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8 hours ago, yumeaki said:

Filled up the doodle. Hope I can make it this time. I kept forgetting the time in previous streams :facepalm:


I'll make an event in the calendar so that no one will forget the dates :D


8 hours ago, caterpillar said:

I filled out the doodle as well. Saturday is completely impossible for me, but maybe we could do the short program saturday and the free skate sunday, the way it actually happened last year? That way, most who are interested could see at least one of the events. 


... or maybe this was the plan all along, in which case I'm in favor :7938863:


Yes, SP on Saturday and FS on Sunday would be fine. 

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I've filled out the doodle but idk if family will allow to watch sob sob last time there was a streaming party while I was at parent's home I only managed to get half an hour after dinner:facepalm:...though....I'm almost having a brillant idea....stealing tv and finally forcing them to watch Olys with me LOL (I am that desperate)

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Ahhhhh I'm definitely stealing tv for the sp:hachimaki:(tho last group will be during dinner nooooo even if I can keep tv no chance of religious silence :smiley-sad058: and maybe my father will try to steal tv back to watch the news he watches the news everyday all day multiple times, he can skip  them once or twice, right?:gaah:

Sadly can't join for the FS :tumblr_m7etfqA8wS1qb1380: maybe I can pop in on phone a bit but no chance for when it's Yuzu's time :smiley-sad021: but I'll still be gushing mentally with all of you  :grouphug: 


Thank you anyway :satellite:

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