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  1. Same. I loved the black undercut with the blond hair, gorgeous. If I remember correctly he is actually not a fan of coloring his hair, so I wonder if the blue is already for something special....... And of course I liked all the performances but especially Blue&Grey, Telepathy and Life Goes On.
  2. For me it was Idol. I'm fine with watching/hearing it again and again but when they also repeated the interviews I turned it off after an hour. But it was still good as I have never seen two of the shown interviews.
  3. There is a 24h Best of BTS Stream on Youtube going on as a "warmup" for the MTV Unplugged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZAuL35WvHg It's great, a mix between MV, Interviews and Live performances.
  4. Here we go: https://w2g.tv/rooms/wr09drhr4jhwhbs95f?lang=de
  5. Yes, but BTS is definitely better for my nerves.
  6. So, I finally could get my thoughts on this announcment together and have to say, I'm not sure if I like this or not. It seems fantastic, a great opportunety to make K-Pop even more popular, but somehow I have a feeling of "too much too soon/fast". And if I got it right, the songs/production will be done by Universal and I don't think that they get how a K-Pop song works. It is different from a western pop-song, even if I can't put my finger on what makes the difference. Concerning the age: well, they can just put 18+ trainees in the program, then it shouldn't be a problem, right? It does
  7. Woah......I don't even know what to say to this, but I think I should buy some big hit stocks............
  8. It probably refers to their debut date.
  9. How?!? Really, how can people say such horrible things. It's definitely not funny and a slap in the face for every victim of an assault. Didn't I say that I sometimes hate the internet............. I still love the thought that all seven of them will take over BigHit one day. Will wait for the eng subs, but he looked great! I would really love to have his skin, bought some face masks and try to start a routin.....I am curious if it will change things. But that's exactly why the video was "good". It clearly shows that one ca
  10. This, exactly this! And sadly, I think this as well....
  11. We live in a time where "fans" like the idea that there are couples within a band, but hate the idea, that they could have a partner outside of the group. Girls hate the idea that the boys could have a girlfriend, but a boyfriend would be fine, because then they have nothing to get jealous about. Homoerotic gestures are allowed and encouraged as long as there is no truth behind it. As long as everything is a fantasy (be it a ship, a manga or something else), everything is fine, but don't let it suddenly become reality. It is an extremely strange form of double standard. By the
  12. Wow, this is so pretty. And to skate before such an amazing view....Please Nam, I want more of this, pretty please
  13. Yes, I would like to think the same about BV. And where you see the true personality even more is in the documentaries or everything that is filmed for a very long time. I'm not sure about Run BTS, because they always have to have in mind that they "need to be entertaining". I feel like I'm getting really smart here, even translated to german it's a great expression. Really? I thought it was accepted for males to kiss each other on the cheek in korea, because so many Idols do it. I thought it was an extension of skinship. Edit: Sadly,
  14. That was what I meant, thought there might be an easier method. Wow Multiquote the same text: I just figured it out by accident. Press the paragraph key twice in the text and the quotation doubles Same and as sad as it is, if I wouldn't have lost my job at the time, not sure I would have spend so much time on BTS and got so invested with them. I read that he has an appartement in Gangnam, but who knows if thats true.
  15. Well, they produce so much different contend, that gets the fantasy running. And if you get fans to evolve themselfes in theories and fantasies, you got these persons hooked for the long term. They don't stay only because they like the music, but because they like the persons and characters portrait. Those "jealousy" videos I really don't get or understand, thats so random but well, people have fun with it. I think it was at a behind the scenes of a jacket shoot or MV shoot where Hobi made a statement that really startled me. He reacted to something pretty l
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