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3 hours ago, amylance1215 said:


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""[...] Of course I still hold those feelings, but I am also fully aware that there are those who have lost their usual mens of work, thos who are suffering during these circumstances, and of course, how difficult it is for those involved to organize and run a competition like this [...]I thought that by bringing myself to this venue that (people depend on for) work, I could maybe help in someway [...]"


He is essentially doing what probably most of us have been trying to do this entire year. Support small businesses, even if it's just a little it could perhaps help them retain jobs. It's not about the big ISU, but the paid staff that is involved in all this from logistics to cleaning staff. These are the little people that are benefitting from this event in the end and I'm so happy he has pointed it out.

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Man, Yuzu's accomplishments are just absolutely insane from every angle! :knc_yuzu1:

A huge "Mille Grazie!" to Max for pointing out Yuzu's GOAT status again and again!

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Hiii I'm back after a tiring week!! Watched sp and fs and I'm so proud of Yuzu no matter what the outcome is. He truly is a fighter. 

And so this concludes his season. Love him till the next.

And thank you for that new banner. It's so pretty :softYuzu:

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This was a uniquely tough season, but Yuzu managed to come through it with even more beautiful performance and skating skills.  Thank you for not continuing to face the challenges and sharing the experience with us! 


Through this non-sensical WTT event, he has managed to discover the pathway to his 4A dream and has shown us how much he is able to maintain emotional balance by drawing strength from all of us and turning it into his own core strength.  We are proud of you and look forward to accompanying you on this special journey.  Isn't it amazing that he is still competing and still evolving into his third Olympic season!!??   


And THANK YOU! to all the satellites on this PH Forum!   The new banner is beautiful! 


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I was so sorry he missed the 4S today. However from the artistic point of view he accomplished what he wanted to. This free program is a beauty and is so Yuzu's style...

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Yuzu interview after the Free program:




I really regret that I was not able to incorporate 4A this season.  But because I was practicing 4A I was able to gain new insights into how to make better connection with the music, understand the difference with 3A, and think about using my body in the other jumps - I have discovered many new things.  I want to bring together all the knowledge, experience and other things I have accumulated (this season) and apply them toward next season's 4A.  And I will aim for a perfect performance that incorporates 4A. 


A beautiful closing statemtent for a very special season.   Thank you!    

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