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  1. Thank you, have now put a bookmark on "You Quiz on the block" so I wont loose it again. The other one: Whatever search I try on YT it just won't pop up.....well, I know we put the link in our thread, so when I have time I will search for it.
  2. Interesting answer to the question "who changed the most". Need help please: Do you remember the name of the two korean shows where they did these big interviews this year? One was in an old building. They had to play some games (there was also a "crazy" fangirl dancing around) and then had small gruop interviews (what I want to watch again). The other one was more like a talkshow atmosphere. They were all sitting in one room in a semi circle and I think some women (comedian) appeared to educate about BTS.....
  3. https://w2g.tv/rooms/7hdzqru73fmwzp8szt?lang=de Lets continue. Ep 3 behind, ep4 and ep5 of BV1
  4. I think this is one of my favorite performances of butter. The outfits are great and the camera was where it should have been to catch all of their expressions. yes, get advise from the master himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7zM8h_GQdU
  5. I think they will perform. They not only speak as representatives of Formula E, but also as representatives of Seoul tourism, if I got it right. Would be strage if they aren't participating. They try so hard to act like they don't know him, but Hobi can't hold in his laughter and Jimin is hugging him and then like "oh right, nice to meet you" LOL. Some parts made me cring but overall a funny/nice video.
  6. Just watched it, my guess on the music after I saw his moves: something with a romantic emotion to it, a love theme with a touch of longing or sadness perhaps (because of all the reaching motions). Definitely doesn't look like something angry, hard or dark themed to me. Looking forward to it. And the new Gala program (you know what we want Roman, Army is counting on you ;))
  7. It has eng sub, but you have to change it to them, the video setting is korean sub.
  8. He has some interesting and unintentionally funny videos on his channel. Him getting lost in Hybe was quite amusing. Yes Song deuk, me too - still not used to the new intro! So, have finally watched the last run episode and just want to say that I love the new intro.
  9. WOW, this is just amazing. And now add the persons that shared their ticket or watched together. Then add the people that had no ticket and watched through not so legal means (I cought 10min of one of those and in these 10min there were 70.000 people watching it!). And look at the number of countries, incredible Ok, that is a good reason, I'm all for fighting for our boys, but I hope they will also do some charity project with all the money. Tae and his tongue/lip bite thing is dangerous, like, melt-away-loose-your-hart dangerous. And in this cl
  10. Of course they know😉. And they once streamed a football game (or was it baseball🤔) so they know how these things work. But I would like to know how many tickets were sold and how many countrys watched. Sorry, but this is crazy. I know they make these huge birthday specials for the members but wouldn't it be better to donate all that money? 🥳🥳🥳 so proud of Army for getting them number 1 for 3 weeks. This is so incredible amazing💜💜💜.
  11. The following is of course just pure speculation on my side, but it first came to my mind when Namjoon said something like "whether we see each other in 2022 or not until 23" in his closing speech. I think we'll get one more album, then maybe they'll wait for the Grammys and then they'll all start their military service. Why else would he mention 2023 when in many parts of the world things are getting much better with the pandemic🤷🏼‍♀️ (and hopefully will finally stay that way).
  12. Ok, so JK starts with looking kind of sweet today and Hobi, Suga and Jimin start with looking hot.... JK saying "Guten morgen" just
  13. They sure had a ton of fun. When JK was chasing Tae, I was laughing so much. Thanks to Army I have seen all the performances, just have to catch up with the fan/group - talk/interview they did inbetween (but the first part is already uploaded on our trusted platform, so not going to take that long ) Edit: I just noticed how incredible huge the whole stage and set is. They build all of that just for two shows, crazy!!!
  14. Yep, saw it...... The "not today" remix and Idol nearly killed me.........and JK with his "energy"......no need to explain, I think you know what I mean
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