clear on what your strengths are (ie: what sets you apart), and what the jobs require eg: you're very on-time, or responsible, dilligent, or your resume fits perfectly, you have tonnes of experience etc. But better, don't just say "I'm a good leader", it's better to follow up with evidence ("as you can see in my resume, I am the president for so and so club during university, which has 50+ members etc") * have a practice interview (ideally with someone in the industry / someone with experience in this position) * ask for experience from others with this job (most people are willing to help and give very good tips!) Finally, take notes after the interview (what you thought were good/bad, what the tough questions are etc), and regardless whether you get the job or not, ask for feedback after they told you the outcome. This way you can be more prepared for the next one. Good luck!
  6. wingman

    General Yuzuru Chat

    On the glass medal: umm... I don't know. A "classic" medal (solid round thing with color, preferrably gold-plated) is still better. Like the PC medal - that looks WAY cooler than the Sochi one in my opinion. @meoima Oh no, poor Gracie. How can they not replace it for her??? That's so sad. I hope she has some fans as dedicated as Misha's to make her a substitute medal.
  7. wingman

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Well it seems like SkC always had glass medals though? Like this podium from 2012 Or this one from 2013 Glass medals can be kind of cool though. I have one with cool inscriptions, it's nice. Though I still prefer a gold medal. Those can be quite cheap to make too, dunno why they don't do it. Maybe it's a fashion statement from the sponsor.
  8. wingman

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    France - England for me. France for the cup!! I like Croatia, but I'm worried that they won't get pass England. Anyway, all 4 teams have done really well, so these matches will be exciting for sure. Can't wait!
  9. Well that makes sense given the history between Sweden and Finland. I have a Finnish friend who grew up in a Swedish-speaking town, and she basically learned Finnish like a foreign language at school (!) I heard that Finnish pronunciation is really close to Japanese though, so maybe I have some chance. (My Swedish is maybe 0.1 - I can read signs etc since it's close enough to German...)
  10. wingman

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Next stop: Sweden and Croatia. (Croatia I feel for sure, Sweden would be great - they had such a tough path to this world cup, I would like to see them getting further). @WinForPooh I know right! Courtois was AMAZING! (He's amazing in general, of course, but tonight he was GREAT). I feel that if it went to extra time Brazil would have won. Belgium looked really flat at the end
  11. wingman

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    France!!! (I wanted to buy Belgium beer to cheer for them today, but in Germany it's impossible to find Belgian beer. Wonder why).
  12. wingman

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Belgium!!! Umm... #BELBRA sounds kind of funny. (I'm too immature...
  13. wingman

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Oh gosh, if RUS vs CRO are both full of yellow cards, whoever go on will not have enough guys to play with! Go FRANCE! They're my pick for the competition.
  14. wingman

    Japanese study group

    @Hydroblade すーげ!おめでとう!がんばれ!
  15. That's cute, though you should try to do some sampling, otherwise you will get a lot of female respondents here...