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  1. @Old Cat Lady Yeah yeah, please do prepare something. It's my first worlds, super excited! (Though I'll miss most of it live -- Mexico timezone is just not compatible). Could you give a link to how the scoring etc works too?
  2. Sorry, should have been more specific. By schedule I mean skating order (skater-by-skater schedule)? --- NVM: got it: https://fsrussia.ru/results/1819/cor1819/index.htm. I'm going blind...
  3. How can I find the schedule? (Sorry if this has already been answered -- but searches for Russian Cup Final somehow always return Russian Nationals for me. Google autocorrect is going on overdrive.
  4. Stream links anyone? I'm not a fan of NBC commentary...
  5. This music is like 30 seconds on an infinite loop? Oh.. ok, here's the bridge / outro.
  6. He made us Aussies proud! Wohoo! Nice choreo, good start, ran out of steam at the end there. The music sort of got to me... (it's a bit heavy)
  7. Is his knee thing a technique from some school, or is it just a weird quirk?
  8. Lol, clearly it never occurred to me to google them both together.
  9. Love that photo! @SparkleSalad from what archive did you dig this up from?? That made my day
  10. You can tell him that -- maybe he'll be converted to FS fan (and then a Yuzu fan?)
  11. Oh, Boyang's ISU bio mentions Yuzu as someone he looks up to. Is this new?
  12. That 3Lz + board. Reminds me of Boyang. Nice heights This kid looks cute, honestly.
  13. Nice loop! He's quite a dancer, just a little stressed . Go Micah!
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