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  1. wingman

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Well it's a sad fact of life: athletes will compete regardless, because they love their sports. People would watch regardless, for the same reason. ISU is just being stupid for not eliminating this scoring issue. FS cannot be mainstream sports if they keep it opaque like this. Before tech stuff came, many sports dear to me are full of scoring scandals like this too. The problem is the organization, in this case, ISU, doesn't have incentive nor a mechanism to punish crappy judges; esp. when the handbook on GOE is so vague. Should one misjudgement cost them their position? Or should it be many times? How many? What about PCS, it's all subjective anyway? If judges are not punished for biases, then they would have no incentivr to be fair. And generally the ISU don't want negative headlines of the kind judge A is being investigated, that will attract negative attention to the sports. But, there is one obvious place that can be improved, that is, the tech calls. Then once GOE bullets are better defined, GOE as well, and this means, all of TES. Ideally it should be all automated, so there is no question of what TES is. It's doable, but I don't see the ISU doing something about it anytime soon, because they have a monopoly. I think there should be serious protest from fans, eg, boycott of events, or a new organization to compete w the ISU.
  2. @Figure_Frenzy Ah great - thanks for editing that post. Get it now.
  3. Ah ok, Thanks @Figure_Frenzy . Does that mean the elements still get their full BV count, or would it be counted like a combo? (If it's full BV then why is that 4T not marked as REP...? Because theoretically people could exploit that loop hole and rep quads this way (?) (Though, I guess the rule is that these jumps have to be followed by axel-type jumps, so maybe following it up with A+SEQ is the only possibility?) @tkinashi I it when you normalize my conspiracy
  4. Or, a conspiracy theory: practicing 4A screws up 3A for him, so he needs it to be part of a sequence to tame his energy.
  5. Um.. so what does 4T+3A+SEQ mean: -- the 4T and 3A counts as a jump sequence? or does he do a 4T + 3A combo, followed by another jump sequence (?) I'm confused. Btw, 3F+3T could still be turned into YOLO 4S+3T right? It seems that there's a fair bit of flexibility for Yuzu on the free.
  6. You should ask your teacher. Maybe him/her can't escape the overlord's grip. 4T+3A... that's so Yuzu. And I still don't get why his combo in SP is at the end even though it's not in the second half. (Yuzu - do you HAVE to make us bald???) Btw, Happy Halloween everyone!
  7. @makebelieveup yeah I'm wondering too - maybe we should make a thread under tech talk? I'm not used to seeing TES dropping by 10 points -- if this is tech panels doing their job, and were they all sleeping earlier??? Or are there new rules change now? And what's with invalidated spins (same thing: rarely saw them before, lots of them now, esp TCC folks ??)
  8. Wow, 10 points drop in TES???
  9. That was intense, I could feel her concentration after that popped S at the beginning. Too bad at the end for Waka...
  10. wingman

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    Haha, Jun's really a teenage boy.
  11. wingman

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    Nah, it seems that the rankings are hugely dependant on PCS. (So random, I don't get the arbitrary highs and lows of PCS).
  12. wingman

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    that's a bit of a PCS inflation... I like Shoma's music a lot though. Hope he will continue working on it
  13. wingman

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    Wah, why did he get a lvl 2 on StSeq? Ditto @Fay: 3A hand down...
  14. Poor Nam, he's at Sk American AND Sk Canada? That's like what... a week in between to recover? (At least it's not a lot of flying)
  15. Wah, finally I found time to watch this. Satton has improved *so much* height + coverage (I still remember getting shocked at her tiny little jumps off the ice years ago). I love Kaori's FS; there were parts that matched the music well. And that 3Lo out of nowhere, that was amazing! Hope to see them both at GPF.