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Who have you tried to convert to a Hanyu fan?


Who have you tried to convert to a Hanyu fan?  

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1 hour ago, FlyingCamel said:

Just asking out of curiosity - why do people seem to be under the impression that Yuzu can’t do housework? O.O

I think it is the association between grown up boy living with his mother + working a lot + gaming during free time. Also maybe, his being Japanese (Japanese men have a reputation not to help a lot at home). No more real information (I even think he spoke of washing some laundry himself), rather prejudice.
And they much appreciated his P & G commercials, showing him doing some housekeeping, or his Ghana ones, inventing drinking chocolate recipes.

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To answer the question...
It is not easy to "convert" in the sense that unfortunately figure skating is not very popular in my country (Belgium). It's a pity because I would really like talking in person about skating, and about Yuzuru of course with other enthusiasts. Soccer, tennis are more favorite subjects for discussions.
But I speak to my sister about skating, and of course about Yuzuru... And every time there is a competition where he competes, she watches with me and then we discuss about the performance. That's nice :-)

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A recent convert myself, I have only successfully piqued the interest of 3 coworkers. They're not yet converted, but I have been slowly evangelizing. One person has caught me three times with ice show video footage of him on one of my monitors during my working lunch. 


My own conversion is the result of a coworker sending me a high quality playlist of some of Yuzu's greatest hits. This caused me to slide down the most massive rabbit hole of my life that I have yet to climb out of. Some coworkers think I like Winnie the Pooh since I've gotten several nail sets of inspired by his costumes, 2 of which were sets with a 3D Pooh accent nail (he was lying down like the tissue box). That is how obsessed I have become.

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I can proudly say that I succeded in converting some of my colleagues into Yuzu's fans. Unfortunately most of the people around me are pretty neutral towards fs cause it's not a very popular sport in here but my constant gushing over him increased their interest. I was allowed even to share some yt links with some of them - haha a big win I would say. Still, no one could rise to my level of involvement but I'm still pretty grateful that they always listen to what I have to say about him and can recognize him and his greatness. Little steps, right :)

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My aunt and uncle got to witness me panicking over the 2022 olympics :tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow:I had them watch the exhibition gala with me and they said of all the skaters, they loved his skating the most. I sent them a few other programs to watch (etude, swanyu, chopin) and they liked them a lot!! But it's not like they actively follow his work. So, semi-success?? :tumblr_m9gck4P2Jf1qzckow:

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My sister was an enormous Yuna Kim fan and for years and year she tried to get me into the sport (if I only I listened to her, I would have known Yuzu earlier).

But it was only in 2021 when I found out about Yuzuru and now the roles are reversed and I am trying to get my sister back to watching figure skating again 

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