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  1. Yes, like two years ago. I got ISFJ, don't remember if it was A or T though
  2. The mbti thing is quite interesting. They are similar in the ground values, but his first was an extrovert mbti and now its an introvert mbti...... LOL, @amylance1215 was faster
  3. Damn, good that noone was hurt. Overall, I like the remix, but the first snap....my ears don't like it. The second one, it sounds a bit deeper, is fine. Thank you💜. Will send you a message if I need help😊 Thats what I thought as well. If they want to film there again, they would need so much securety, so no fans will sneak through the forest to the place where they film. Well, someone thought its a good idea so......🤷🏼‍♀️
  4. Somehow I can't picture this song with a superhero movie. A teen drama, yes, but superheros?.......... Hmm.....if they plan to film in this place again (which would make sense, as they renovated the whole thing), not sure if I would feel comfortable there if I knew that fans were in the same rooms one has to sleep in. It just feels like it should be a kind of retreat for the boys. I still have one laughing and one crying eye because of the concert.........but I trust Army to upload so I can watch it some time later on DM, I have to believ
  5. Same. I'm not a morning person AND not a cuddler while sleeping, so Hobi would definitely land on the floor.
  6. Finished watchig it and loved it. Will put my comments under spoiler but, 4 days!?!?! Come on, really BigHit, the guys only got 4 days?! Thats so not ok......... Edit: forgot the cutest part
  7. Just watched Jimins Vlive and he looked so good without makeup and his hair obviously not done, as he came from practice. Now he just needs to learn that he looks beautiful that way and should be confident about it. Two thoughts on the vlive in spoiler, just in case:
  8. Hmm......I thought it would be different from the sound of the first trailer, but it's ok. A nice song for driving, but not something I need to get on my playlist. I don't get it. So there is a group that does what? Sabotage certain people or accounts? Are they hacker or something? If you hadn't posted this, I would have no idea that something like this has happened. Would love if we/Army could get Ugh trending as a response.
  9. It is different. Not one of their normal breaks, but a true "pause"/"on hold". And it looks like the majorety of the members asked for this. Maybe with all the things on their schedule it got too stressfull for them. I want to believe that they enjoy filming Run like they said, but it is still work and if they felt like they loose their joy while filming it, because it got too much, its better to take a pause. I don't think its a goodbye, but my guess would be, that they wont film it as much anymore (when they start filming it again). My second guess: this "comma" will last a ye
  10. The song is cool, like it. They have a collab song with TXTs Yeonjun on their album (blockbuster), quite interesting, but a bit overproduced/tuned for my taste. This is a gem, thanks for sharing I like that he is honest with his reaction. He wasn't like "yes, I always wanted to do this". He was a bit hesistant and its great that he talks about it and shares how his opinion changed. I love that Hobi shares so many memories with us
  11. When I started watching it, I really thought this must be a fan made video. They didn't really film something like this!...........well, of course they did. It made me cringe, laugh and sigh at the same time This is such a mood, love it. Found the unedited clip on youtube and bookmarked it to my "when I need a good laugh" folder.
  12. It was nice. Don't get why only her name was on the stage though.. But I will miss Soobin and Arin, they were such an amazing duo and Soobin is just really adorable. Lets visit sunny Malta again https://w2g.tv/rooms/tp9z75f29k3v7tszrz?lang=de
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